Sunday, February 20, 2011

This Week with Christiane Amanpour - February 20, 2011

Rep. Steve Southerland (R-FL)
George Will
Donna Brazille
Jonathan Karl
Amanpour: holy crap it’s a people’s uprising -
in fucking Wisconsin!

Audience: whoa

Woodruff: there are union members marching and now even the tea party has came to demand public school teachers get their hands off the government

Audience: ah

Woodruff: unions want to keep collective bargaining rights and the tea party want to cut government spending

Teacher: I may have to leave teaching is
this bill passes

Tea partier: my wife is a teacher and this will cost her money but to be honest I never liked her much

Amanpour: Is Wisconsin going to played out
across America?

Will: Obama is a terrible debtor who is now sabotaging brave Wisconsin’s willingness to finally balance the budget on the backs of working people

Brazille: bullshit - these are just workers who want their collective bargaining rights

Southerland: Politicians all around America have no choice but to destroy unions since we’re in a recession

Karl: Obama has to win Wisconsin in 2012 -
also he’s soft on Mubarak

Will: All Walker is proposing is to take long-standing collective bargaining rights for wages - what copswaddle piffle

Brazille: Gov. Walker may hate unions but he thinks its great to give tax breaks to corporations

Southerland: Federal employees have nice pensions which is just wrong

Will: these teachers are getting rich and they abandoned their kids

Southerland: Small banks are being captured by
evil nazi federal regulators

Karl: Walker is trying to end automatic union dues collection which will of course solve Wisconsin’s non-existent budget problem

Amanpour: of course

Karl: no politician in world history was rewarded for making tough choices until Chris Christie came along

Southerland: it’s amazing and wonderful because America is broke

Will: federal budget cuts are very important but they also very very small

Brazille: these cuts affect vital essential programs
for children and the elderly

Will: [ yawns ]

Karl: Boehner is afraid of getting blamed for a government shutdown

Southerland: we had 500 amendments to the budget

Will: these cuts can’t be draconian because American is a big rich country

Brazille: what about the little children in Head Start?

Will: they don’t matter because of the Chevy volt

Brazille: Why I am talking with this bow-tied idiot

Will: balderdash!

Brazille: shut up you foppish twit


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