Sunday, June 22, 2008

The Chris Matthews Show - June 22, 2008

The Chris Matthews Show
June 22, 2008

Matthews: John McCain is harry houdini - he has to smear Obama!!

Obama: $250,000 is rich!

Charlie Gibson: oh no the community college professors!!

Cramer: obama is right!

Matthews: but will he raise taxes on regular white people??

Cramer: Republicans ideas just don't work Chris

Sully: but the massive debt! It’s Obama's fault!

Chris: the dollar is worth one scudo

Kay: The GOP is screwed - but McCain is a mavrericky liberal

Parker: Obama is Jimmy Carter

Kay: [thought bubble] what the fuck??

Sully: you can't raise taxes when times are good or when times are bad

Tweety: is McCain fucked?

Panel: yes

Sully: he's trapped but then his innate charisma might put him over the top

Chris: really??

Sully: no just kidding - it will be fear of the black man

Chris: will Obama kill my nest egg?

Cramer: no!

Chris: wow we're making news here!!

Tweety: McCain is a creepy stalker! OMG! What a great actor he is!!

Parker: Bush oozes

Chris: wow!

Parker: but that's over now - take Bobby Jindal - he is not a Regular Guy

Chris: cause he's brown?

Parker: no he's skinny and smart

Kay: what the fuck is your argument Parker?

Parker: anyone can be a male -- skinny and smart and slightly gay or rough and tumble and dumping your first wife

Sully: alot of ladies like the idea of brute who has contempt for women

Kay: the Obamas are bad parents

Chris: unlike Joe Scarborough my hero who gave up his career

Parker: he's like Timmy Russert he will sacrifice anything -- even go on tv and spout nonsense for 5 million dollars

Sullly: VP….. Pawlenty!

Kay: Saudi Arabia will buy the White House

Cramer: they did already!

Cramer: i am guarenteeing housing will rise within 10 months

Chris: gimme a stock tip!

Cramer: O I L

Parker: Obama wants Florida so McCain will go with McCain/Christ

Chris: tim russert would have loved having the DC establishment talking about how wonderful he was -- that's just the unique, unusual person he was

Tim's funeral gave me great pride in America - and so we will look up and honor timmy, he was the Babe Ruth of Bobblespeaking

Tim Russert bought a house in Nantucket giving politicians a safe venue to set the political agenda - what a country!


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