Sunday, February 21, 2010

This Week with Schwarzenegger and Ed Rendell - Feb. 21, 2010

February 21, 2010
Host: Terry Moran
Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger (R-CA)
Gov. Ed Rendell (D-PA)
Moran: hey Governors the economy really sucks

Schwarzenegger: yah but haus sales are up and peeple are getting back to verk

Moran: Ed Pennsylvania sucks like California without the nice weather

Rendell: yes I predict things will go from spectacularly bad to merely horribly crappy

Moran: that sounds great

Rendell: thankfully Obama staved off disaster temporarily

Moran: I noticed the $200 billion jobs bill went
to $15 billion

Schwarzenegger: yah ve need to rebuilt Amerrycah

Moran: oh ok

Schwarzenegger: eff you built it zee peepel vill
come like Ike did ven he come to Ameruricah

Moran: but that was in the 50s when America
didn’t suck!

Rendell: we need jobs that can’t be outsourced

Moran: like what?

Rendell: bring back the steel industry

Moran: [ facepalm ] oh god

Rendell: no one is willing to plan beyond the
next election

Moran: let’s talk about the next election - here’s robot Mitt Romney

Romney: Employers were so scared by the stimulus they refused to hire people!

Schwarzenegger: but zen zey Republicans zey claim credit for creating jobs eets hippocrazy

Rendell: that’s well put muscle man

Schwarzenegger: da steemuloos vas gud
for gullyfornia

Rendell: Romney is a clever liar his programmer should be very proud

Moran: it may be a lie but it worked - which is the only important thing

Rendell: Obama let the GOP spin the media on the people on the effectiveness of the stimulus

Moran: what should he have done?

Rendell: should have emphasized that the stimulus helped hard-working white people!

Moran: Conservatives had a conference - wow they are so popular with crazy people!

Schwarzenegger: zey are ze party of ‘No’ but zats
ok because peeple are very angry

Moran: we should give them all guns

Schwarzenegger: yah all lessons of life zey
can be learned from de sports

Moran: of course

Schwarzenegger: but you fail sometimes and zen you succeed - for example I vaz in zat movie about a
pregnant man and zen I married a kennedy

Moran: that’s very nice Arnold but let’s talk about how Obama is a failure

Rendell: Fuck you and fuck Congressman
Pence too

Moran: We have to raise taxes and cut Medicare

Rendell: we have to raise the retirement age on those lazy old people!

Schwarzenegger: ve need da high speed rail and
da vater projects just look at zee pershians and zee romans and ze Egypt peeples

Moran: health care?

Schwarzenegger: ve must talk about fat kids

Moran: anything else?

Schwarzenegger: Dort reform!

Rendell: Republicans should have ideas
that don’t suck

Schwarzenegger: oh noes zats not gud


Unknown said...

Thank you. I'm sure this was much better and more accurate than the real thing!

Chris W. Martinez said...

These are hilarious.

Tomas said...

I wish Schwarzenegger would get invited more often.

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