Sunday, October 24, 2010

Meet The Press with Michael Steele - October 24, 2010

Michael Steele - RNC Chair
Harold Ford - Fmr Dem Rep.
E.J. Dionne
Rachel Maddow
Rick Santelli

Gregory: Oooh the Final Countdown to election day - here’s the chair of the RNC!!!

Steele: hey-ooo!!!

Gregory: Mike is it true Republicans created a big mess and decided to obstruct Obama so the mess wouldn’t be fixed?

Steele: oh no Republicans wanted to tort reform
and Obama said no

Gregory: oh that is so sad!

Steele: Fluffy the GOP leaders tried to meet with Obama and he wouldn’t invite them to his
Superbowl party

Gregory: so are we looking at a massive
GOP sweep?

Steele: Greggers the excitement is off the hook!
it’s crazy!

Gregory: whoa that’s amazing

Steele: we’re taking the House - it’s on
it’s happening!

Gregory: I don’t want to throw cold water on your party but I can’t help but notice that you nominated
a bunch of lunatics for high office

Steele: look Chris we all make misstatements

Gregory: my name is David

Steele: see what I mean!

Gregory: right

Steele: you have to look into someone’s heart not whether they are a witch or hate gays or have never read the Constitution or wear a Nazi uniform

Gregory: is O’Donnell qualified for the U.S. Senate?

Steele: it’s snobbish and very elitist to insist that a Senator be able to read at a third-grade level

Gregory: Pelosi says the GOP is creating a plutocracy

Steele: Pluto?! Who cares about some damm
cartoon dog?!?!

Gregory: ok

Steele: don’t be high and mighty about disclosure - Nancy Pelosi should disclose what she says the GOP are not disclosing!

Gregory: are there secret organizations funding
GOP elections?

Steele: How should I know?!?! They’re secret!!

Gregory: well that seems like a problem

Steele: the law doesn’t require disclosure!

Gregory: well should it?

Steele: I love transparency so Nancy Pelosi should put up or shut and identify the secret funders
of GOP elections!!

Gregory: Eric Cantor says National Public Radio is captured by radical Islamic terrorists

Steele: Garrison Keillor may wear muslim garb -
who can say?? The man is on the damm radio!!

Gregory: a salient point indeed

Steele: look Juan Williams was expressing his own fear of muslim garb which is the same thing that
Tina Notenberg said about Strom Thurmond

Gregory: should we eliminate NPR?

Steele: I’m not interested in policy I just want to use this ridiculous issue to win elections

Gregory: can we win in 2012?

Steele: oh it’s gonna be incredibly exciting -
in 2 years the GOP is going to have a whole new crop of crazy people and delusional psychotics
to run for office!

Gregory: speaking of that - your tenure at the RNC has been one fiasco after another

Steele: look I’m a different kind of chairman - I’ve created a network of unqualified ignorant freaks all across this country

Gregory: thank you very much Mike

[ break ]

Gregory: so group what’s going on with the 2010 elections?

Brooks: voters hate everybody so the elections are all getting closer

Maddow: the country hasn’t changed ideologically in 2 years as exciting as all those tea partiers are

Gregory: Obama says America is scared and so people act irrationally

Santelli: that’s odd because all the rich people I know are very calm and happy

Dionne: Dems need a clear message embracing and even bragging about the stimulus and health care reform

Gregory: but as a nation we’re on the wrong track!

Ford: Obama and Democrats have to focus on jobs and growth and also do whatever Republicans want

Gregory: what about all these secret donations pouring into political campaigns and putting on confusing ads?

Brooks: it’s only important if you care about it corrupting our government - let’s talk about whether it affects the horse race!

Gregory: yeah!

Brooks: it’s only $12 million - who cares?

Dionne: hell yeah $200 million matters - why do you think corporations are spending this money just for the fun or it??

Maddow: we don’t know how much money is being spent by Karl Rove because it’s a fucking secret

Gregory: this is the law of the land - should it be changed?

Santelli: I’m a firm believer in process - for example we could have a process to buy and sell Senate seats on eBay

Gregory: Rick Santelli you are the Father of the Tea Party - and your candidates are mostly illiterate nuts and not even winning

Santelli: let’s not be snobs just because a candidate hasn’t read the First Amendment

Gregory: you’re joking

Ford: the problem is she celebrates her ignorance - on the other hand I’ve been on Capitol Hill those guys are not too bright either

Gregory: after all you were in Congress

Ford: exactly

Maddow: The 2010 election can be summed up in Nevada: Reid is very unpopular but will because Sharron Angle is crazy, violent and racist

Ford: look all politicians are corrupt and most are insane

Gregory: even Fortune magazine thinks the GOP plan is incoherent

Brooks: the people want their cake and eat it too - which the GOP has promised since 1980

Gregory: let us cry for Juan Williams

Dionne: a student of mine once listened to every hour of NPR for a whole week

Audience: dear god

Dionne: NPR is a good news organization and Fox
is a pure propaganda network

Gregory: perhaps

Dionne: they should have told Juan Williams to choose between NPR and Fox

Ford: oh poor poor Juan Williams!

Santelli: we just need to elect ignorant uninformed rabid anti-government Tea Partiers to make raising taxes popular

Maddow: that’s the single stupidest thing I have
ever heard in my entire life

Gregory: and that’s Meet The Press

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