Sunday, January 12, 2014

This Week with George Stephanopoulos – January 12, 2013

Host: Martha Raddatz
Rudy Giuliani
Dan Abams
Judy Smith
Jon Karl
Matthew Dowd
Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-IL)
David Plouffe
Donna Brazile

Raddatz: OMG Bridgegate continues
to haunt Chris Christie!

Reporter: he's not bombastic anymore
he's humiliated

Raddatz: oh my

Reporter: his aides created a traffic
Armageddon on purpose

Raddatz: that's not good

Reporter: ambulances were stuck and
his people were laughing their asses off

Raddatz: yikes

Reporter: it took New York to re-open
the bridge and save the people in New Jersey

Raddatz: wow

Raddatz: now we will talk to a close
friend of Christie Rudy Giuliani

Raddatz: Rudy you are so wonderful –
wouldn't you have been on top
of a traffic pileup in Fort Lee?

Giuliani: Obama didn't know 
about the fake IRS scandal

Raddatz: but this traffic jam was
all over the news!

Giuliani: Benghazi!

Raddatz: how could he not know about
the traffic jam everyone was talking about?

Giuliani: I don't know but quite
he's obviously telling the truth

Raddatz: really?

Giuliani: Obama!

Raddatz: what does it say about
Chris Christie that he created a culture
where it was considered okay by 
his aides to make children of his 
political opponent suffer?

Giuliani: Obama sent a message 
that it was okay for the IRS to 
target conservatives according to 
the fake report created by Darrell Issa

Raddatz: does this just go away for Christie?

Giuliani: oh yes it's all over now

Raddatz: is that so

Giuliani: I was very impressed how
he made a big joke about it and then he didn't

Raddatz: thanks for coming Rudy

[ break ]

Raddatz: what's up Dan?

Abrams: there are state and federal
investigations – even if there is no
criminal case more e-mails may
turn up and hurt Christie politically

Raddatz: I see

Abrams: investigations like this take
on a life of their own – who knows
what they will uncover?

Reporter: Christie likes to call people
'idiot' and 'stupid' and Republicans love it

Raddatz: that's true

Reporter: he was the Keynote Speaker
at the GOP convention but is also
buddies with Barack Obama

Reporter: when Bridgegate first broke
he was bombastic and then he issued
a blanket denial like Anthony Weiner 
and Lance Armstrong

[ break ]

Raddatz: hi panel -- what happens now?

Smith: he's got to convince people
this was not his idea

Karl: this is the first scandal I've ever
heard of with the use of state power with
the specific purpose to make people miserable

Raddatz: that is unusual

Karl: it was a good press conference
but even Giuliani thinks he finished
if he's tied to this in any way

Smith: you should never say 
something like 'I'm not a bully'

Raddatz: probably not

Karl: right – don't repeat the negative

Smith: but Christie he does have 
a reputation for integrity

Raddatz: he does?

Smith: um maybe

Raddatz: where is he in six months –
does he stop answering questions?

Smith: he should stop answering
questions now!

Karl: no offense but this is more than
a PR problem – it's a big legal problem

Smith: also it's about a commute –
something everyone cares about

[ break ]

Raddatz: welcome panel – 
the GOP is split over Christie

Dowd: well sure – some people don't
like him and he was the favorite to
win the GOP nomination in 2016

Raddatz: I see

Dowd: Christie was the lighthouse all
Republicans could look to – this scandal
puts that lighthouse on rocky shoals

Brazile: he was supposed to be a
good manager and bi-partisan –
now his brand is tarnished

Raddatz: how did this happen?

Plouffe: people usually do what their
boss wants – we'll see how he fares
under this bright spotlight

Kinzinger: Benghazi!

Raddatz: please continue

Kinzinger: Obamacare!

Raddatz: Obama gave Bob Gates the
Medal of Freedom and Gates thanked him
by writing a tell-all a book where he said
Joe Biden is wrong on everything
and Hillary Clinton is political

Brazile: Gates agreed with Biden on Libya

Raddatz: does this book 
change the race in 2016?

Dowd: it's not right to pen a tell-all
in the middle of a Presidency

Raddatz: what about 2016?

Kinzinger: Jeb Bush!

Dowd: the nominees will probably be
people no one is talking about now

Raddatz: ha! I love it!

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