Sunday, July 11, 2010

This Week with Jake Tapper - July 11, 2010

David Axelrod - Presidential Advisor
Rep. Gutierrez
Rep. Bilbray
Tapper: David why does everyone hate Obama?

Axelrod: If I had to guess I would say it’s because Bush left us a horrible recession

Tapper: fair point

Axelrod: Republicans costs us 3 million jobs, blew a surplus, started two wars and a financial meltdown

Tapper: perhaps so - but white people think
he’s a slacker

Axelrod: oh bullshit if the economy was roaring people would love him

Tapper: how can you get anything done if you
can’t do anything?

Axelrod: oh no we still may be able to persuade Republicans to cut taxes

Tapper: dare to dream

Axelrod: not only that - Obama went to a plant in Missouri that makes bumper cars - we control
the global market in useless shit

Tapper: 70% of Americans think the stimulus failed

Axelrod: because the Bush recession was that bad!

Tapper: are the American people stupid?

Axelrod: Two and Half Men is the number one
sitcom and you have to ask?

Tapper: White businessmen say Obama is a Marxist and they refuse to create new jobs until he arrests all the black panthers

Axelrod: well Bush must have been in the Shining Path because they eliminated 3 million jobs when
he was President

Tapper: good point

Axelrod: and by the way lack of regulation caused the financial meltdown in the first place - not to mention BP!

Tapper: is the President worried that BP experts
may not be rocket scientists?

Axelrod: oh no they’re clearly on top of the situation

Tapper: really - cause they seem like idiots

Axelrod: well yeah

Tapper: OMG a recess appointment violates the Constitution!!

Axelrod: you’re shitting me right

Tapper: yes but you’re setting the stage for GOP Presidents to act unethically and outside the law

Axelrod: [ spit take ] It’s a little late for that

Tapper: yeah but you’re playing games - he
could have had a hearing

Axelrod: I really don’t give a shit

Tapper: General Petraeus wants to train an army of Village Idiots but Hamid Karzai says that cuts
in on his action

Axelrod: there’s plenty of room for both

Tapper: Did Obama lean on Blago to make Val Jarrett a Senator

Axelrod: maybe

Tapper: yes or no

Axelrod: so what if he did?

Tapper: I dunno

Axelrod: well there you go

[ break ]

Tapper: Luis is Mexican crime contaminating the purity of Arizona?

Gutierrez: some would say American drug addiction is causing crime in Mexico!

Tapper: Jan Brewer says most immigrants are coming to the U.S. to behead Americans

Bilbray: well that is not true but in fairness Gov. Brewer has seen her state become the kidnap
capital of the world

Tapper: that’s a lie as well

Bilbray: whatever - the point is there are too many illegals employed in Chicago

Gutierrez: fuck the border - the point is people overstay their visa

Bilbray: Mastercard too

Gutierrez: an American job: priceless

Tapper: what should we do with 12 million people here already?

Bilbray: first we stop paying people to be illegal and then we give deportation a chance

Tapper: would you deport 12 million and put them
in the back of the line?

Bilbray: we can’t reward illegal behavior!

Tapper: should we arrest Dick Cheney, Wall Street and BP executives?

Bilbray: oh noe!

Gutierrez: these people have been here for 20 years and have American children

Bilbray: well they’re not going to deport themselves

Gutierrez: finally we agree

Bilbray: well they might if we ask them nicely

Tapper: hell let’s all go


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