Sunday, October 24, 2010

This Week with Christiane Amanpour - October 24, 2010

Tim Kaine - DNC Chair
Ed Gillespie - GOP strategist
Anita Dunn - Dem strategist
George Will
Amy Walter
Amanpour: the election is 9 days away and America has so many lunatics to choose from

Kaine: we can keep the House if everything changes

Amanpour: the polls say you’re gong to lose

Kaine: true - but have you seen those cheering rallies?

Amanpour: Will Pelosi stay on?

Kaine: she deserves a medal for herding all those assholes

Amanpour: and the Senate?

Kaine: thank god for Angle, O’Donnell, and that looney Toomey

Amanpour: but why aren’t you sweeping into office with rose petals strewn at your feet?

Kaine: we got the policy right but forgot to
advertise our successes

Amanpour: that seems like the kind of thing
a politician would remember

Kaine: well we were all very busy at the time

Amanpour: Bill Clinton says he can’t believe
you might lose the House after just 2 years of Obama’s Presidency

Kaine: um, 1994?

Amanpour: but you need to sell whatever you’ve done

Kaine: we saved the auto industry and prevented
a Depression

Amanpour: the Dems are running away from your famous health care reform

Kaine: I don’t see that happening - very much anyway

Amanpour: but Republicans are running ads
against health care reform

Kaine: of course they are - they also dress like Nazis and pay their coven tithes in chickens

Amanpour: why don’t you undisclosed-outside-funded ads?

Kaine: because we’re pure and believe in full disclosure

Amanpour: the economy sucks and the Democrats are in charge of all three branches of government

Kaine: we’ve accomplished an incredible amount
but the Republicans won’t allow us to accomplish anything

Amanpour: sell me on your achievements

Kaine: we have great job growth

Amanpour: in 2011 will we finally get bipartisanship?

Kaine: Christiane are you high?

[ break ]

Amanpour: welcome to the rouddtable - in a time of economic hardship, American has nominated a bunch of crazy people, weirdos, psychotics and general nutjobs

Will: the tea party was created out of disappointment with Bush and the Republicans

Gillespie: the tea party has energized the GOP -
I love those wackos

Amanpour: what are they so mad about?

Gillespie: Obama is taking over every business
in America!

Dunn: I agree with the tea party - the Republican party sucks

Amanpour: interesting

Dunn: there may be an enthusiasm gap but no one really wants Republican ideas - they’re just mad and disappointed

Amanpour: why are Republicans so secretive?

Gillespie: Obama hides the identity of people who gave him only $10 and unions are spending taxpayer money on elections!

Dunn: dear god that’s stupid

Gillespie: look we’re obeying the corrupt laws we enacted to protect billionaires

Walter: voters are anti-everything - they would vote against themselves if they could

Will: it’s amazing that billionaires don’t spend more to influence elections - they’re so selfless and wonderful

Dunn: so government is bought and paid for - people care about that!

Gillespie: people don’t care about corrupt elections - they care about the debt!

Amanpour: polls say people want the government to create jobs

Dunn: Bush was losing a million jobs a month!

Will: the election is over and the voters have said they hate Obama

Amanpour: thank you for that report from fantasy-land