Sunday, September 02, 2012

This Week with George Stephanopoulos - September 2, 2012

David Plouffe - Obama Campaign
Kerry Healy (R-MA)
George Will
Donna Brazile
Bill Burton (D)
Matthew Dowd (R)
Stephanopoulos: good morning David

Plouffe: good morning George

Stephanopoulos: are Americans better
off than they were four years ago?

Plouffe: we’re recovering from a
mini Depression

Stephanopoulos: that doesn’t sound good

Plouffe: Mitt Romney is promising nothing
but tax cut fairy dust

Stephanopoulos: a lot of people
are unemployed

Plouffe: Romney will enact policies
that caused the recession in the first place

Stephanopoulos: so we’re not better off?

Plouffe: Obama is investing in batteries!

Stephanopoulos: ironic that he’s
running against an android

Plouffe: ha

Stephanopoulos: Pluffy should Obama
apologize to America

Plouffe: for what Stephy - health care
or ending the wars?

Stephanopoulos: yes those things

Plouffe: the GOP is only offering tired
platitudes like tricke-down economics

Stephanopoulos: Paul Ryan says he’s
going to save Medicare not raid it

Plouffe: he raided it!

Stephanopoulos: yes well know about that

Plouffe: Paul Ryan is sounding the
Second Coming of Claude Pepper

Stephanopoulos: Verily he will
Return Riding a White Golf Cart

Plouffe: Obama cut waste and Paul Ryan
would bankrupt Medicare

Stephanopoulos: Romney said under
Obama lazy people would get free money

Plouffe: it is interesting that Romney
can only win by lying and then
lying some more

Stephanopoulos: is it a racial dog whistle

Plouffe: all I know is every time that ad
runs on my tv my cocker spaniel hides
under the bed

Stephanopoulos: ha

Plouffe: In his acceptance speech Romney
never mentioned our troops or
Afghanistan - does Romney even care?

Stephanopoulos: what about Clint Eastwood

Plouffe: that was weird and hilarious

[ break ]

Stephanopoulos: how did the GOP
convention go?

Will: undecided voters learned Republicans
want to cut taxes which I think we already knew

Brazile: I suspect a number of people
were very confused - and that was
before Clint Eastwood channeled
Daryl Hannah in Legal Eagles

Healy: we learned that Mitt Romney is
secretly a human being

Stephanopoulos: why not have testimonials
From people who like Romney instead
of Clint Eastwood doing a crazy-ass
version of Bob Newhart?

Healy: well I hope people go online
and look up examples of Mitt acting normal

Dowd: no one cares about a candidate’s
personal anyway

Stephanopoulos: are we better of than
we were four years ago?

Burton: we’ve created 4 million jobs

Stephanopoulos: but we lost 6 million

Burton: we heard Mitt loved his
family but what is he’s going to do
for other families?

Healy: he was very specific - he’s going
to cut taxes again, repeal Obamacare
and drill for oil off Florida

Will: don’t be afraid - vote for Romney

Brazile: no be afraid - be very afraid

Dowd: the real question is will the
country be better off four years from now?

Burton: in 2008 Obama said he was going
to deliver health care, end the wars,
fix the economy and rebuild America and he did!

Stephanopoulos: did he?

Burton: oh yeah!

Stephanopoulos: thanks for coming everyone