Sunday, February 19, 2012

This Week With George Stephanopoulos - February 19, 2012

Host: Jake Tapper
Sen. John McCain (R-AZ)
Robert Gibbs
George Will
Dee Dee Myers
Clarence Page
Lou Dobbs

Tapper: Senator you support Mitt Romney
- did he get an Olympic sized bailout?

McCain: I love bailouts as long as they
are for things I like

Tapper: I see

McCain: Rick Santorum voted for money
for zoos which is the gateway drug to
funding larger animal habitats and
then you’re off to federal prison

Tapper: Senator DeWine finally realized
Mitt Romney is a cyborg sent from the
future to destroy the planet

McCain: I was declared unelectable
in 2008 and look what happened

Tapper: you lost

McCain: true

Tapper: has the race gotten so nasty
America will reelect the black guy
named Hussein with a an 8%
unemployment rate?

McCain: that fucking Supreme Court
let a casino operator take over our elections

Tapper: should we negotiate with the Taliban?

McCain: yes but we but the best way to
end this war peacefully is to never end it

Tapper: Mittens says negotiating with
the Taliban is appeasement

McCain: you can never announce a
withdrawal date - you have to sneak out
in the middle of the night and
surprise everyone!

Tapper: should we attack Iran

McCain: I hope we can work together with
the Israelis to bomb the shit out of Iran

Tapper: should we cut off aid to Egypt?

McCain: I love the Muslim Brotherhood!

Tapper: your favorite Sheriff was having
gay sex with an illegal immigrant

McCain: I love that crazy freak

Tapper: Rick Santorum says Obama
doesn’t care about human beings but
worships trees and Galileo

Gibbs: may I observe that Rick Santorum
is fucking crazy

Tapper: Rick says he wasn’t questing
the President’s Christianity - he just said
he has a ‘phony ideology’

Gibbs: this whole campaign has been a
fascinating experiment to see how
low politicians can sink

Tapper: gas prices could go over $4
a gallon by April

Gibbs: that’s not good

Tapper: Rick Santorum says Obama
hates wasteful use of energy

Gibbs: Obama is personally drilling
in the Arctic!

Tapper: that’s good

Gibbs: we’re using less foreign oil than ever!

Tapper: Tom Harkin says by cutting
payroll taxes Obama is killing Social Security

Gibbs: it’s a middle class tax cut -
everyone loves those

Tapper: Obama has not cut the deficit in half!

Gibbs: the recession was really bad

Tapper: will the Democratic party finally
endorse gay marriage?

Gibbs: when Glee has a gay wedding
then it will be in the platform

Tapper: ooh that could be soon

[ break ]

Tapper: Could Mitt Romney lose Michigan?

Will: Santorum won Iowa and Missouri
and Pittsburgh so why not?

Myers: Obama is talking about jobs and
Rick Santorum is yammering about
theology and Romney is babbling about trees

Dobbs: Romney’s message about loving
tall trees is very powerful

Page: the GOP has decide if their core
message is ‘big business rule!’ or
‘Jesus is awesome!’

Tapper: Big Jesus rules


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