Sunday, August 30, 2009

The Chris Matthews Show - August 30, 2009

Matthews: OMG - television changed made us afraid of communism, took down Joe McCarthy and brought Bobby Ewing back to life!

Fineman: Under McCarthy decency was destroyed by a bunch of paranid unhinged right-wing lunatics

Matthews: thank god that could never happen again

Norris: in 1968 crazy shouting screaming activists destroyed the image of their party

Matthews: wow that could never happen now

Plante: Watergate was boring tv show until NBC came up with the idea for secret white house tapes as a plot twist

Fineman: it was the first great reality tv series

Matthews: Jimmy Carter was defeated by
the Ayatollah

Mitchell: well to be fair he was working with
Ronald Reagan

Matthews: it was embarrassing to be involved with a weak President who was only able to get the hostages out alive instead of having the courage to have them killed like the troops in Lebanon

Norris: the 9/11 tv show was very exciting but it created a national sense of total fear and refusal to question anything Bush ever did

Matthews: that was awesome

Matthews: the biggest tv audience in history watched the Checkers speech - I love the way Nixon lied and used his children for political gain - ha!

Fineman: Obama’s convention speech in 2004 was so fantastic we were all sure that Obama would be Hillary’s Vice President someday

Norris: Obama knew better

Matthews: he’s a galloping horse and I want
to ride him

Matthews: OMG Dukakis wore a helmet so he couldn’t be President!

Mitchell: he looked like Snoopy so we had to report
it like that

Matthews: Ha! We should just turn the country over to Lee Atwater

Plante: It’s all Dukakis’ fault for making us in
the media trash him over nothing

Norris: Swift-Boating was effective hardball politics - those liars looked like everyday liars you would see lying in the grocery store

Fineman: During hurricane Katrina tv showed Bush acted like an ignorant frat house idiot while people were dying and starving for weeks

Mitchell: we fuck, reality matters sometimes

Matthews: Damm Katie Couric and her ambush questions to Palin on what newspapers do you read!

Mitchell: um seriously, just say "O - The Oprah Magazine" and be done with it

Matthews: ha I love Oprah

Matthews: people who couldn’t afford a tv thought Nixon won the 1960 debates!

Plante: Nixon looked like shit and chose Kennedy -
it turns out people were right

Matthews: wow Bush was ruined by the aircraft carrier speech

Norris: Bush was guilty of premature declaration

Matthews: emission accomplished

Fineman: hey Chris maybe you forgot when you masturbated over that image endlessly

Matthews: ha! that’s right!

Fineman: jesus you’re pathetic

Mathews: fap fap fap fap fap fap

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