Sunday, January 19, 2014

This Week with George Stephanopoulos – January 20, 2014

Brian Ross
Valdimir Putin (President of Russia)
Rep. Mike McCaul (R-Texas)
Peggy Noonan
Tavis Smiley
James Carville
Mary Matalin

Stephanopoulos: OMG the Sochi Games
could be in danger of terror attacks

Ross: terrorists promised to kill tourists

Stephanopoulos: Vlad says he will kill
those terrorists who threaten non-gay tourists

Ross: he rules with a iron fist

Stephanopoulos: incredible

Ross: the U.S. has a plan to
evacuate all of its athletes

Stephanopoulos: the US want to give
more more help but Putin says no

Ross: right – Vlad says it's may
party and I'll kill who I want to

Stephanopoulos: Putin is the most
powerful richest and scariest man
on earth – and I got to talk to him

Putin: I want people to see
the new Russia – now gay-free!

Stephanopoulos: Sochi has drones
and a missile defense system

Putin: we have ring of steel –
cross it and you will be killed!

Stephanopoulos: the US government 
is worried it's not enough

Putin: who dares defy Steel Ring
they may be killed!

Richard Clarke: the terrorists will
probably bomb some small
city like Moscow

Stephanopoulos: how about that Vlad?

Putin: in Russia government bomb you!

Stephanopoulos: are these
the gulag Olympics?

Putin: No! Who says so? I will kill them!

Stephanopoulos: is Russia an
enemy of the United States?

Putin: Athletes must not think!
They must fight and kill!

Stephanopoulos: is Ed Snowden
invited to the Games?

Putin: he can buy a ticket to
the games if he wants –
I love the little guy

Stephanopoulos: these games are
expensive and possibly corrupt

Expert: it's already cost over $50 billion
they will create artificial snow
since Sochi is below the equator

Stephanopoulos: has $18 billion
really been embezzeled?

Putin: No! Those people have been killed!

Stephanopoulos: how do you define
success and is your personal
honor at stake?

Putin: we only want to bring joy to
the children of the world!
Children – have joy or be killed!

Stephanopoulos: would you make
a friendly bet with Obama over
which nation will win more medals?

Putin: No! In Russia – loser of bet is killed!

Stephanopoulos: thanks for talking Vlad

[ break ]

Stephanopoulos: Mike how is
security in Sochi?

McCaul: the threats are real George
but terrorists could strike
anywhere at anytime

Stephanopoulos: oh my

McCaul: there are 15,000 Americans
coming here and I want to 
personally protect them

Stephanopoulos: will Russia accept more help?

McCaul: no these Russians are very stubborn

Stephanopoulos: that's a problem

McCaul: al-qaeda is all over the place here!

Stephanopoulos: Putin is a tough guy though

Stephanopoulos: should Americans
visit Sochi as tourists?

McCaul: well the threats are real
but we have to optimistic

Stephanopoulos: sounds good

McCaul: but I also have real concerns

Stephanopoulos: do you think Snowden
has been working with the Russians all along?

McCaul: he's a traitor and was
probably cultivated by a foreign power

Stephanopoulos: that's a serious charge

McCaul: he wasn't acting alone

Stephanopoulos: what about NSA reforms?

McCaul: Americans trust the NSA
but they don't trust Obama

Stephanopoulos: of course

McCaul: also members of Congress
have no idea what is going on

Stephanopoulos: that's true

McCaul: how can we house metadata safely?

McCaul: we used to be able to
trust the phone company and
now we know they don't they
want to maintain this information

Stephanopoulos: thanks for coming

[ break ]

Stephanopoulos: Panel Obama
called for reforms of the NSA

Noonan: he was trying to strike
the right balance with people like
Ted Cruz attacking him for being
soft on terrorism and others like
Ted Cruz attacking him for violating privacy

Stephanopoulos: got it

Noonan: but he didn't repeal all of
Bush's policies – only some of them
so it's a total failure

Remnick: Snowden!

Steph: let's talk about Snowden!

Matalin: Obama is a hypocrite!
He's Dick Cheney with a heart

Stephanopoulos: ooh snap

Matalin: people can't trust Obama
because he engineered the
security breach at Target

Stephanopoulos: I'm not sure I
follow you there Mary

Smiley: Obama runs a surveillance
state like those who spied on
Martin Luther King

Stephanopoulos: wow

Smiley: Snowden is going be on
a postage stamp someday and
also I hate Obama

Remnick: I know Dick Cheney
and Obama is no Dick Cheney

Matalin: Obama is Cheney!

Smiley: maybe not – but he's
continued too many of Bush's policies

Carville: Snowden is crook

Remnick: do members of Congress
have evidence Snowden was
working with a foreign power or not?

Noonan: we're a nation of sullen paranoids!

Stephanopoulos: it's a sign of maturity

Noonan: how do we stay America
while preventing another 9/11?

Stephanopoulos: who can say?