Sunday, February 27, 2011

This Week with Christiane Amanpour - February 27, 2011

Saif Gadhafi
Saadi Gadhafi
Reza Aslan
Robert Kagan
Jake Tapper
Amanpour: Hi I’m in Libya - Who could write the crazy rants and ravings of Muammar Gadhafi - except Charlie Sheen, of course

Sheen: magic poet Vatican assassin bitch!

Amanpour: I’m on a flight from London to Libya - surprisingly uncrowded

Amanpour: in fact there a thousands of people at the airport - the place is littered with garbage and strewn with starving stranded passengers desperate to get out

Audience: so it’s like Newark airport at Thanksgiving

Amanpour: anti-government protestors are firing guns in the air and are openly mocking Gadhafi

Amanpour: I spoke with Gadhafi’s son Saif -
Obama says Moammur should quit

Saif: We’re holed up in Tripoli and we’re loving it

Amanpour: you say you’re not using violence but why are so many people are being killed

Saif: oh that never happened

Amanpour: why is everybody fleeing the regime
like rats off a ship

Saif: because the ship is sinking

Amanpour: I see

Saif: my enemies are losing - you can’t understand process it because I have magic and poetry in
my fingertips

Amanpour: maybe you should have reformed Libya before the rebellion

Saif: gee I wish I had fucking thought of that Christiane

Amanpour: you were supposed to be a reformer

Saif: the same assholes who stopped me from reforming and now fleeing Libya - fuck those
fickle traitors

Amanpour: you seem somewhat out of touch
with reality

Saif: I’m a Vatican ninja assassin

Amanpour: what about freezing your Swiss bank accounts

Saif: there’s not such things - we’re surrounded
by fools and trolls

[ break ]

Amanpour: will Libya sanctions affect you?

Saadi: I can’t travel - it sucks!

Amanpour: so what will you do now?

Saadi: I need a good lawyer - Dershowitz won’t return my calls!

Amanpour; why are you so upset?

Saadi: I just want a normal life

Amanpour: Other people in Libya want a normal
life too

Saadi: those selfish bastards

Amanpour: what is going on the Middle East?

Saadi: it’s total chaos everywhere

Amanpour: what about freedom?

Saadi: the little people can’t handle freedom

Amanpour: what about your Dad?

Saadi: he’s totally fucked

Amanpour: you lived in Europe where people
have freedom

Saadi: no they have health care so it’s really socialism or really enslavement

Amanpour: is it hard being Gaddafi’s son?

Saadi: the man is a deranged lunatic but he never forgets a birthday

[ break ]

Bowen: the rebels are taking over the country

Amanpour: can they take over Tripoli?

Bowen: oh no they’re just localized rebels -
like on Tatooine

Amanpour: Jake is revolution in the Middle East bad for America?

Tapper: well you could argue democracy is a good thing - on the other hand the price of oil might go
up a penny

Amanpour: well fuck it then

Tapper: also there are some very cooperative dictators around here

Kagan: we’re paying the price now for being too cozy with dictators

Amanpour: maybe but some of them are so nice

Kagan: if we claim democracy and human rights
are universal values then why not for muslims and arabs too?

Amanpour: who are these wacky young Arabs -
do they love America?

Aslan: they’re all virtual and transcend time and space - they live on Facebook and realize they don’t have to support these old dictators

Amanpour: Is Iran the real winner with all these revolutions?

Kagan: why should this movement bypass Iran? That regime is on borrowed time!

Amanpour: What about our good friends in Saudi Arabia?

Tapper: the White House is telling our remaining friends to get out of ahead of reform or they’re going to end of dangling from a lamppost

Aslan: the kids in Iran started a revolution in 2009 and now it’s going to come full circle

Amanpour: ok forget Iran - is this good for al-qaeda?

Kagan: the kids demanding democracy and freedom don’t like the message of hate coming from al-qaeda which is why we need to send troops to Tripoli

Amanpour: thanks

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