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This Week With George Stephanopoulos - March 2, 2008

This Week With George Stephanopoulos
March 2, 2008
David Axelrod
Howard Wolfson

Stephanopoulos: Obama is all about 1 speech he gave in 2002 right?

Axelrod: no, but what if we were -- Hillary was wrong and he was right about getting bogged down in Afghanistan and that Iraq would be a total fuck up

Stephanopoulos: but he's only 12 years old

Axelrod: no he's got 20 years experience fighting loose nukes and putting baseball cards in his bicycle spokes

Stephanopoulos: what crisis has hillary handled?

Wolfson: she's been endorsed by 30 Generals

Stephanopoulos: like who?

Wolfson: General Foods and General Mills

Axelrod: well heck we've been endorsed by General McPeak and Captain Crunch

Wolfson: oh fuck Obama - he's voted the same way as Hillary it's ridiculous

Stephanopoulos: Howard makes a good point Obama must be stupid to do what she does

Axelrod: not true he fought for a withdrawal from Iraq and Hillary opposed that bill

Wolfson: i don't trust Obama he almost always votes with Hillary and he never holds NATO hearings - although he is beautiful

Axelrod: hey we wouldn't have this problem if Hillary hadn't supported President Stupid in the first place

Stephanopoulos: please call Obama a criminal

Wolfson: please detail all the ties of Barack Obama to Tony Rezko while i make alot of implications without saying anything

Stephanopoulos: like what?

Wolfson: every letter they wrote each other

Axelrod: nice try Howard - there is no evidence of wrongdoing and i understand this is desperate from a campaign that has lost 11 primaries in a row

Wolfson: answer my questions

Axelrod: half your donors are in federal prison jackass

Axelrod: release her tax returns - Obama did it a long time ago

Wolfson: yes after she's done her taxes in April

Axelrod: what about last year's dumbass?

Wolfson: the WaPo says her Archives records is totally bogus issue

Stephanopoulos: is Obama willing to dwell on the Rezco case for no reason while he's winnning every primary??

Axelrod: you know, i don't think so motherfucker

Wolfson: all Senators have to release their income and we will release her tax returns after the primaries over

Axelrod: Obama is spotless

Wolfson: i want to see his e-mails

Axelrod: yeah ok let's see her e-mails from marc rich dood

Wolfson: never heard of him

Stephanopoulos: your campaign sucks

Wolfson: we're the underdogs and Obama is outspending us - its so sad

Stephanopoulos: you're fucked what if you lose Ohio or Texas?

Wolfson: oh we expect to lose one or both of those that's to be expected but Texas doesn't count its a red state and Ohio has too many white elitists

Axelrod: heh heh i spend alot of time with Howard and his spin is showing frankly i feel for the guy the Clinton campaign is circling the drain

Stephanopoulos: what if she wins Texas - which is a state Democrats must win in order to win the White House?

Axlreod: that's stupid

Wolfson: Latino Women are with us!

Stephanopoulos: teh J-Lo Vote!

Axelrod: drag out the crumb tray cause yur toast

[ Roundtable ]

Stephanopoulos: she's more tested and experienced

Will: she's counting her public service in teh Rose Law firm

Stephanopoulos: that's fair

Will: james buchanan had a lot of experience and he was the worst presnit ever

Lancaster, Pa: hey he wasn't that bad!

Brooks: she should compare him to her husband’s terrible presidency that will win her the election

Dowd: only Republicans can protect America

Brazille: she plagiarized it from Walter Mondale

Stephanopoulos: yeah that's a great idea

Brazile: they say Obama is a rookie and he's says she's an idiot

Stephanopoulos: Wolfson admitted she will probably lose Texas

Will: he has to be careful as he asks her to please go away now

Brooks: Obama's people are very excited but the Clinton people basically just want to see Ken Starr's head explode

Dowd: Hillary is going through the stages of grief - they are now passing through anger into acceptance

Brazile: i am a superdelegate and i haven't decided

Stephanopoulos: they will have to step in and shut her down but what if it's really close?

Brazile: well if she wants the Supers to go with her she'd better start winning something

Stephanopoulos: let's say she wins everything from now on i mean Texas is key

Dowd: the excited voters are with Obama and the Clinton Machine is mean and bad

Will: i hate Democracy

Cunningham: i hate people with funny names

Michelle Obama: fuck that fucking fucker

Brooks: this definitely helps John McCain he should invite racists on stage more often to prove that he doesn't like them

Brazille: thank god Obama is not actually a dirty Koran-reading muslim

Stephanopoulos: but is he jewish?

Brazille Wax: that's a lie!

Will: who among us does not have racist friends?

Dowd: that is so true but McCain has to show the GOP base and racists that he is one of them - is he tolerant or a Republican?? It's very confusing

Will: McCain's key to victory is promise that America will be the world's policeman and engage in nation building

Brooks: look he was in teh GOP gang of 14 and he took on Boeing!!

Brooks: Democrats will all vote for John McCain

Will: Obama will fuck McCain they way he did to Clinton

Dowd: unless Obama fucks up he will roll all over the old man

Stephanopoulos: can he create a new Dem coalition and leave poor people behind

Brazille: that's ridiculous McCain is the one making love with Hagee

Will: no one cares about Reagan

Brooks: McCain is the center of killing brown people and Obama is a crazy liberal

Dowd: Obama is inspirational like RR or JFK

Stephanopoulos: bill buckley died!

Will: Buckley was an such an affable segregationist

Brooks: he had such a big heart and big soul i love the way he hated black people expecially he offered me a job after he made sure i was white

Will: i liked the way he hated people with diseases

Stephanopoulos: yeah good times

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