Sunday, October 10, 2010

Meet The Press - October 10, 2010

Alexi Giannoulias (D-Illinois Sen. candidate)
Mark Kirk (R-Illinois Sen. candidate)
Joe Klein
Peggy Noonan

Gregory: Alexi did Obama bring change to America?

Giannoulias: he inherited a true mess and now
we have to get a trillion dollars off the sidelines and in the game

Kirk: Obama added debt which Nixon, Reagan,
Bush I and Bush II and Republicans would never do

Gregory: do you really want to stand by the Republican record on debt?

Kirk: No

Gregory: how do we add jobs?

Kirk: this Congress is viciously anti-business!

Gregory: your answer is more tax cuts

Kirk: not only that - crush the unions!

Giannoulias: I’m the only one here who has
worked in the private sector

Gregory: so how would you create jobs?

Giannoulias: people can’t get a loan so we need to get liquid

Gregory: you said the stimulus should be
bigger which is amazing!

Giannoulias: damm right

Gregory: but they promised unemployment of 8%!

Giannoulias: Look moron the stimulus prevented another Great Depression

Kirk: the Democrats want to impose a 900 billion tax increase on December 31 which is terrifying

Gregory: but I thought your big fear was the debt and now you won’t even raise taxes on
the richest Americans

Kirk: I want to limit our military jets to one engine each

Gregory: Okay

Giannoulias: he says he’s fiscal hawk but he voted for the Bridge to Nowhere, all of Bush’s budgets, Congressional pay raises, and to lift the debt ceiling - how will he pay for tax cuts for the rich??

Gregory: Captain Kirk?

Giannoulias: I would give Obama a line item veto

Gregory: Alex what would you cut?

Giannoulias: wasteful spending

Gregory: you misunderstood my question - I want you to say ‘raise the Social Security retirement age’

Kirk: sell the Tennessee Valley authority

Gregory: fascinating

Kirk: we can’t be like Europe with declining unemployment, social services and strong infrastructure - that’s just not the American way

Gregory: would you repeal the health care
reform bill?

Kirk: yes - replace it with tort reform

Giannoulias: and people think I’m an idiot

Kirk: the health care reform bill cuts spending
for old people!

Gregory: what about health care reform

Giannoulias: it banned pre-existing conditions
which was good

Kirk: no it cut Medicare

Gregory: Alexi you say you are a financial expert but your family’s bank went bankrupt and you appear to have mob ties

Giannoulias: My father came here as an immigrant and someday soon the family business will be completely legitimate

Gregory: but when did you stop working
for the bank?

Giannoulias: never ask me about my business Fluffy

Gregory: but you loaned money to criminals

Giannoulias: that’s where the money is

Gregory: you have strong ties to crooks

Giannoulias: so I’m perfect for Congress

Kirk: He’s Tony Soprano without the charm

Giannoulias: look we were a bank and we loaned money to people - you have no idea how a business works

Kirk: it’s true I don’t have experience lending
money to members of organized crime - it’s all his family does!

Giannoulias: Congressman we’re all a part of the same hypocrisy -- but never think that it applies to my family

Gregory: Captain Kirk-

Kirk: Admiral!

Gregory: Kirk you exaggerated being under fire, lied about being Intelligence Officer of the Year and claimed falsely that you ran the Pentagon War Room

Kirk: true - but I did see ‘Saving Private Ryan’

Giannoulias: people may be unsure what he believes but they will always know where I stand - I will
lend money to mobsters

Gregory: Facebook wants to know how you two would buck your parties

Kirk: I support stem cell research

Giannoulias: I oppose TARP

Gregory: brave stances indeed

[ break ]

Gregory: Obama is tied to Giannoulias who is tied to crooks and Kirk claimed he single-handledly defeated Khan

Klein: it’s an extraordinary election

Noonan: people are turned off by all the negative campaigning which is why it works

Gregory: does Obama help candidates?

Klein: of course he does Fluffy

Gregory: oh noe

Klein: people don’t want to hear endless debates about who lied - they want results from Washington

Gregory: you make it sound like people don’t like
my show

Klein: that’s true - they also hate Wall Street
and China

Gregory: it’s seems like the little people are very upset

Noonan: people are finally realizing America had a nice ride for 50 years and now the party is over

Gregory: Please bash Barack Obama for me

Noonan: if you insist Greggers - but I must tell you the people blame all of Washington

Gregory: Joe Klein will you please bash
Barak Obama

Klein: no - the people out there respect Obama but they don’t admire him because they don’t understand the health and financial reform bills

Gregory: I see

Klein: the American people are obsessed with China

Noonan: the Tea Party hate George W. Bush and the Republicans

Gregory: speaking of that let’s look at this clip of Sarah Palin on a local community access tv show

Klein: The American people know the Republicans have only bad ideas like needless wars and the Democrats have only ridiculous ideas like for forced breastfeeding by men

Noonan: people want to crush the government

Klein: yes but it’s a conundrum because the people I talked to out there want big spending and they don’t care about the debt

Noonan: those may be the facts but my gut tells people feel spending is out of control

Gregory: and my gut tells me that’s another episode of Meet The Press

Audience: [ vomits ]


Dorothy Blaustein said...

On Meet the Press Oct. 10 Joe Klein mentioned one very small part of Health Reform Legislation that deals with breast feeding. Maybe that will be eliminated before 2014. Why didn't Joe mention that 50 million people have no health insurance because of job losses? Wouldn't it be great if Health Care Reform were in force now, so those unfortunate people would have health care. Give us a break, Joe.

Anonymous said...

i think there is a nwe adventure... people are waiting to obama to do everything... translate english to spanish laws and youll find that hispanic people are happy when thy can work... tht is all that people want... jobs.. so that is we shoul provide...