Sunday, March 16, 2008

The Chris Matthews Show - March 16, 2008

The Chris Matthews Show
March 16, 2008

Matthews: oh my god black men are so lucky to live in America!!!!

Ferraro: damm right

Jeremiah Wright: hillary ain’t never been called a nigger

Tweety: what a bitch

Robinson: slavery started 400 years ago - other than that black men have had it great

Tweety: sure look at Motown and heavyweight boxing

Mitchell: i don't think Hillary sent Ferraro out - but people are saying that

Matthews: Jeremiah Wright married Michelle Obama!!!

Stengel: holy shit Obama's a black man and he's a well bred thoroughbred

Matthews: how did Obama earn the black vote - after all his momma was white

Cottle: Clinton has to point he is black because white people prefer their men like their coffee - with a lot of latte and sugar

Robinson: he can only win if he convinces black people white people hate him and white people that black people hate him

Matthews: brilliant!

Stengel: white people who have never met a black person think Obama’s ok

Tweety: polls show half of those people think they are voting for Will Smith

Matthews: Obama was born privileged so poor people can't vote him

Stengel: he has to tell Joe Sixpack i am a heavy drinker just like you

Robinson: he has to woo older women by putting one of the Golden Girls on the ticket

Matthews: Obama / Bea Arthur 2008!

Cottle: Clinton plans to appeal to Superdelegates by pointing out to them that Obama is black

Mitchell: but he has very big coattails!!!

Tweety: he's well endowed

Tweety: oh my god men have lots of sex with women why would they do that???

Cottle: alpha male!

Matthews: what is an alpha male?

Cottle: look in the mirror tweety - you're not it

Stengel: ambitious people have a genetic urge to destroy all they have worked for

Mitchell: Spitzer didn't apologize he's still trying to cover up whatever he might have allegedly done

Robinson: that's wasn't a cry for help - he just thought he could do anything

Mitchell: he's an idiot

Stengel: he was a great guy

Mitchell: he abused friends of mine

Stengel: well not every man who went to that club is all that bad that's all I'm saying ahem

Tweety: i hear ya!

Cottle: my republican readers are very upset that Clinton and Obama supporters are bad

Robinson: oh my stars - guess what the war in Iraq is still a disaster

Mitchell: Bush is trying to have one success before his presidency is over

Stengel: Edwards will endorse someone someday

Matthews: oh wow