Sunday, September 23, 2012

Meet The Press - September 23, 2012

Gov. Deval Patrick (D-MA)
Sen. Kelly Ayotte (R-NH)
Kasim Reed (D-Atlanta)
Joe Scarborough
David Brooks
Dee Dee Myers
Bay Buchanan
Gregory: We learned Mitt pays 14% in
taxes which is a lot!

Patrick: now he should reveal his tax
plan for the rest of America

Gregory: a poor person who works at
Wal-Mart pays more in taxes but Romney
says that person does not take
personal responsibility for her life

Ayotte: Obama keeps giving people food stamps

Gregory: I see

Ayotte: let’s not forget Obama caused a
recession in 2007

Gregory: can Romney relate to poor
people or even non-millionaires?

Ayotte: Romney just wants poor people to
have better jobs and to stop being so lazy

Gregory: Romney says that poor people
are lazy victims who think they
are entitled to food and oxygen

Ayotte: he didn’t mean that - he just
said when he thought only his rich
friends were listening

Gregory: do you are agree that
people in the military who pay no
income taxes are victims

Ayotte: the debt is causing a rise
in food stamps!

Patrick: May I observe that my
mother was a saint and Mitt Romney
is a total asshole

Gregory: basically Obama is the same though

Patrick: oh do shut up Fluffy

Gregory: but isn’t Romney right and
government assistance is out of control?

Ayotte: let’s not forget Obama passed
health care reform which ruined America

Patrick: Obama added 4 million
private sector jobs

Ayotte: but rich people are sad

Gregory: does Romney really believe
47% of the nation don’t take personal
responsibly for their lives?

Ayotte: President Obama caused the recession!

Gregory: anything else?

Ayotte: no - that’s what this
campaign is all about

Gregory: blaming Obama for the recession?

Ayotte: yes!

Gregory: Deval shouldn’t poor people
be required to pay some
minimum income tax ?

Patrick: I’ve never heard of this - why?

Gregory: just because

Patrick: maybe

Gregory: isn’t it true that poor people
have no skin in the game?

Patrick: you know I heard you were a
moron but really people you have to
experience it in person

Ayotte: Obama is tying to divide Americans!

Gregory: that’s hilarious after what
Romney just said about half the country

Ayotte: maybe so but Obama didn’t stop
GOP obstruction

Gregory: the black caucus is mad
about unemployment

Patrick: understandable - but
we’re adding jobs

Ayotte: Obama didn’t fix everything
and is strangling businesses

Gregory: I’m sold

Ayotte: Romney has a great tax plan

Gregory: What is it?

Ayotte: it’s a secret but trust me
it’s a great plan

Guthrie: Romney says you only
care about teachers

Obama: teacher bashing isn’t going
to solve anything

Gregory: have we moved beyond
unions vs the rest of us

Ayotte: Kids First - Unions Last!

Gregory: ok

Ayotte: destroying unions is the
civil rights issue of our time

Gregory: Chuckie how is the election going?

Todd: Obama is crushing it in crucial
swing states - if he wins Florida, or
Virginia and Ohio he wins - basically
Romney needs to carry every swing state
plus pray for an asteroid

Gregory: wow

Todd: the reason Obama is pulling ahead
is that Americans are more optimistic
than they’ve been in three years

Scarborough: it was a rough week for
Mitt Romney but he’s going to do well
in the debates - I can feel it!

Gregory: good point

Scarborough: however between the
Libya press conference which was an
absolute nightmare and this 47% remark
Mitt is in real trouble

Gregory: David Brooks you say Romney
is a nice man who says stupid things and
runs an inept campaign

Brooks: Tom Clancy is passionate
about killing machines and Mitt Romney
just can’t fake that he care about
human beings

Gregory: can Mitt recover?

Buchanan: Romney was exactly right
- a lot of Americans are lazy and
dependent on government and Romney
will never get their vote

Gregory: he also said he doesn’t care about them

Buchanan: American have no jobs -
100% of Americans are dependent on
Obama to buy them steaks and malt liquor

Reed: Romney is a defective candidate
like a NASCAR driver who keeps
wrecking the car - he offended
auto workers, Great Britain,
old people and soldiers

Myers: he has no sense of how
real people live

Brooks: he nursed kids who were dying -
 - he's the mormon Albert Schweitzer

Gregory: then why isn’t he running a
compassionate conservative campaign

Brooks: because the GOP forced him
to act like a phony and a liar!

Scarborough: I truly believe if you
want to help poor people you cut
taxes for rich people!

Brooks: it’s pretty damn convenient too

Scarborough: Maggie Thatcher would
never have dismissed 47% - she would
have promised them trickle down jobs

Buchanan: Mitt Romney is a living saint
who has spent his life serving others -
just like Mother Theresa if she spent
30 years looting companies and
laying people off

Gregory: amazing

Buchanan: We are a nation of losers

Gregory: Bay if Romney is such a saint
why does everyone hate him

Buchanan: he’s a wonderful man and
running a great campaign and the
media and liberals are all out to get him

Scarborough: me and David Brooks
and the Wall Street Journal and
Rush Limbaugh are all out to get Romney?

Buchanan: yes - whose side are you on?!?

Brooks: Romney must go wonky -
there’s a true hunger in America
for more PowerPoint

Reed: well that’s nice but he hasn’t
proposed anything specific at all

Brooks: has Obama?

Reed: he’s proposed the Lots of
Really Good American Jobs Act

Gregory: please bash Obama for me

Scarborough: Obama has failed and
has no plan!!

Gregory: thank you!

Scarborough: Romney needs to tell us
how the Republicans will help ordinary people

Gregory: it would be a change of pace

Buchanan: people are on food stamps,
embassies are being attacked and
polls show the momentum is ours!

Gregory: do you really believe the
things you are saying?

Buchanan: yes - we are going to win
because we have a very clear message!

Scarborough: oh I’m very curious
- what is it?

Buchanan: black people are lazy!!

Scarborough: oh ok

Gregory: Ryan got booed at AARP
for saying he would repeal Obamacare

Brooks: Medicaid doesn’t work and
the Ryan plan is a good plan

Gregory: then why won’t Romney
embrace it?

Brooks: because it’s very unpopular among
those damn American people - many of whom
are still allowed to vote

Gregory: not for lack of trying

Scarborough: Romney has no courage

Buchanan: It’s Obama who has no
courage to cut Medicare! Also Romney
will add $700 billion to Medicare!

Brooks: we’ll solve the Medicare issue
as soon as America declares bankruptcy

Gregory: the debates are going to
be teh awesome!!

Scarborough: a week is a lifetime in politics
and that gives Romney several lifetimes
of gaffes before the campaign ends

Buchanan: Food stamps! Food stamps!

Gregory: and that’s another episode
of Meet The Press


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