Sunday, March 17, 2013

This Week with George Stephanopoulos - March 17, 2013

Host: Martha Raddatz
Rep. Xavier Becerra
George Will
Matthew Dowd
Carly Fiorina
Audie Cornish
Raddatz: OMG Obama's charm offensive
has failed to make the parties agree!

Audience: so sad

Raddatz: how was your dinner date
with Barack Obama?

Boehner: he's a nice guy but he doesn't want
to fix the budget by cutting taxes on rich people

Raddatz: do you trust Barack Obama?

Boehner: oh yes – we just need to cut
spending now that he's the President

Raddatz: Obama says we don't have 
an immediate debt crisis

Boehner: that's true - but old people
will eventually wreck America

Raddatz: when will that happen?

Boehner: in a year or two

Raddatz: but you agree with the President
that this is not an immediate problem

Boehner: yes but just we can't spend
more money than we have

Raddatz: we did that under Reagan 
Bush I and Bush II

Boehner: see how bad the problem is?!?

Raddatz: Obama says we need to create jobs

Boehner: balancing the budget will create jobs!
Investors will hire people when we halt spending!

Raddatz: can you get a Grand Bargain?

Boehner: hope springs eternal Martha

Raddatz: would you be willing to raise taxes
in exchange for cutting Social Security?

Boehner: no – Obama got his tax 
increases in January!

Raddatz: what would you accept?

Boehner: Slashing Medicare and Medicaid

Raddatz: Rand Paul said GOP is stale and
moss-covered and Marco Rubio says USA! USA!
what does the GOP need to do?

Boehner: Republicans need to persuade people
that ever since Obama became President slashing
spending became an imperative

Boehner: did Senator Portman admit to
you that he's secretly a tolerant Republican?

Boehner: yes and frankly I was shocked

Raddatz: what if you had a gay son?

Boehner: I grew up discriminating against 
gay people - it's what my church teaches
 and I will never change

Raddatz: what about gun control?

Boehner: look I care about people who
get shot but let's not go overboard

Raddatz: what does a new Pope mean for you?

Boehner: I think an American Pope is a
giant step forward and Francis is reformer

Raddatz: what kind of reform does the church need?

Boehner: clean up the finances, caring more
for the poor, oh and fewer decades-long
worldwide conspiracies to rape children

Raddatz: thanks for coming John

[ break ]

Raddatz: Hi panelists - can Washington
reach a budget agreement?

Will: Obamacare caused the recession in 2007
and Paul Ryan still wants to spend money

Fiorina: we must cut taxes on the rich
and cut Social Security

Becerra: low taxes on rich people 
is a form of spending

Cornish: when you don't hear anything
that's a sign a deal is being made

Dowd: I frequently lecture the President
in a condescending way about being condescending

Raddatz: CPAC is trying find ways  
to make the GOP more popular

Fiorina: Americans don't care about CPAC
they care about lower taxes for rich people

Will: the media is very mean to conservatives

Raddatz: that is so sad

Will: I see the Rise of the Libertarians

Becerra: they need to choose a path and stick with it

Raddatz: why didn't Marco Rubio 
mention immigration?

Cornish: because it's unpopular

Dowd: CPAC is like a Flintsones episode –
dinosaurs and tv reality show stars

Cornish: what's wrong with public discussion?

Dowd: nothing – just not with Neaderthals

Raddatz: Portman now supports gay marriage

Will: CPAC is mostly young people 
who don't hate gay people

Dowd: sure he's got a gay son –
that's a good way to get to the truth

Fiorina: people who discriminate 
are good people too

Raddatz: if you say so Carly

Fiorina: self-appointed judges should
not decide civil rights

Raddatz: they're appointed by the 
President and Congress

Fiorina: even so I don't trust legislators either

Raddatz: who do you trust

Fiorina: we must decide civil liberties by plebiscite!

Raddatz: Episode IV: A New Pope

Dowd: Francis of Assisi was a friend
to animals, the environment, the poor and
was barefoot and wore old clothes

Raddatz: he was a hippie?

Fiorina: even non-Catholics were united in
spirituality when the new Pope was named

Raddatz: that is so true – thanks 
for coming everyone


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