Sunday, August 03, 2014

Meet The Press – August 3, 2014

Andrea Mitchell
Dr. Nancy Snyderman
Dr. Tom Frieden (CDC)
Toby Cosgrove – Cleveland Clinic
Riyad Mansour – Permanent Observer
of Palestine to the United Nations
Ron Dermer – Israel Ambassador to US
Sen. Bob Menendez (D-NJ)
Sen. John Thune (R-SD)
Rep. Keith Ellison (D-MN)
Kristen Soltis-Anderson
Mike Murphy

Gregory: good morning – today we're
all panicking over ebola and
nancy snyderman has the latest

Audience: eeek

Gregory: what's up doc?

Snyderman: the CDC is deploying
Disease Detectives

Gregory: isn't that a show on SyFy?

Snyderman: Dr Bantly was brought
here in a swift military operation
inside a hermetically sealed container
with little air holes

Gregory: when will ebola break out here?

Snyderman: it may not but the CDC
has 20 quarantine facilities all over America

Gregory: gee what a comforting thought

[ break ]

Gregory: doctor how is the
Ebola patient doing?

Frieden: he's doing pretty well
for a guy with the most dreaded
disease on the planet

Gregory: isn't it an unacceptable
risk to allow this guy into America?

Frieden: Fluffy he's an
American citizen who is sick –
are you completely heartless

Gregory: I'm a Beltway pundit –
I don't possess normal human feelings

Frieden: we can stop Ebola
in Africa if we try

Gregory: Americans are terrified
that Ebola will spread all over the USA

Frieden: Ebola is a formidable enemy
if we're not careful it will spread
everywhere in America

Gregory: you're not making
me feel better doctor

Frieden: I feel the same
way talking to you

[ break ]

Gregory: how can we protect
the public from this modern typhoid mary

Cosgrove: the workers wear
those special suits you see in the movies

Gregory: those are cool but scary

Cosgrove: more people die from
the flu every year than from ebola

Gregory: I appreciate this doctor
risked himself to save lives in
Africa but I can't believe we
let this guy back in America

Cosgrove: well guess what
disease can spread from Africa
to here regardless

Gregory: hospitals are terrible places
where people get sick so won't Ebola
spread all over the hospital and
eventually all over Georgia

Cosgrove: no it won't Fluffy

Gregory: there's not cure for Ebola
so is this guy going to die?

Cosgrove: maybe not

Gregory: he's walking and talking
is that good?

Cosgrove: it's a good sign indeed

Gregory: what about our viewers
who have recently been in Africa?

Cosgrove: take your temperature now!

Gregory: what about the
toxic algae in Cleveland

Cosgrove: it's critical and is 
caused by fertilizer runoff from farms

Gregory: well that's not good

[ break ]

Gregory: welcome Riyad

Mansour: thanks for
inviting me David

Gregory: is there any chance
for a real cease-fire

Mansour: hundred of civilians
have been killed – it's tragic

Gregory: blah blah blah –
aren't you mad at Hamas for
sacrificing Palestinian lives
and starting the war and
using human shields

Mansour: that's stuff about human
shields is nonsense – 
ask Doctors without Borders

Gregory: Hamas exploits civilians
are you mad or not?

Mansour: Israel just shelled
another UN school full of children

Gregory: just answer the question

Mansour: the Palestinian President
is trying to arrange a cease fire

Gregory: isn't Hamas to blame
for all Palestinian problems

Mansour: President Abbas is trying
to get Hamas to stop the shelling

Gregory: that's good

Mansour: half the population of Gaza
are under 18 and they have no education
or jobs or hope which leads to radicalization

Gregory: Hamas – evil or not

Mansour: Israel's actions empower Hamas!

Gregory: evil then

Mansour: Israel needs to lift
the siege and give the people
of Gaza hope and an alternative to Hamas

Gregory: okay

Mansour: and of course end the
occupation and create a Palestinian state

Gregory: thanks for coming

[ break ]

Gregory: Andrea what's going on in the world?

Mitchell: people are starting
to sympathize with all the
children killed in Gaza

Gregory: interesting

Mitchell: most Americans like
Israel but young Americans
are more skeptical

Gregory: those crazy kids

Mitchell: Israelis support the
war but even they don't want
to occupy Gaza

Gregory: but we occupied
Iraq and that went great

Mitchell: even Arab leaders
are rooting for Israel because
they hate Hamas

[ break ]

Gregory: welcome Ambassador -- 
how's the war going?

Dermer: we're blowing up the tunnels
which are used to massacre us

Gregory: so when you're
done is the war over?

Dermer: we must also prevent 
Hamas from re-arming

Gregory: Riyad Mansour says
killing civilians actually helps Hamas

Dermer: he has to say that
because Gaza is not a free society

Gregory: can't argue with that

Dermer: Hamas is just like al-qaeda!

Gregory: so what's the solution

Dermer: we win the war

Gregory: but are you losing
the larger public relations war

Dermer: you can't embrace terrorists

Gregory: is anyone suggesting that

Dermer: Yes Palestinians embrace terrorists

Gregory: so is there a military solution?

Dermer: yes – we can degrade Hamas

Gregory: ok but can you destroy Hamas?

Dermer: Hamas is genocidal!

Gregory: are you killing too many civilians?

Dermer: maybe but we only kill
so many civilians because
Hamas wants us to do it

Gregory: got it

Dermer: we left Gaza hoping they
would create another Singapore
and instead they fired rockets at Israel

Gregory: thanks for coming

[ break ]
Todd: our exclusive poll shows
Congress is unpopular

Audience: amazing

Todd: public is right – this is
the least productive Congress
in American history

Gregory: what does
that mean for the fall elections

Todd: Republicans still control
the House but that could be a
bad thing since people hate Congress

Gregory: heh

Todd: then the House sued the
President and didn't pass
anything and took a 5 week vacation

Gregory: Mike can Republicans
really ask Americans to reward
them for a job well done?

Murphy: oh yes but the question is
can they get more done next year

Gregory: but the House went on
vacation without getting anything done

Ryan: we have a craven 
extremist political culture

Ellison: we need to address jobs
minimum wage and immigration
and Congress isn't doing enough
but the President is doing what he can

Gregory: Republicans hate executive
action but then asked Obama to
take executive actions

Soltis-Anderson: Obama is acting like a king

Gregory: he's a bit kingly

Soltis-Anderson: Obama's monarchical
abuses of power help Republicans politically
Murphy: maybe now but it suing
the President will hurt the GOP in 2016

Gregory: Obama is weak!

Talking Parrot: Obama weak!

Bill Plante: why doesn't Obama
control the world?

Obama: because American
doesn't control the world

Ryan: Bush was too aggressive
and Obama is too weak
Talking Parrot: Obama weak!

Gregory: why can't America 
shape all world events?

Ellison: this is whole conversation is ridiculous

Gregory: Leadership!

Soltis-Anderson: Obama can't lead!
America's economy is almost as
bad as under the great leader
George W. Bush!

Murphy: Obama is passive!

Gregory: I love it!!

Murphy: Obama didn't bomb Syria
and America was ruined forever

Ellison: oh for god's sake even
Republicans didn't want Obama
to bomb Syria

Gregory: but America lost respect 
when Obama didn't start another war

Ellison: Fluffy maybe Beltway 
pundits love war but the American 
people don't want yet another middle east war 

Gregory: you can't possibly be
suggesting public opinion should
influence who America should bomb?

Ellison: hell yes I am – 
we still live in a democracy!

Gregory: but Obama drew a
red line and we must bomb or
no one will believe America again

Ellison: he got Syria's chemical
weapons without firing a shot
are you all crazy?

Murphy: there can never be peace without more war!

Gregory: Keith you supported
Iron Dome before but not now

Ellison: because we need a cease fire now

[ break ]

Gregory: Senators why can't 
Congress do anything

Thune: the House did pass a bill

Gregory: maybe

Thune: I understand people
are mad since gas prices are
so high under Obama

Gregory: remember when I was
sure gas prices would cost Obama
the election – that was fun

Thune: the Senate is a Showboat Factory

Gregory: is that like a Cheesecake 
Factory but less deadly

Menendez: good one Greggers 

Gregory: Bob isn't Obama a dictator
since Congress has spoken

Menendez: the Senate passed a
bipartisan immigration bill last year
and the House didn't consider it

Gregory: but Obama is still like a Emperor

Menendez: also the President has
legal powers and even the GOP
called on him to act on his own immigration

Gregory: how do you define victory for Israel?

Menendez: how should I know 
– it's their country

Gregory: just answer the question

Menendez: Hamas hides behind civilians

Gregory: but Israel is killing civilians
which hurts their image

Thune: thankfully Republicans and
Democrats can't agree on everything
but support for Israel

Thune: look all Israel has to do is blow
up all the tunnels and crush Hamas
and we must support them until
they get the job done

Gregory: what about immigration?

Thune: we have an immediate crisis
and we must stop the refugee children now

Gregory: right

Thune: we can't pass any other
laws until no one ever ever ever
crosses the border ever

Gregory: what's the solution?

Thune: we build a big huge giant fence

Menendez: we did pass a
bipartisan bill a year ago!

Gregory: okay thanks for coming guys

Gregory: Kristen How can we
help the Republicans win?

Soltis-Anderson: I'm glad you 
asked that David focus on 
things which accomplish
that which the people want

Gregory: and that's another
episode of Meet the Press


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