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Meet The Press - March 2, 2008

Meet The Press
March 2, 2008

Russert: i asked Obama about al qaeda in Iraq and he said maybe they could be there

McCain: i have news for Barack it's called al qaeda in iraq

Bush: heh heh heh

Obama: hey they weren't there until McCain invaded

Shrum: we've got to get the hell out of there

Murphy: i've got news for McCain - people don't want to stay in Iraq

Murphy: he has to stop campaigning with evangelists McCain should run as a liberal

Russert: Bill Clinton loved NAFTA but now they have both said its bad

Matalin: Oh Noes!!!

Timmy: what's wrong?

Matalin: they have our oil in Canada!

Timy: oh no!

Matalin: but Obama is being sneaky with Canada

Shrum: go ahead and campaign in favor of NAFTA in Ohio Mary - i dare you

Russert: but cutting off trade!

Shrum: sure you can renegotiate

Murphy: Otto von Bismark!

Russert: people say the economy sucks

Matalin: but they say their own finances are good

Shrum: no they don't

Matalin: ok - but only because the media keep saying it

Carville: that's stupid people know they are in big trouble meanwhile Exxon has the Chief Justice weeping for them

Murphy: of course people are hurting

Shurm: Republicans lie all the time but it won't work this time

Russert: people think McCain is old but honest, Obama is young and charismatic and Clinton is experienced and strong but mean

Carville: that's sad because she is such a warm and nice person

Matalin: McCain is the best american who has ever lived

Tim: no one else better ever???

Matalin: ok there is fred thomspson

Murphy: Obama is like the hula hoop he's got the kids moving their hips

Shurm: Obama is touching people although i don't get it myself

Russert: is he too young?

Shrum: no he's not he's like JFK and people seem to like him

Carville: if you like Bush then you'll love McCain

Shrum: McCain is going to attack Iran!

Russert: he will probably die in office

Murphy: that's true so we should look forward to Presidents Crist or Ridge

Carville: nope Ridge is pro-choice

Matalin: McCain has to have a VP with no ambition

Russert: who will Obama or Clinton choose?

Murphy: an anti-war general or Bayh or Dodd

Shrum: Zinni or Wes Clark

Russert: i say Louis Farrakhan

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