Sunday, June 01, 2008

The Chris Matthews Show - June 1, 2008

The Chris Matthews Show

June 1, 2008

Chris: how does Obama win the idiot vote?

Cynthia: he has to tie McCain to Bush and helpfully the base keeps pushing McCain to swear fealty to nazis and assorted loonies

Fineman: independent morons are the real deciders but john kerry had a really big head and that put people off

Chris: Obama is losing independents!

Kelly: he's a military guy which means he will salute bush and then call him a shithead behind his back

Chris: who is more independent?

Kelly: McCain because he believes in global warming

Chris: so does Obama

Kelly: but to be independent you have to buck your party so Obama must condemn reality

Chris: Obama is not necessarily a regular person - let's face it that's one hell of a tan

Cynthia: Obama is now an elitist with a father from kenya

Chris: when is Obama going to visit Iraq and see what's really going on

Kelly: McCain hates Obama

Fineman: yes it's shocking Obama welched and McCain is a thin-skinned nutjob

Chris: who is a good person Obama or McCain?

Cynthia: normal people don't vote that way

Matthews: i do

Cynthia: as i was saying

Chris: ha!

Cynthia: who is the real american here - Admiral McCain or Obama the dirty muslim who hates the flag

Fineman: McCain is stuck in the briar patch

Chris: oh noes the tar baby

Stengel: no one knows McCain

Chris: i had a five year love affair with john McCain i know him pretty well

Chris: OMG McClellan was hapless!!

Kelly: ha but really he hated telling all those lies

Chris: what a sweetheart he is

Kelly: i just want to take him home and cuddle him and tell him it will be all right

Chris: me too

Matthews: Scottie says Bush lied!!

Kelly: McCain is planning on smiling manically for the rest of the campaign

Matthews:: they trash Scottie but they admit they lied and committed treason

Fineman: yes they floated the idea that Scottie is a dirty hippie who works for Atrios

Stengel: yes Atrios was right all along but he has an agenda - he is in league with the Truth Lobby

Cynthia Tucker: that's old news

Chris: McClellan says if Bush had known he would have killed so many people he would not have killed so many people

Kelly: Bush is wonderful

Stengel: like Reagan wow he is great

Chris: wrap up!

Kelly: McCain Unleashed!!!

Stengel: Obama must pay fealty to Israel so say the people in Israel

Tucker: georgia is in play for Obama

Chris: he must go to Tblisi!!

Fineman: Teddy Kennedy will unite the Clintons and Obama and heal this nation and usher in a new progressive age

Chris: i had a crush on Joe The Forgotten Kennedy

Fineman: he was handsome yes

Chris: will Clinton like Joan of Arc lead her army to help Obama

Stegnel: yes to help Brand Hillary

Tucker: only reluctantly

Fineman: the key is Bill they are his people after all

Chris: make him DNC chair

Fineman: yeah that's a good idea

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