Sunday, March 24, 2013

This Week with George Stephanopoulos - March 24, 2013

Jim Messina – Obama campaign
Karl Rove
Peggy Noonan
Donna Brazile
Terry Moran
Stephanopoulos: Karl share your wisdom with us

Rove: Democrats are big spenders
unlike the Bush administration

Stephanopoulos: Obama is reaching out to Republicans

Messina: he's always done that

Stephanopoulos: not that much

Messina: he did but they ignored him

Stephanopoulos: Obama is almost as
unpopular as Republicans

Brazile: this week Senators got a chance
to reach out to Americans watching
C-SPAN at 3:00 a.m.

Noonan: since Obama began reaching out
to Republicans his popularity has plummeted

Stephanopoulos: interesting

Noonan: Americans are rebelling against
mandated health care

Stephanopoulos: Mike Bloomberg is creating
ads showing a grizzled hunter
supporting background checks

Messina: most people in the NRA support
background checks

Rove: this isn't about the mentally ill –
it's about grandpa giving his treasured
shotgun to his granddaughter

Stephanopoulos: awww that's sweet

Rove: this would create a national
registry of gun owners

Stephanopoulos: well how else would
a background check work?

Rove: issue trusted gun owners
a Frequent Gun Buyer Pass

Stephanopoulos: nice

Rove: let's not trample on legitimate 
rights just because of a few murders 
in an elementary school

Stephanopoulos: fair point

Rove: gun haters are just trying to scare people

Moran: you're scaring people with
talk of U.N. Black helicopters taking people's guns

Rove: that's actually happening now!

Moran: you're paranoid

Rove: it's not paranoia when the FEMA
death camps are almost finished!

Noonan: no one trusts Congress therefore
we should get rid of it and have armed
citizenry enforce laws they make up

Stephanopoulos: it's just extending checks
from guns stores to gun shows Peggy

Noonan: well in that case I need a drink

Stephanopoulos: Reince Preibus says the
GOP is a bunch of stuffy old men and therefore
they need fewer debates and
maybe buy a computer

Rove: the GOP should tell people they will
deliver economic growth and not depressions

Messina: the GOP's ideas are incredibly unpopular

Stephanopoulos: they've become like
the Democrats in 1968

Noonan: the GOP gave Americans
the worst economic crash since 1929

Rove: pish posh

Noonan: the GOP is also seen as standing
for mismanaged wars based on lies

Rove: eep

Brazile: the Republican party is totally 
out to lunch they're condescending 
and call regular people victims

Moran: George W. Bush reached out
to the Sally Hemmings family – that would
be called pandering to victims now

Stephanopoulos: Rand Paul thinks that
Latinos are human beings too

Rove: The Republican Party is doing great
except for Todd Akin and Sharon Angle
and Murdock and also every hates Barack Obama

Stephan: whoa

Rove: Romney almost won the Latino vote
because they care about the debt

Stephanopoulos: what about immigration?

Rove: we're recruiting spaniards to school boards

Stephanopoulos: the Supreme Court is
going to take on gay rights and Hillary Clinton
came out this week behind the gays

Brazile: DOMA was a big mistake

Stephanopoulos: is John Roberts looking 
at his legacy?

Moran: the people are far ahead of the elites
but the court would prefer to leave it to the people

Noonan: Americans don't like black-robed masters in Washington

Stephanopoulos: awesome

Noonan: Rove v Wade was a tragedy because
it gave people rights all over America instead
of different rights in different states

Rove: even Ruth Bader Ginsburg thinks 
Rove v Wade was wrong

Stephanopoulos: what's Obama's position?

Messina: young voters think 
condoms should be legal

Moran: lots of Republicans have gay kids,
brothers, co-workers and Senators and
the world hasn't come to an end

Noonan: sometimes its good to wait
for civil rights for other people

Stephanopoulos: thanks for coming everyone


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