Sunday, January 26, 2014

Meet The Press – January 26, 2014

Chuck Todd
Loretta Sanchez (D-CA)
Mike Murphy
Carolyn Ryan (NYT)
Michael Powell
Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY)
Jesselyn Radack (Snowden Legal Advisor)
Michael Chertoff
Sen. Dick Durbin (D-IL)
Harry Smith
Billie Jean King

Gregory: OMG there was another
mall shooting in Maryland

Todd: Obama is not going to
talk about gun control but economics

Gregory: right

Todd: this is the last ever State of
the Union by Obama that anyone
will ever care about

Murphy: exactly – this is the
last one he will ever give

Gregory: right!

Sanchez: that's stupid – the President
has influence every day he is President

Gregory: good point Loretta –
but on the other hand I hate Obama

Sanchez: we all know that Fluffy

Gregory: let's stop talking substance
I hate that

Ryan: there is a stampede of people
who don't think Obama is relevant

Gregory: Let me talk to a Republican –
Rand Paul you say Obama is immoral

Paul: I'm a tea partier and even I'm
amazed at how much you
hate Obama David

Gregory: really?

Paul: yes – I'm working with Obama
now on infrastructure spending and
other things we do agree on

Gregory: well I still love you

Paul: thanks Greggers

Gregory: how can we get you
elected President?

Paul: I want to cut spending and
give money to businesses

Gregory: but we have to fight Republicans
like Ted Cruz to get you the nomination

Paul: my Dad was a genuine guy
who was beloved by black people

Gregory: is the federal government a tyranny?

Paul: yes like when government 
does too much

Gregory: you called Edward Snowden a hero

Paul: no I said he honestly believed
he was right and brought abuses to
light but also people in intelligence
have to obey the law and keep secrets

Gregory: so how should he be rewarded?

Paul: he should be punished
but not with the death penalty

Gregory: so what should his punishment be?

Paul: I don't know but Clapper lied
to Congress which is also against the law

Gregory: Rep. Mike Rogers says
Snowden is a Russian spy

Paul: well he is in Russia which
has no privacy so that's suspicious

Gregory: but is he a spy?

Paul: I don't know what Mike Rogers 
is talking about

Gregory: Huckabee says Democrats
say women have an uncontrollable libido

Paul: I fought the war on women
and women won

Gregory: they did?

Paul: yes – my sister is an ob gyn
and I know a girl in veterinary school

Gregory: what about ladies' libidos?

Paul: women have a come a long way baby
women in my family are doing great

Gregory: okay

Paul: we should extol their success
not attack them with basic health coverage

Gregory: you have an ongoing
feud with Chris Christie

Paul: he's the King of Bacon

Gregory: your feud is like the east coast
west coast rap wars but with two
white guys battling to see who can
win over other angry white guys

Paul: ha ha

Gregory: do you think Chris Christie
could get the GOP nomination?

Paul: no

Gregory: why not?

Paul: because Republicans are 
fiscal conservatives!

Gregory: since when?

Paul: since January 2009

Gregory: right I forgot

Paul: we can't borrow money
from China just to help some
pathetic New Jeresyans hit by a hurricane

Gregory: if Hillary Clinton runs
for President will you bring 
up Monica Lewinsky?

Paul: yes because she was a 20 year-old intern

Gregory: please continue

Paul: Bill took advantage of a young girl!

Gregory: so you would use this 
against Hillary Clinton?

Paul: yes because of the
so-called war on women

Gregory: I see

Paul: if anyone in my community did
what Bill Clinton did he would be
shunned by decent society

Gregory: like someone who 
writes racist newsletters?

Paul: no fair!!

[ break ]

Gregory: Dick what about Monica Lewinsky?

Durbin: yes let's all revisit the impeachment
that will certainly improve Republicans chances

Gregory: let's talk about Ed Snowden

Durbin: he ignited a debate but he
was also trusted with valuable 
information and violated his oath 
and we can't overlook that

Gregory: Mike Rogers says
Snowden might be a Russia spy

Durbin: I haven't seen any evidence of that

Gregory: what about bulk
collection of metadata?

Durbin: we have to come up with an alternative

Gregory: what can we expect
from Congress in 2014?

Durbin: a new era of bipartisanship

Gregory: are you kidding??

Durbin: yes – we have a budget now
and we might even get a farm bill

Gregory: dare to dream –
what about the debt ceiling?

Durbin: the government shutdown 
burned Republicans so hopefully 
they've learned their lesson

Gregory: when we come back – more Ed Snowden!

[ break ]

Gregory: what about the Clintons [ giggle ]

Powell: they are a galactic force! [ giggle ]

Gregory: what about Hillary!? [ giggle ]

Sanchez: she's a great Senator

Gregory: but Monica Lewinsky! [ giggles ]

Sanchez: she was a terrific Secretary
of State and by the way Bill Clinton 
is very popular

Gregory: but she's really old

Ryan: she comes from a dynastic family

Gregory: exactly all these Clintons
keep getting elected

Ryan: also populists want Wall
Street bankers arrested which
should hurt Hillary

Murphy: Bill Clinton is a terrible
problem because of all the sex he has

Todd: voters will be hungry to end
polarization and the Clintons are polarizing

Sanchez: polarizing?! Hillary is
popular among Republicans!

Powell: Hillary Clinton has been away
from politics for so long she missed
when gay people and pot became popular

Gregory: well who can win?

Powell: Chris Christie – we need
someone down and dirty

Gregory: we need someone dirty?

Powell: yes – Republicans wants
someone rough and a little criminal

Murphy: Christie didn't know
about Bridgegate – but he's tough

Todd: well is he tough and dirty
or clean and ignorant?

Gregory: let's stop and say nice
things about Mitt Romney for a few minutes

[ shows clip for documentary movie “Mitt” ]

Gregory: [ ha ha ha ha ha ]
I love him

Murphy: it show politicians are not caricatures

Sanchez: the movie shows how
hard politics are on the family

Ryan: he has a good sense of humor

Gregory: Anne Romney is so nice

Murphy: he's a wonderful man

Todd: if you're thinking of running for
President go watch this documentary
and then you won't

[ break ]

Gregory: when we come back
more Ed Snowden – I promise!

[ break ]

Gregory: Eric Holder says the DOJ is
willing to enter into conversations with Snowden

Radack: yes but he took amnesty off
the table which is disheartening

Gregory: I see

Radack: also Ed Snowden has
suffered a great deal already

Gregory: how so?

Radack: the government took away
his passport and he's being forced
to live in Russia

Gregory: Mike Rogers says he
might be a Russian spy

Radack: it shows the government
is desperate since the government
panel found NSA programs might
be illegal and ineffective

Gregory: okay

Radack: even the FBI says he acted alone!

Gregory: thanks – say to Eddie for me

[ break ]

Gregory: welcome Mr Chertoff –
how can we get Ed Snowden back to America?

Chertoff: how the hell should I know fluffy?

Gregory: is it irresponsible to call him a spy?

Chertoff: well now that depends
on if he is a spy

Gregory: hmmm interesting point

Gregory: some people like Snowden
and some don't

Chertoff: I don't like him and I don't like you

Gregory: his lawyers says he's
been punished enough

Chertoff: he's free in Russia and
regaling the world – he's not being punished

Gregory: can he get a fair trial?

Chertoff: of course he can

Gregory: I suppose so

Chertoff: but he would be found guilty

Gregory: see that's unfair because he
says under the Constitution every 
intelligence employee gets to decide 
which secrets to divulge

Chertoff: sorry I wasn't listening -- 
I was contemplating killing 
you right now

Gregory: what about security at
the Sochi Olympics?

Chertoff: we need cooperation 
with the Russians

Gregory: do we have that?

Chertoff: how the hell would I know?

Gregory: the Olympics are a hard target! [ grins fatuously ]

Chertoff: and people think I'm weird

Gregory: should we have barricades
in front of schools and malls?

Chertoff: you can't make a mall a
fortress but you can teach people
to shelter in place

Gregory: woot

[ break ]

Smith: Billie Jean King fought for equal
prize money which made her a rabble rouser

King: I was determined to fight for equality

Smith: she thrashed Bobby Riggs

King: lots of women went to
work the next day and asked for a raise

Smith: you were outed as a lesbian in 1981

King: I lost all my endorsements
but it led my to more truth

Smith: you're a pioneer

King: I am but never thought
of myself that way

Smith: is there a message
in your going to Sochi?

King: our very presence is a message

Smith: terrorists might hit Sochi

King: I'm not worried – we have to be there!

Smith: will we ever have female president?

King: sure – hopefully soon?

Smith: how about an openly gay President?

King: not in my lifetime

Smith: what's your message to the world?

King: stay true to yourself

Gregory: and that's another
episode of Meet The Press

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ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

Durbin: he ignited a debate but he
was also trusted with valuable

Not to get all boring and serious (too often), but the fact that all that data is sent to private contractors means it's all out of the barn, anyways. Which is another reason to shut the whole b.s. program down.