Sunday, August 17, 2014

This Week with George Stephanopoulos – August 17, 2014

Martha Raddatz
Steve Osunsami
Terry Moran
Gov. Jay Nixon (D-MO)
Cedric Alexander – National Association 
for Black Law Enforcement
Anthony Gray – Brown Family Attorney
Brendon Hart
Alvin Ransom
Rev. Willis Johnson
Col. Steve Ganyard

Raddatz: good morning I'm in Ferguson
where shockingly there is still unrest
in spite of government-imposed curfew

Osunsami: there was violence
even after citizens were ordered
to stay off the streets after midnight

Raddatz: no!

Osunsami: that day police said they would
back off but then used tear gas
after someone was shot by a protester

Raddatz: oh my

Osunsami: also there was looting and
citizens of the town yelled at Governor Nixon

Raddatz: aw leave jay nixon alone

Osunsami: then police released video
of the shooting victim supposedly
committed a robbery

Raddatz: what should happen there now?

Osunsami: more communication 
between police and public and by 
more I mean any at all

[ break ]

Raddatz: good morning Governor –
what the hell is going on in Missouri?

Nixon: it's sad that a young man
died and apparently that touched
a nerve with some people

Raddatz: was putting out that
surveillance video a good idea?

Nixon: no and I want to say we were totally unaware they would do that
Raddatz: you're really on the ball there

Nixon: it was not smart and smeared
a kid the police had just shot and killed

Raddatz: that sounds about right

Nixon: I'm very proud of the police
and the community with what happened
last night with only a few arrests and
only person was shot

Raddatz: Truly it's a paradise

Nixon: yep everything is Ferguson is fine now

Raddatz: you seem incredibly 
incompetent Governor

Nixon: hey I'm the one who tossed
out the local cops and brought in
the highway patrol

Raddatz: okay but why are Missouri
cops dressed like ISIS?

Nixon: I was thunderstruck by that too Martha

Raddatz: oh were you now?

Nixon: yes that's why I brought in that
black highway cop who is from Ferguson

Raddatz: why do Missouri police seem
to hate the citizens of the state

Nixon: yes rolling in like an invading
army seems like overkill

Raddatz: thanks for coming Governor

[ break ]

Raddatz: I walked the streets of
Ferguson with St. Louis Alderman
and local folk hero Antonio French

French: I took videos of the police 
and got arrested

Raddatz: what went wrong in Ferguson?

French: Michael Brown got shot
and then cops showed with helmets
and dogs and amazingly that
didn't calm things down

Raddatz: the Chief of Police asked
you come here and help fix this clusterfuck

Alexander: yes he admitted to me that
they completely fucked things up here

Raddatz: I noticed that all the
police but one are white people

Alexander: yes people in the community
have noticed this as well Martha

Raddatz: it seems like they have
some big problems here

Alexander: yes they do Martha

[ break ]

Raddatz: what does the family want?

Gray: calm and peace

Raddatz: what was their reaction
to the release of the videotape?

Gray: they were very disturbed and
they never even authenticated it

Raddatz: what should investigators
do that they are not doing?

Alexander: well they are so secretive
no one knows what they are doing

Raddatz: good point

Alexander: but it would be good if
they conducted a fair and impartial investigation

[ break ]

Raddatz: you said you are very angry

Hart: yes it's hard because there
are a lot of dirty cops out there

Raddatz: what do you mean by dirty cops?

Hart: they pull your over and slam
you down on the hood of the car

Raddatz: what about this alleged robbery?

Hart: it's not the point – he was
shot with his hands up

Raddatz: do you behave in a
way to keep you safe

Ransom: yes but that's no
guarantee against being shot

Raddatz: what would you do if
you saw police coming toward you

Ransom: I hope that would never
happen because I think I might get shot

Raddatz: Reverend you spoke
to an angry young man

Johnson: I said we need you
and don't get mad and give
them what they want

Raddatz: what happened in Ferguson?

Hart: the community come together 
to fight for justice

Johnson: be the change you hope to see
[ break ]

Raddatz: what's going on in Iraq

Moran: the US is trying to get the
Mosul dam back from ISIS

Raddatz: wow

Moran: but 1/3 of Iraq is under
control of ISIS and they are terrifying

Moran: the Yazidis are still
threatened as well

Ganyard: we've seen some amazing
victories for US air power – we've saved
Erbil and now protecting Mosul

Raddatz: that's good

Ganyard: but bombs can't defeat an
ideology and it's up to the people
of Iraq to take their country back

Raddatz: can they do that?

Ganyard: no

Raddatz: we're using our old
weapons to destroy our old weapons

Ganyard: yes we spent a decade training
the Iraqi army and at the first challenge
they turned and fled and the US weapons
we gave them fell into ISIS hands

Raddatz: criminy

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