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Meet The Press with Bill Bradley and Nita Lowey - March 16, 2008

Meet The Press
March 16, 2008
Former Sen. Bill Bradley
Rep. Nita Lowey

Russert: Nita be honest if Obama wins all the votes and states and delegates won't we have to settle for the black man?

Lowey: hey there was a Commission once somewhere that said that Superdelegates are just as good anyone else - why treat them as second class citizens??

Russert: Hmmmmm

Lowey: really it's a tie and so now we have to have a constructive discussion on how Hillary can be the nominee and Obama as her vice president

Russert: but polls show people would prefer to elect the nominee democratically

Lowey: let's not get bogged down in who voted for who

Russert: Bill if a person has more delegates should they be the nominee?

Bradley: ZZZZZZZZzzzzzzz

Russert: Bill wake up - buzzer time!

Bradely: huh what oh yeah delegates they are important but there's a long way to go he doesn't have it wrapped up yet

Russert: whoa calm down there big guy

Russert: superdelegates?

Bradley: As Nita said they are elected officials - if they oppose their constituents i would say that's a nice Congressional seat it would be a shame if something happened to it

Timmy: Clinton said we shouldn't count Florida and now she says we should

Lowey: look we're all adults here

Timmy: I'm not

Lowey: as adults we understand that Clinton is going to demand the votes that went her way be counted no matter she said before

Bradley: Hubert Humphrey!

Lowey: We've got to win in November by letting Florida change the rules

Bradley: Will Hillary Clinton pardon people who donate money to the Clinton library? i think she might

[ Eliot Spizter at home, looks up Clinton Library phone number ]

Lowey: hey we've already seen the Clinton's tax returns from the 1970s do really need to see the recent ones?

Russert: yes actually

Lowey: but look over there Bill Clinton fought AIDS in Africa

Russert: $500,000 in cash will get your attention i would think

Lowey: look over there bill bradley once criticized al gore!!!

Timmy: yeah but that was fun

Bradley: that's the old politics where you call your opponent a muslim - the new politics is where you believe in humankind

Russert: no androids that's so sad for mitt romney

Lowey: yes Hillary is very secretive but that's a strength - plus i could slime him with that loony pastor but i won't

Russert: please bash Hillary from 1993

Bradely: i love bipartisanship we should bring both parties together - the normal Americans and the crazy republicans

Timmy: why no health care?

Bradely: Washington DC is poisonous

Lowey: let's a have six week discussion about their health plans which are not that different

Bradley: ZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Russert: oh my god this Pastor is crazy and he dresses funny!!!

Obama: never heard of him

Bradley: it's true he's incendiary but he's just a crazy cranky old man - he's like the David Broder of the south side

Lowey: good enough for me

Russert: Ferraro says black men always win the presidency

Lowey: hey we've got crazy people supporting Hillary as well

Russert: Wright / Ferraro 08!

Lowey: sexist!

Russert: ok Ferraro/Wright

Bradely: racist!

Bradley: Clinton is trying to divide us and Obama is trying to unite us to save Citigroup

Lowey: Hillary has a ten point plan on 20 different issues and Superdelegates must endorse whichever Democrat won the Texas primary

Russert: of course - thx 4 coming the excitement this morning was so thick you could cut with a marshmallow

Russert: tell me what happens

Broder: Hillary can't catch him with elected delegates but she has a 60 day window when she can arranged for Obama to meet with a little accident

Russert: defenestration?

Broder: someone will drop out by force

Gregory: no one really thinks the Supers should overrule the elected delegates

Russert: but she could surpass him in popular vote totals

Norris: even Pelosi thinks that's stupid

Russert: so how does she win

Norris: People in Pennsylvania are very depressed

Russert: we all know that

Russert: tony rezco!

Broder: he anything can come out

Russert: donations to Clinton library!

Gregory: the real point is if this tarnishes them for the general election

Russert: must these candidates come on my show and answer my stupid questions?

Norris: it's generational younger people think you are an idiot older people are in thrall to your shititude

Russert: but Wright is a crazy black man!

Norris: hey tim a lot of people agree with what he said

Russert: my black friends are worried that white America is scared

Norris: why would they say that

Russert: i was hiding under my desk

Broder: but I thought Obama was one of the good ones

Norris: that's how black churches sound old man

Russert: why isn't McCain losing???

Gregory: he says hey i was always against the war i was for

Russert: i am now going to grin fatuously thinking about McCain as quasi-president

Broder: McCain can now be an anti-war president by agreeing with Petraeus that the Democrats were right

Cheney: we will be greeted as liberators

Russert: what if we are not?

Cheney from 2003: that won't happen the Iraqi will unite and throw flowers at us

Norris: what an idiot

Broder: i think the war could actually be important politically

Gregory: it's a total fucking disaster

Tim: but McCain says we only have to stay for 100 years

Gregory: bullshit the people don't even know how many people were killed

Norris: foreclosures!

Gregory: credit crises!

Russert: its the economy stupid!

Broder: this getting scary all my money is in MONY

Timmy: ride the pony!

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