Sunday, January 06, 2013

This Week with George Stephanopoulos – January 6, 2013

Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY)
Sen. Heidi Heitkamp (D-ND)
Rep. Tom Cotton (R-TX)
Rep. Joaquin Castro (D-AR
Stephanopoulos: good morning –
the fiscal cliff has been solved but the
government is out of money

Stephanopoulos: you won't raise the debt limit
without fake spending cuts but Obama refuses
to negotiate over the credit of the nation

McConnell: let's sit down now or
we will kill this country

Stephanopoulos: I see

McConnell: Obama is a really big spender
and we're becoming like Greece without
the really really old stuff

Stephanopoulos: well we have the Senate

McConnell: true

Stephanopoulos: are you prepared to
put the U.S. in default?

McConnell: we won't have to wreck America
if Obama doesn whatever we say he should do

Stephanopoulos: you want to reform
the entire U.S. Government in two weeks?

McConnell: yes!

Stephanopoulos: Obama wants to negotiate
over new highter taxes

McConnell: oh no absolutely not

Stephanopoulos: Congress already
cut $1.5 trillion in spending

McConnell: that's not enough

Stephanopoulos: are you saying you
demand big spending cuts out of concern
for the debt but you refuse to discuss any new taxes?

McConnell: yes that's over and behind us –
now we need to slash spending

Stephanopoulos: I see

McConnell: we have a spending addiction
and need an intervention

Stephanopoulos: Senator Cornyn says we must
shut down America or become like Greece
Italy and Spain

McConnell: Obama is tying shove olive oil
down our throats!

McConnell: we must cut spending and then
cut spending and after that cut some spending

Stephanopoulos: would you default on
America's debts just to get what you want?

McConnell: we're spending too much and
so we must reduce spending and
Democrats won't cut spending

Stephanopoulos: what spending would you cut?

McConnell: aid for old people!

Stephanopoulos: ok

McConnell: this is perfect time to do it since
Obama is President we can blame him for cutting Social Secuity

Stephanopoulos: you used to love Chuck Hagel

McConnell: the next Secretary of Defense
must promise to start a war with Iran

Stephanopoulos: are you worried that he doesn't
support Israel and maybe the U.S.?

McConnell: he's outspoken but I am
concerned that he might not start a couple of wars

Stephanopoulos: Could you support more
background checks for gun buyers?

McConnell: the national debt became very
important when Obama was sworn in!

Stephanopoulos: what else

McConnell: cut spending!

Stephanopoulos: Heidi you said Obama needs
to reach out to Republicans more

Heitkamp: Obama needs to stop talking
in ultimatums and negotiate on Republican terms

Castro: hey guess what Republicans!
Obama won the election!

Cotton: we need to cut spending now
that a Democrat is the President

Stephanopoulos: what about Chuck Hagel?

Cotton: he was against the surge in Iraq
and hates Israel and loves terrorists!

Heitkamp: let's give Chuck Hegel a chance
to defend himself before we call him an anti-semite

Stephanopoulos: what about gun control?

Castro: the debt is very important but
immigration is more important

Stephanopoulos: ok

Castro: also the debt ceiling is stupid

Heitkamp: forget gun control – we need to
look at the dangerously mentally ill

Castro: I can see those in Congress

Stephanopoulos: people despise Congress

Cotton: the Army works with teamwork
and character unlike the idiots on Capitol Hill

Stephanopoulos: well could luck there dude

Cotton: thanks George

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