Sunday, January 27, 2013

This Week – January 27, 2013

Host: Martha Raddatz
Sen. John McCain (R-AZ)
Sen. Bob Menendez (D-NJ)
Rep David Schweikert (R-AZ) 
Steve Inskeep 
George Will
Donna Brazile
Chris Hughes

Raddatz: Welcome Senator McCain –
what's the deal with immigration reform?

McCain: frankly we have some awesome ideas

Raddatz: good to know

McCain: honestly Republicans have finally
realized we will never win another election
if we don't stop alienating all those brown people

Raddatz: will the new law include 
a path to citizenship?

McCain: did you know most of the
 drugs in America come from Mexico?

Raddatz: even Viagra?

McCain: that's why we need reform!

Raddatz: you have flip-flopped on citizenship

McCain: we have armed guards in
the U.S. Senate while half of all the 
old people Arizona are killed 
by illegal Mexican terrorists

Raddatz: wow

McCain: but let's face it –
we need those spanish voters

Raddatz: Obama is the President –
how to you feel about that?

McCain: it makes my face explode

Raddatz: the most important thing
in the world is Benghazi

McCain: Obama ignored the warnings!

Raddatz: like all the warnings before 9/11?

McCain: 7 hours went by!

Raddatz: haven't most of those 
questions been answered?

McCain: it was the High Holy Day of 9/11!

Raddatz: fascinating

McCain: what was Obama doing while
our consulate being attacked? 
Playing golf? Watching movies? 
Remembering how he beat me in 2008?

Raddatz: could be all three – he is a multi-tasker

McCain: Africa is detoriating since we got Qaddafi!

Raddatz: you want to arm the rebels in Syria

McCain: yes – this time I promise
the middle east war will be fun

Raddatz: you trust the rebels?

McCain: yes – I've met them

Raddatz: well you also met Sarah Palin

McCain: that's a low blow Martha

Raddatz: will you vote for Obama's former
Republican defense secretary?

McCain: no he's too liberal

Raddatz: what makes you say that

McCain: he believes in evolution and
doesn't want to lauch a war with Iran

Raddatz: do you support women in combat

McCain: yes but they must have the
same mental competency as people like me

Raddatz: that's a high bar indeed

[ break ]

Raddatz: Senator you're hispanic –
what about immigration?

Menendez: it seems the GOP has
finally seen the light

Raddatz: what do you want from Obama?

Menendez: a pathway to citizenship 
and also a pardon

Raddatz: shouldn't the President
reach out more to Republicans?

Menendez: he tried that in his first term

Raddatz: but not this week

Menendez: he invited all the hispanics
in Congress to the White House

Raddatz: he could have tried to find at
least one Republican member of color

Menendez: like John Boehner?

Raddatz: isn't Benghazi a huge deal

Menendez: no it was always a fake scandal

Raddatz: do you supports Chuck Hagel?

Menendez: I am concerned he 
may not love Israel enough

Raddatz: will he be confirmed?

Menendez: probably

Raddatz: where do you come down  
on the Frank Lautenberg / Cory Booker feud?

Menendez: oh I'm not touching that one

Raddatz: do you think Booker was
disrespectful to that 89 year old crank?

Menendez: Martha if I've learned one
thing in Jersey politics it's when two friends
are fighting to get the hell out of the way

[ break ]

Raddatz: panel it looks like we may an
immigration agreement with a path to citizenship

Will: sure now that no one wants to
move to America anymore

Raddatz: ironic indeed

Will: to deport 11 million people would
require buses from San Diego to Alaska
so of course we need to build a human pipeline

Schweikert: People in my district live 
in fear of non-existent Mexicans

Raddatz: chris you were Mark Zuckerberg's 
freshman roommate and so bought 
The New Republic

Hughes: yes I was – can the President lead?

Brazile: Obama closed the borders!

Raddatz: Benghazi! Benghazi!

Will: I think we have wrung this issue dry

Inskeep: no one cares what is said 
on Sunday talk shows

Raddatz: except for this one!

Raddatz: should women serve in combat?

Will: only if they can carry a 265 lb. man 100 yards

Raddatz: George no dude can do that

Will: harrumph

Raddatz: thanks for coming


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