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The Chris Matthews Show - March 9, 2008

The Chris Matthews Show
March 9, 2008

Matthews: omg the young black man could still win!!!

Andrea Mitchell: it’s amazing

Matthews: but she wants to win with superdelegates with Obama as VP!!!

Mitchell: She won the big states and we all know democats can't win without Texas!!!

Pat Healey: sure Obama is cute and good looking and fun but Hillary is the girl you marry she's no fun at all but she will fit in with your corporate buddies

Gloria Borger: Hillary's campaign is The Lord of Disicpline

Ron Allen: she's gonna going to deliver a beat down

Mitchell: he will win in Mississippi because there are black people there and he has an advantage in Pennsylvania because he has time to let people get to know him

Healey: no Hillary wants to time to knock the shine right off his ass

Tweety: he's so elegant

Allen: he's a hell of a dancer

Borger: he has be negative with nuance

Tweety: people love a person being attacked and who's fighting back

Borger: she played the victim very well

Matthews: can Bill hand out jobs like Boss Tweed?

Borger: no that's stupid

Healey: it would look really bad Tweety you have no sense at all do you

Borger: the media would attack him for it

Matthews: but who would ever leak that??

Mitchell: duh who wouldn't??

Matthews: is she hoping an Obama affair will come out?

Healey: oh big time

Allen: um dood there are sexual skeletons in the Clinton closet

Matthews: can she still win it?

Mitchell: supers are terrified of the young bloggers if they steal the election

Tweety: ha!

Matthews: omg will obama and clinton be running mates!!!!

Panel: but only with him as veep

Borger: she's proposing marriage to Barack Obama she got down on one knee and gave him a diamond

Allen: watch it that's a blood diamond

Healey: um dood they hate each other - she's playing a game

Mitchell: she's saying you get 2 for the price of 1

Andrea: will Bill be willing to live in the VP house?

Tweety: he might like it - I hear Nelson Rockefeller put in a Jungle Room

Borger: Howard Dean is America's Kingmaker

Matthews: holy crap

Allen: the American people are crying out for fairnes

Matthews: holy crap

Mitchell: Michigan wants to the campaigns to pay for that state's election

Matthews: holy crap

Healey: Hillary Clinton is raising a million dollars a day

Matthews: holy crap

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A Recovering Republican said...

Having Obama at the top of the ticket would increase the Democratic majorities in the house and senate. Looking at it from a practical perspective, 43% of all voters in the United States have an unfavorable view of Hillary Clinton. There's no way that Hillary Clinton, starting with such high negatives, would help Democratic candidates. With her incredibly high negatives, Hillary is destined to lose the National race. She knows that. That's why she is desparately pleading for Democrats to send Obama to the back of the bus (even though he'll have the most pledged delegates) as Vice-President--that's the only way she could win. But there's no logical reason to do that. Many "Recovering Republicans" like me, and independents, intend to vote for Obama in the General Election, but would NOT vote for a CLINTON/OBAMA ticket. The best hope that the Democratic Party has to win the Presidency in 2008 is NOT to send Obama to the back of the bus; it's to throw Clinton under the bus!