Sunday, January 08, 2012

NBC Facebook Republican Debate - January 8, 2012

January 8, 2012
David Gregory
John DiStaso
Andy Hiller
Mitt Romney
Newt Gingrich
Rick Santorum
Rick Perry
Ron Paul
Jon Hunstman
Gregory: Good morning and welcome
to the Fluffy Facebook debate

Candidates: good morning Mr. Zuckerberg

Gregory: please bash Mittens for me

Gingrich: because Obama is a scary black
man and Romney is timid just like Obama

Gingrich: I created 100 million jobs with
Saint Ronald and that other guy in the
1990s and I’ve been pre-smeared

Romney: we were losing jobs when I
became Governor and began adding
jobs after I took office

Gregory: that sounds like Obama

Romney: I’m a leader and Newt is a loser

Gregory: Rick you are also a loser

Santorum: Mitt didn’t even run for re-election

Gregory: he ran against Ted Kennedy

Santorum: he ran to his left and was defeated

Romney: I didn’t even to want to be
in politics!

Santorum: you ran for the Governor and
Senate and President twice idiot

Romney: my life’s passion is making
money and I’ve done that

Santorum: you will only serve one term
as President

Romney: not voluntarily

Gingrich: drop the baloney you loser

Romney: I know very well that I am
a loser dipshit

Gregory: is Romney a man of
constant conservatism?

Paul: Obama created empires and
bailed out the banks!

Perry: Wall Street dicks like Mitt Romney
caused the recession!

Gregory: Mitt what do you believe?

Romney: I wrote a book saying my firm
belief that I should be President

Hunstman: I love America so I served
as Ambassador to China

Romney: I respect that decision I
just think it destroys the nation

Huntsman: shut up pretty boy

Gregory: what pain will you bring to
the people?

Hunstman: I will cut Medicare Fluffy

Gregory: you must Social Security!

Huntsman: ok ok Fluffy

Santorum: of course we have to
means-test Social Security

Gregory: how else do you balance
the budget?

Santorum: require black people to
work harder

Gingrich: I’d like to see you in pain Fluffy

Perry: I can too name all three departments
I would cut!

Gregory: whoa slow down cowboy

Hunstman: get a load of the big brain on Rick!

Gregory: would you cut old people off Medicare

Santorum: we should let old people be
free to choose to have bad healthcare

Gregory: what about raising taxes on
very rich people

Romney: Ronald Reagan grew government!

Gregory: oh noe

Romney: we have to cut food stamps
and Medicare

Huntsman: we have to cut trillions!

Gingrich: Bill Clinton knew I hated his guts
but we worked together because he never
hounded me about all my affairs

Romney: The legislature gave me unilateral
power and I’m sure if Obama asked nicely
the GOP would do that for him

Gregory: Ron Paul you have no influence in DC

Paul: that proves how out of touch everyone is!

Gregory: how do you make people in
Washington stop being assholes?

Santorum: Ron Paul is creating vacuums!
He’s another Hoover!

Gregory: ooh

Santorum: I stood up and fought to cut aid
for mothers with children

Huntsman: Barack Obama is ignoring
wonderful people like Alan Simpson

Gregory: that is so sad

Hunstman: I want to roam around this
country generating excitement

Gregory: good luck with that

Gregory: what would you do to make
Republicans uncomfortable?

Perry: I think I’m making them pretty
uncomfortable right now!

DiStaso: should we cut home
heating oil benefits?

Huntsman: we should break up the oil
distribution monopoly!

Paul: regarding home heating oil the
gold standard is fascinating

Gregory: should Americans learn to live
with less heat?

Romney: As President I will tell states to
take care of their own damn problems

Hiller: Mitt you used to love gays so
what happened?

Romney: I put gay people on the bench

Santorum: I respect all people I just
believe we should discriminate
against gay people

Hiller: what if you had gay children?

Santorum: I would love my evil gay son
and if he married a dog I wouldn’t let
him take a ride from Mitt Romney

Perry: Obama caused the recession in 2007!

Romney: we must crush government unions!

Santorum: I didn’t vote for right-to-work law
when I was a Senator but since Pennsylvania
voted me out of office screw them all

Gregory: is Obama a bad President?

Gingrich: yes

Gregory: would you care to expand on that

Gingrich: Obama is weakening America
by not fracking interns

Gregory: is the recession Obama’s fault?

Romney: Obama is controlled by labor stooges!

Perry: all three of 'em!

Hiller: what about cross-state air pollution?

Romney: I like clean air because air
that is clean is good which is nice

Gingrich: the EPA is run by radicals that
doesn’t cooperate with businesses

Hiller: John McCain says Obama is a patriot
and loves America

Perry: Obama is a socialist doesn’t reflect
our founding fathers who believed in small
whiter federal government

Gregory: Rick Santorum are you a socialist?

Santorum: I’m a bottom-up kind of guy

Hiller: is health care a right?

Paul: No!

Hiller: really

Paul: there is only one right - a right to liberty!

DiStaso: are you willing to live free or die?

Huntsman: I’m sick of all these gay-bashing assholes

Gregory: should we go to war with Iran?

Santorum: Iran is crazy because they are
religious nuts who believe that the afterlife
is better than this one

Gregory: Pakistan has nukes too

Santorum: yes but religion should have no
role at all in politics

Gregory: I see

Santorum: Obama is very weak against Pakistan

Gregory: He violated their sovereignty to
get bin Laden

Gregory: You used be against Super PACs

Gingrich: yes but then I found out
Mitt Romney is a big meanie

Gregory: you called him a predator

Gingrich: am I’m going to catch him!

Romney: I haven’t even seen these ads you speak of

Gingrich: they’re on tv moron

Romney: let me cited five things from the ad

Gingrich: I thought you hadn’t seen them

Romney: Of course my former staffers
are running ads supporting me using a PAC
I don’t control!

Gregory: will you pull all your PAC ads?

Romney: I hope these fellows I barely know
pull these ads

Gingrich: Romney has forced me to run a
slanderous movie sliming him

Santorum: Why doesn’t Obama help people
get married except for banning gay marriage?

Gregory: fascinating point

Santorum: Iran is an evil theocracy and
Obama has a secular ideology!

Gregory: thanks for coming gentlemen


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