Sunday, October 31, 2010

This Week with Christiane Amanpour - October 31, 2010

John Brennan
Sen. John Cornyn (R-TX)
Sen. Bob Menendez (D-NJ)
Amanpour: are there any explosive packages
still out there and what do they look like?

Brennan: worry if you get any unexpected mail from Yemen that is ticking loudly

Amanpour: is it all a plot by a woman and her daughter to wreck America?

Brennan: I didn’t come here to talk about the Palins

Amanpour: who is behind this?

Brennan: we’re looking for all kinds of people

Amanpour: like the men behind the underwear bomber

Brennan: we’re looking for the smoking thong

Amanpour: the PETN got by the PETS!

Brennan: it’s a bit of problem

Amanpour: what else can you do?

Brennan: forget sniffing dogs - we solved this plot with information from Saudi government

Amanpour: how did they know about it

Brennan: let’s just say they have their methods

Amanpour: should we all fly naked?

Brennan: that may work in Sweden but not here

Amanpour: what about cargo planes?

Brennan: they’re full of in-flight bombs like Clash
of the Titans

Amanpour: are we safe

Brennan: no but what can you do?

Amanpour: were they targeting synagogues?

Brennan: no they were only addressed there
to throw off suspicion

Amanpour: of course

Amanpour: will you win the Senate

Cornyn: no but we will in 2012

Amanpour: the end of the world!

Amanpour: have you given up on that loon
Joe Miller?

Cornyn: oh yeah but at least a Republican
is going to win

Menendez: I think we have a chance - Alaska
is crazy after all

Amanpour: Is this worse than 1994?

Menendez: no because people dislike Dems
but they also hate Republicans

Amanpour: good news indeed

Menendez: we need to remind people that the GOP brought us to the brink of destruction

Amanpour: people think Obama raised taxes, the debt, bailed out the banks and is from Rhodesia

Menendez: I think some of those aren’t true

Amanpour: you want Obama want to be a
one-term President

Cornyn: look in January 2009 we remembered
we care about spending

Amanpour: can there ever be bipartisanship?

Menendez: no because the GOP want Obama to fail

Amanpour: why are you keeping your spending
cuts a secret?

Cornyn: we will reveal our plans after the election

Amanpour: not before?

Cornyn: it will be fun like a surprise party

Amanpour: how about raising taxes on the rich?

Cornyn: oh no no

Amanpour: why not just keep the tax cuts for everybody?

Menendez: I thought the GOP was worried about
the debt!

Cornyn: who me?

Amanpour: David Vitter stopped spending money on prostitutes long enough to spend money to attack Hispanics

Cornyn: this is about Yemen terrorists!

Amanpour: ok then

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