Sunday, October 03, 2010

This Week with Christiane Amanpour - Debate on Islam - October 3, 2010

Rev. Franklin Graham
Daisy Khan (Society for Muslim Advancement)
Peter Gadiel, (son killed on 9/11)
Donna O’Connor (daughter killed on 9/11)
Brad Garrett (ABC security expert)
Robert Spencer (Jihad Watch)
Osama Bahloul (Imam in Tennessee)
Azar Nafisi (author)
Reza Aslan (author)
Gary Bauer (activist)
Ayaan Hirsi Ali (activist)
Anjem Choudary (from London)

Amanpour: should Americans be terrified of Islam?

Gadiel: yes they’re very scary

O’Connor: we should fear all criminals be they muslims, professional athletes, investment bankers or members of Congress

Amanpour: Franklin G you say Islam is wicked
and evil

Graham: Muslims want to build mosques and convert people here and since I don’t have that freedom in muslim countries America should be
like them and take away freedom

Amanpour: I see

Graham: I love muslims - I just think they are satanic

Bahloul: the oldest Christian churches in the
world are in Egypt and Syria

Spencer: Muslims don’t respect women
which is terrible

Khan: there are muslims serving in the American armed forces and the NYPD

Nafisi: I fled Islam extremism in Iran - but I came to America seeking religious freedom not expecting more religious repression

Graham: well you chose wrong honey

Aslan: I must say I’m surprised to hear Graham say he wants to replicate Saudi law here in the
United States

Graham: look I was 8 years old when I first decided Islam was evil so I know what I’m talking about
- they burn churches!

Aslan: who is ‘they’ you idiotic bigot?

Nafisi: who is a real Christian - Sarah Palin,
Christine O’Donnell, Mel Gibson, the Pope?

Graham: oh sure single out the crazy ones

Amanpour: true

Graham: there are lots of wonderful muslims

Amanpour: then why do you say they are wicked

Graham: because Sharia law says you can beat your wife which Christians would never do

Khan: I quit a lucrative corporate career to
promote moderate Islam

Amanpour: that’s a hell of a choice

Khan: the terrorists didn’t just hijack a plane -
they hijacked a whole religion!

Choudary: let me just say that Islam has a solution for all of the problems that mankind faces

Amanpour: even 3-D movies?

Choudary: Allah condemns it!

Amanpour: what else?

Choudary: 9/11 was a reaction to US support for the Pirate state of Israel!

Amanpour: aye the torrrahhh

Choudary: I hate stereotyping - real Muslims must submit to the Creator!

Khan: I’m a real muslim too you twit

Choudary: hey Daisy you can’t be a vegetarian
and eat beef

Khan: hey dipshit who died and made you King of Islam?

Choudary: put on a burka baby

Graham: I like that dude

Choudary: let the flag of Islam fly over the
White House!

Graham: there you see what I mean - help help
I’m being repressed

O’Connnor: I’m no expert but it seems to me that there are good and bad people in all religions

Graham: they believe that Sharia should govern all the world which is a terrible attitude since we all know right-wing Christianity should rule America

Aslan: dudes get a room

Graham: young males come out of mosques and are all suicide bombers and they want to destroy America

Hirsi Ali: Islam has a political side and is
very very dangerous

Amanpour: should we be scared?

Garrett: terrorism is minor compared to real threats like Sharktopus or Michael Bay

Gadiel: I’m not saying Islam is evil - I’m just saying that we should be assume all Muslims are
secret terrorists who are planning to kill white Christian Americans

Amanpour: what about freedom?

Gadiel: How do we know Daisy Khan is not engaging in takia lying for the purpose of
furthering radical islam

Khan: this is shocking - I’m not a terrorist

Gadiel: why should I believe you?

Khan: you call me a murderer but you don’t know me or what takia even means

Gadiel: It means lying for the purpose of furthering your religion

Khan: why would I do that?

Gadiel: aren’t you instructed to do that?

Khan: no I’m not you moron

Gadiel: I just assumed - Christians do it all the time

Amanpour: are you saying she’s a terrorist?

Gadiel: no but I’m just saying we should drown her and if she floats she’s a witch

O’Connor: you ask for moderate muslims to step up and yet Daisy is moderate and you attack her

Khan: you make it hard for moderates when you call me an extremist and lump me in with Al Qaeda

Ali: you’re not a victim - you’re on tv

Khan: I’m not the one with a bodyguard Hirsi

Bauer: well she needs one and you don’t

Khan: oh I need one - I live in NYC

Bauer: New York City is a wonderful tolerant place which is why I despise it

Amanpour: right

Bauer: Muslims are inherently violent people
as we all know

Amanpour: so why not promote moderate muslims like those building a mosque near ground zero

Bauer: I like that mosque and believe that should be built anywhere in New York City -- except ground zero because that is where evil men worship death

Amanpour: enough about Dick Cheney

Bahloul: our mosque in Tennessee was vandalized and we’re peaceful people!

Bauer: so you claim

Amanpour: politicians are exploiting fear of Islam

Bauer: no Muslims are cheaply playing the
victim card

Amanpour: but does all the anti-muslim rhetoric
lead to violence?

Bauer: no because synagogues are being desecrated in Europe!

Spencer: Muslims are vandalizing their own mosques to make people feel sorry for them
- well we’re not going to fall for it ragheads!

Aslan: that asshole is crazy and a liar

Spencer: 80% of mosques are violent

Amanpour: where does this anti-Islam feeling
come from

Aslan: silly neo-nazis and bigots

Spencer: some guy somewhere a long time ago said something stupid therefore all muslims are bad

Amanpour: okay then

Amanpour: why are you opposed to a moderate community center in an old Burlington Coat factory in lower Manhattan

Gadiel: because radicals could take it over!

Amanpour: but is there any evidence that would happen?

Garrett: no

O’Connor: it’s not at Ground Zero and it’s not a mosque it’s a community center - but in any case this is supposed to be free country isn’t it?

Graham: this woman is throwing American values of freedom and liberty out at us - but we all know those are outdated

Khan: so now we have Muslims defending American freedom more than Franklin Graham!

Graham: they shouted Allah Akbar!

Amanpour: Daisy will you move the community center?

Khan: no because American values should prevail

Graham: harrumph!

Amanpour: and that’s the end of this
fascinating debate