Sunday, March 10, 2013

This Week with George Stephanopoulos – March 10, 2013

Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI)
Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-FL)
Paul Krugman
George Will
Julianna Goldman
Stephanopoulos: Senator Johnson how
was dinner with the President? 

Johnson: it was nice – we had a beet and
argula salad, pasta with vegetables, 
veal with mushrooms, and we also 
agreed to cut Medicare

Stephanopoulos: can you reach an angreement?

Johnson: yes were willing to work with the
President to get what we want

Stephanopoulos: will the GOP really raise taxes?

Will: no because Obama has said Republicans
are bad people and you don't undo those
hurt feelings just because of one admittedly delicious meal

Johnson: don't underestimate Barack –
he's one charming dude

Schultz: the problem is the tea party is
full of crazy people who won't 
ever make a deal

Krugman: indeed – the problem is that
one side wants to shred the social safety net
and privatize Social Security and the other
might event want to expand it

Goldman: if Obama hits beneficiaries on
Medicare and goes out and sells the Republican
agenda to give them cover you might possibly
get some Republicans to go along with that

Will: would Democrats ever consider
raising the Medicare age?

Schultz: we supported 1 trillion dollars
in spending cuts!

Krugman: oh by the way raising the
Medicare age is a terrible horrible idea

Johnson: Social Security is bankrupt!

Stephanopoulos: what about means-testing
in exchange for higher taxes?

Johnson: we already had a trillion dollars tax
increases and if you want jobs and more
revenue you just have to cut taxes

Schultz: there's no rush on Social Security –
and no I'm sorry but we're not done 
with tax increases

Krugman: let's have some facts

Johnson: I have some facts

Krugman: but your facts are false

Johnson: well they're my facts and I love them

Krugman: Social security has a dedicated
source of revenue unlike defense 
or corporate welfare

Johnson: there is no such thing as
the Social Security trust fund – it's a lie!

Krugman: well then it's part of the budget
and ergo there's no more problem 
with Social Security than with 
aircraft carriers or fighter jets

Johnson: [ head explodes ]

Stephanopoulos: damm that's icky

Karl: Paul Ryan wants to balance the
budget by getting rid of all spending

Audience: wow

Karl: and the Senate might even pass a budget

Audience: holy cow

Stephanopoulos: the economy is doing well

Goldman: battle lines are being drawn

Stephanopoulos: Nobody's right if 
everybody's wrong

Goldman: President Obama must be very
respectful and civil and not hurt
Paul Ryan's feelings

Stephanopoulos: America will run
out of money in the summer

Will: Republicans love the sequester

Krugman: wait until Americans experience 
air traffic delays

Johnson: American is bankrupt!

Krugman: half the deficit is due to the 
Bush Recession

Schultz: the sequester will cost us 
750,000 jobs it's insane!

Audience: ooh

Schultz: but I would be willing to
support entitlement cuts

Goldman: the sequester is bad for everybody

Will: that's why I like it so much

Krugman: we should try to avoid
crushing the economy if possible

Johnson: at one point do we restrain
the evil government??

Will: I don't care what you say -
unemployment is actually getting higher

Stephanopoulos: mostly because we
cut government jobs like you wanted

Johnson: Obama did not recover from
the Bush Recession fast enough!

Schultz: we have 37 straight months
of jobs growth you moron

Johnson: Saint Reagan was a saint!

Schultz: there is a trust deficit between the
parties and we have to sit down and
talk with each other

Johnson: only when you admit that Obama
caused the recession in 2007

Stephanopoulos: thanks for coming everyone

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Most concise and accurate transcription of Krugman and Senator Johnson I've seen yet.