Sunday, July 25, 2010

This Week with Tim Geithner and Chris Christie - July 25, 2010

July 25, 2010
Tapper: Timster will you keep the very expensive but awesome Bush tax cuts on the obscenely rich?

Geithner: we will cut taxes on 95% of the people
and raise taxes on the top 2% because the Tea Party want to cut the debt

Tapper: clever - but won’t that slow the growth in
the sales of gold plated toilets?

Geithner: it could but I’m not too worried Tapper
my ass is covered

Tapper: Blue Dogs are very worried about the deficit so they want to keep lower taxes on the
wealthiest 1%

Geithner: so so sad -- fuck ‘em

Tapper: what can you do to grow this economy?

Geithner: convince businesses to rehire people

Tapper: how so

Geithner: with my awesome charisma

Tapper: um do you have a backup plan?

Geithner: ha

Tapper: isn’t it terribly important to pay for unemployment benefits unlike everything else or future generations will be mad at us?

Geithner: no that’s idiotic

Tapper: shouldn’t we have less financial regulation since lack of regulation failed us before?

Geithner: no because the new law will allow the government write a strongly worded letter to businesses before they destroy America

Tapper: Liz Warren hates you but consumer groups love her

Geithner: she’s a sharp cookie I’ll give her that

Tapper: giant businesses on welfare are giving their employees free Lamborghinis

Geithner: that’s crazy we told them to buy American and get Cadillacs

Tapper: Auto companies had to take haircuts but bankers did not

Geithner: no the executives had to do that too

Tapper: Tim those were actual haircuts!

Geithner: well that’s what the financial regulation bill is for Jake

Tapper: did you learn anything from the Sherrod fuck-up?

Geithner: yeah never trust Fox news and their
evil minions

Tapper: my sister network - who knew?!

[ break ]

Tapper: Governor how in the hell did you win in
New Jersey?

Christie: I just promised lower taxes and common sense bullshit and people love that nonsense

Tapper: critics say you balanced the budget by just ignoring your funding obligations

Christie: no I cut spending that might have happened but didn’t

Tapper: like what?

Christie: we cut education spending that Corzine had blown

Tapper: that money from the federal government

Christie: look we’re broke so we’re cutting pensions

Tapper: you raised property taxes

Christie: no that’s shared sacrifice Jake

Tapper: it’s a shared tax increase big guy

Christie: I don’t see it that way

Tapper: do you hate teachers?

Christie: no I love teachers but they’re coddled and other unions are seeing their property taxes
going up

Tapper: you’re raising them!

Christie: stop saying that

Tapper: you come across as kind of a jerk

Christie: fuck you

Tapper: gimme straight talk - will join the lawsuit against health care reform?

Christie: dunno

Tapper: who do you say is demagoguing immigration?

Christie: secure our borders!

Tapper: has the GOP hurt their cause with immigrants?

Christie: maybe

Tapper: sounds like a yes

Christie: hey I’ve worked with Democrats in NJ so Obama can work with the loons in Washington

Tapper: speaking of crazies do you love the
“Jersey Shore”

Christie: no I hate that show - it’s a totally negative stereotype!

Tapper: what do you recommend?

Christie: The Sopranos

Tapper: right

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