Sunday, August 10, 2014

This Week with George Stephanopoulos – August 10, 2014

Martha Raddatz
Jon Karl
Matt Bradley
Kevin Sutcliffe
Tom Farrey
Gen. Carter Ham – Fmr. Commander in Mosul
Christopher Hill – Fmr. Amb. to Iraq
Ed O'Bannon – Fmr. UCLA Athlete
Mark Emmert – President NCAA
Harris Pastides – Board member NCAA

Raddatz: wow the US bombing ISIS
and dropping food to people trapped
on a mountain in Iraq

Karl: U.S. bombed the shit out of ISIS Martha

Raddatz: that's some good footage Jon

Karl: Iraq's safest city is threatened 
by these kooks

Obama: if I left troops in Iraq they
would be just be vulnerable to attack
and then you get another Benghazi

Karl: 15,000 people have been rescued
but there's still many more trapped

Raddatz: what's going in Erbil?

Bradley: Erbil is a beautiful peaceful
city and being here are fucking terrified

Raddatz: shit

Bradley: ISIS is only 30 minutes
away everyone is freaking out

Bradley: the Iraqi military is
the only one that can defend
the city but they fled in terror

Raddatz: my god

Raddatz: General is Obama bombing enough?

Ham: well it has stopped the lunatics for now

Raddatz: is there a danger of mission creep?

Ham: maybe but no one
wants troops on the ground

Raddatz: but how can we secure
the whole area like the dam
without ground troops?

Ham: there has to be a functioning Iraqi government

Raddatz: but there isn't

Ham: well there should be

Raddatz: should the US have
paid more attention to Iraq?

Hill: frankly the Iraqi people should
have been able to defend their
own country by now

Raddatz: Hillary Clinton says we
should have armed the good
rebels in Syria

Hill: that's all well and good but
ISIS were among those rebels

Raddatz: Benghazi!!

Ham: well put Martha

Raddatz: ISIS is so nuts even
al-qaeda thinks they're fucking insane

ISIS Guy: we will raise the flag
of Allah in the White House

ISIS Guy: can I get a shout-out 
for a caliphate!?!

Raddatz: how did ISIS grow so big so fast?

Sutcliffe: they've got American
weapons the US left behind

Raddatz: sweet jesus

Sutcliffe: they are enforcing
sharia law at the point of a gun

Raddatz: will the bombs be enough

Sutcliffe: no they seem to enjoy it
although granted they are crazy

Raddatz: wow

Sutcliffe: they believe they are
on a mission from God and don't
give a flying fuck about anything

Raddatz: well now I am completely terrified

[ break ]

Raddatz: OMG college athletes might get paid

Farrey: a judge ruled that college
students can paid for their image
like other people

O'Bannon: they used my image
in violation of the law and I
thought that was wrong

Farrey: why do you care so much?

O'Bannon: because it's about
the rights of every student in the future

Farrey: the NCAA is terrified

Raddatz: it's an arms race to pay athletes

Raddatz: does this ruling turn 
students into professionals?

Emmert: we are not violating anti-trust laws!!

Raddatz: thanks for sharing that Mark

Emmert: we really aren't an illegal trust!

Raddatz: are these athletes really
students and not professionals?

Emmert: well some of them get
degrees so yes they are students

Raddatz: should athletes be paid?

Pastides: no but we could offer
them health care or something

Raddatz: god you two make
my skin crawl

Emmert: hey we recently gave
schools permission to give
athletes water and band-aids

Raddatz: will this ruin college sports?

Pastides: no

Raddatz: won't it start an arms race?

Emmert: well there already is
just doesn't benefit students

Raddatz: terrific

Emmert: look we love students
we just want to keep them under
our absurd restrictive system

Raddatz right

Emmert: there is no anti-trust violation!!

Raddatz: ok ok sheesh

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