Sunday, February 02, 2014

This Week With George Stephanopoulos – February 2, 2014

Pierre Thomas
Gov. John Hickenlooper (D-CO)
Gov. Jay Inslee (D-WA)
Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI)
Paul Krugman
Matthew Dowd
Ana Navarro
Bill Kristol

Stephanopoulos: OMG America
could be attacked today

Thomas: this is the SuperBowl of security!

Stephanopoulos: wow

Thomas: there are radiation machines,
bomb-sniffing dogs, snipers,
swat teams, fighter jets and Superman
has been recalled from his Fortress of Solitude

Stephanopoulos: holy shit

Thomas: I got ride in a fighter jet with
the NJ air national guard and watched
them pretend to shoot down a cessna

Stephanopoulos: that is so cool

Stephanopoulos: Governor Hickenlooper
are you satisfied that people 
won't be killed?

Hickenlooper: pretty much

Seattle: legion of boom baby

Stephanopoulos: is Peyton Manning
going to win the game for you?

Hickenlooper: he's awesome –
he personally parted the flood waters here

Inslee: we're team-oriented here in Seattle

Stephanopoulos: how is legal pot 
going in Colorado?

Hickenlooper: we're trying to stop
kids from driving while high

Inslee: now that we've legalized
pot we have to convince people
how dangerous it is

Stephanopoulos: good luck

Inslee: also we want to thank
President Obama for being totally
cool with our pot party

Stephanopoulos: speaking of the
Super Bowl Chris Christie is in
trouble again over Bridgegate

Reporter: Chris Chrsitie is pushing
back telling everyone that David Wildstein
is a big nerd

Stephanopoulos: good morning Paul –
should Chris Christie still be a
spokesman for the GOP?

Ryan: he's my friend and now it's
just one person's word against another

Stephanopoulos: Obama said he
will use executive orders to
push his agenda

Ryan: yes it's outrageous

Stephanopoulos: you said he's violating
the Constitution even though he's
used fewer executive orders than Reagan

Ryan: it's not the number –
it's the lawlessness of the lawless orders

Stephanopoulos: I see

Ryan: he's very lawless!

Stephanopoulos: so I assume
you will impeach Obama

Ryan: oh calm down George
it's a difference of opinion not a crime

Stephanopoulos: but but he's lawless

Ryan: look this will play our in court

Stephanopoulos: Bill Kristol says
the GOP should do nothing on immigration

Ryan: we can't do that because
of the Boston Bombing

Stephanopoulos: got it

Ryan: first we have to secure
the border and be verified
before any other part of
immigration reform can apply

Stephanopoulos: I see

Ryan: that is all we are willing to
agree on because we don't trust Obama

Stephanopoulos: secure the border?

Ryan: also interior enforcement

Stephanopoulos: are you seriously
still talking about defaulting
on the debt again

Ryan: we can't rubber stamp paying our debts

Stephanopoulos: right

Ryan: Obama has never even
tried to pay off the debt entirely

Stephanopoulos: because that
would be crazy

Ryan: hell yeah

Stephanopoulos: you said the Pope
doesn't know what real pure capitalism is

Ryan: right – Obama is a crony
capitalist which the Pope hates
ergo the Pope hates Barack Obama

Stephanopoulos: of course

Ryan: the Pope is right – we need
to end the welfare state and
bring the poor into capitalism

Stephanopoulos: but the Pope would
never endorse your budget
Ryan: of course not –
he's the Pope not a Koch

[ break ]

Stephanopoulos: David Wildstein
called Chris Christie is a liar!

Dowd: Christie attacked his
high school record – proof he's panicking

Stephanopoulos: Bill what's the
word with the GOP elites?

Kristol: two words: “Jeb Bush”

Stephanopoulos: ouch!

Stephanopoulos: the Democrats
are already put out ads on Christie

Krugman: Christie's defense is this
guy has always been untrustworthy
so I gave him a make-work job with
a huge salary at a big state agency

Navarro: the good news for Christie
is you can't trust David Wildstein –
the bad news for Chris Christie
is you can't trust David Wildstein

Stephanopoulos: Jeb Bush wants
to be a joyful candidate

Navarro: his family don't even
want him to run

Stephanopoulos: his mother
seems to actively dislike him

Navarro: well I like him

Stephanopoulos: why?

Navarro: I want to go to the
Prom with a tall guy

Brazile: the tea party
doesn't like Jeb Bush

Navarro: you hope –
Jeb Bush can win!

Dowd: really? Wwe're going to go
with a Bush vs a Clinton again?

Stephanopoulos: Hillary has
crazy-high poll numbers
among Democrats

Krugman: it's crazy – the Democrats
are unified and the GOP are not

Navarro: she's out of touch –
she doesn't drive a car!

Dowd: irony is Obama will ruin
her candidacy again because
he's been a terrible President

Kristol: in his State of the Union
Obama should have pointed out
what a horrible President Bush was

Krugman: the public liked the speech
because there were popular ideas in it

Stephanopoulos: he's still cheating by popular

Krugman: Obama has been a
lame duck since 2010 – but is still the
most consequential President since
1980 because of what he did his first two years

Navarro: Obama is totally a lame duck!!

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