Sunday, February 27, 2011

Meet The Press - February 27, 2011

Gov. Scott Walker - (R-WI)
Sen. John McCain - (R-AZ)
Gov. Haley Barbour - (R-MS)
Rep. Emanuel Cleaver - (D-MO)
Richard Trumka - President AFL-CIO
Lawrence O’Donnell - MSNBC
Kim Strassel - Wall Street Journal
Gregory: Wow Scott Walker had to break unions to
balance the budget!

Walker: damm right I did Fluffy

Gregory: I heard the unions are willing to give
you what you want to balance the budget

Walker: sure but then they objected to their
not existing and I can’t have that

Gregory: so why not take yes for an answer?

Walker: yes but there are a thousand towns across the state and there are unions hiding everywhere

Gregory: really

Walker: right - so we must crush collective bargaining which will take money from our grandchildren

Gregory: what exactly is wrong with
collective bargaining?

Walker: because Barack Obama is bad guy

Gregory: I see

Walker: I tried a 35 hour work week and the
unions said no which meant I had to lay off thousands of people

Gregory: but cops and firefighters are exempt

Walker: look I can’t cross the cops -
did you know they carry guns!?

Gregory: so austerity for everyone but unions who endorsed you

Walker: we can’t afford to piss these unions off -
they do important jobs

Gregory: teachers aren’t important?

Walker: right

Gregory: are you trying to change the course
of history?

Walker: yes

Gregory: so why exempt unions who
supported you?

Walker: I’m trying to change the course of
the history of the Democratic party into
not existing anymore

Gregory: I see

Walker: I make no apologies for standing on principle against unions that don’t endorse me

Gregory: right

Walker: we need to tell the truth - endorse me
or you hate grandchildren

Gregory: are you an ideologue?

Walker: Wisconsin is open for business -
people are ordering pizzas from here from
all over America!

Gregory: how does this end?

Walker: hopefully we crush the basis for financial support for
the Democratic party

Gregory: you said you considered planting troublemakers in the liberal crowd

Walker: yes but I will not allow outsiders to cause violence whether its liberals or me

Gregory: I want to talk about what comes next for the insane leader surrounded by on all sides by hostile forces

Walker: I’m holding up well David

Gregory: I was talking about Gaddafi

Walker: oh right

McCain: We need to enforce a no-fly zone
over Libya!

Gregory: wow

McCain: also we should get tough and demand war crimes trials for anyone who uses violence against people in the middle east

Bush [drunk, at home]: whoa hold on there cowboy

Gregory: Senator McCain is there any chance for a functioning democracy in that far off desert land

McCain: I have high hopes someday we can have basic human rights in Arizona

Gregory: I was talking about Egypt

McCain: People hate dictators - I tried to tell that to George Bush but he wouldn’t listen

Gregory: so where does it end?

McCain: we should stand up for democracy in Iran and if it goes well there we then can try it here

Gregory: Secretary Gates says invading Iraq was completely insane

McCain: yes but we were attacked on 9/11 by Afghanistan and other continents too

Gregory: so your are concerned about being in continents?

McCain: you have no idea Fluffy

Gregory: did the Pentagon try psych ops on you?

McCain: I’ve gone up against the Viet Cong so those tricks won’t work on me

Gregory: but they tried it on many U.S. leaders - doesn’t that concern you?

McCain: look the CIA tried mind control on Sarah Palin but found they had nothing to work with

Gregory: I see

[ break ]

Gregory: Gov. Walker in Wisconsin says to save America we must destroy unions

Trumka: Unions are underpaid, the pension is funded, the unions took his cuts and now he’s threatening layoffs

Gregory: Unions use political clout to elect officials who turn around and give you benefits

Trumka: no that’s the Koch brothers

Gregory: is this about union busting?

Barbour: America is totally broke and it’s time for the hard truth that we must cut taxes for the rich and end collective bargaining for unions

Gregory: the unions already accepted the cuts

Barbour: collective bargaining is not a right golddarnut

O’Donnell: apparently Scott Walker considered sending in troublemakers to make the protestors look bad

Gregory: speaking of that isn’t it terrible to compare Walker to Hitler

Cleaver: when the lion lies down with the lamb the lamb gets eated

Gregory: Obama has created a difficult situation
in Wisconsin

Strassel: Heroes like Walker and Christie have said we must crush unions and the middle class love them for it

Gregory: Obama isn’t doing enough!

O’Donnell: this isn’t about Obama

Gregory: Howard Fineman says the GOP wants
to crush public unions because they support Democrats

Barbour: you have got to destroy unions and every American knows it

Cleaver: the public employees are willing to give concessions and the Gov. Walker said no

Gregory: but the unions compared him to Hitler so he had to take away their rights

O’Donnell: if crushing unions is so popular why not put it to a vote?

Barbour: the people of Wisconsin want to destroy unions - just look at Indiana

Gregory: I see

Barbour: the real victim here is Sarah Palin

Gregory: of course

Cleaver: we should not cut the debt by cutting funds for the poorest Americans

Gregory: interesting thought

Cleaver: Bernanke and Goldman Sachs think too many cuts could hurt the economic recovery

Gregory: but those are all socialists

O’Donnell: we’re talking cuts about in spending only after slashing taxes for the richest

Gregory: does freedom in the middle east imperil the economy

Strassel: Democracy is a tax on our fragile economy

Gregory: oh my god

Strassel: also premature recovery could lead to inflation

Barbour: if we drilled in America more gas
would be free

Gregory: John Thune isn’t running for President which sad because he’s so handsome

Audience: awwww

Gregory: Barbour are your running for President

Barbour: hayyell yayyuss

Trumka: oh please I hope this jackass runs

Gregory: Romney would be electable but he has a problem - he may not be insane enough to win a Republican primary

O’Donnell: yes but that’s true for every GOP candidate not currently in an institution

Strassel: Fiscal responsibility is suddenly a
really big thing

Gregory: that’s a GOP issue since this year

Cleaver: people are going to wake up and realize the GOP is all crazy

Gregory: Awesome and that’s Meet The Press


ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

Strassel: Democracy is a tax on our fragile economy

Gregory: oh my god

Strassel: also premature recovery could lead to inflation

Barbour: if we drilled in America more gas
would be free

Gregory: John Thune isn’t running for President which sad because he’s so handsome

As always, CoT, thanks for watching this shit so I don't have to.

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