Sunday, August 16, 2009

The Chris Matthews Show - August 16, 2009

Matthews: OMG Ronald Reagan presided a two
year recession but he turned it around -unlike Obama who sucks!!

Regan: oh no!

Matthews: his stimulus bill failed and his
auto bailouts are too big!!

Stengel: he’s a stunning failure - but to be fair
he became President at a time when the US empire is collapsing

Regan: the recession is ending but that’s not Obama’s doing - Obama is just responsible for raising the deficit

Parker: look he’s already been President for
7 months so everything bad happening is now his fault

Matthews: but we’re coming out of the recession

Parker: Bush deserves credit for that

Matthews: of course

Heileman: Kathleen is exactly right - Obama has a lot of policies but no message so he’s really a failure

Stengel: no I agree he is a failure because he has
a message but no policies

Parker: look all I know is that people are sick of seeing this intelligent black man on tv

Regan: Wall Street will react badly if Obama fails

Matthews: but you just said they don’t want
his health reform

Regan: look he’s a failure whatever he does

Parker: he should definitely adopt Republican policies - that would help

Mattthews: yes just attack the left and cut taxes for the rich

Heileman: also abandon health reform and cap and trade

Regan: all my friends are terrified that Obama will tax the middle class

Matthews: oh my god we’re all doomed

Stengel: all your friends are narcissistic babies

Matthews: well if Obama gets health reform that will be the last success Obama ever has

Stengel: right

Parker: oh of course

[ break ]

Matthews: OMG Woodstock was groovy man!

Heileman: it was about dropping out
and doing drugs

Matthews: the bad stuff!

Heileman: sounds good to me

Matthews: ha!

Heileman: but look the anti-war and civil rights movement were deadly serious and not driven
by dropouts

Stengel: hey I just realized that the whole Woodstock crowd was an anomaly

Matthews: this is all about the Clintons and their tie-dyed drug craziness

Stengel: huh?

Matthews: Obama’s campaign was all about
Bobby Kennedy!

Regan: no it wasn’t stupid

Heileman: Obama volunteers didn’t want to drop out of society - the wacko dropout protestors are conservatives now

Matthews: wow you just blew my mind

Matthews: tell me something I don’t know

Regan: a housing crisis is brewing

Stengel: an amazing change is coming -- newspapers and magazines will start to
charge for content

Matthews: wow

Parker: Nicky Haley for President

Matthews: um who

Heileman: no one wants to see a movie about Woodstock will hopefully shut Chris Matthew up

Matthews: ha! Coming up next - Obama how a big
a failure is he?

Regan: he sucks a he’s not a miracle worker

Stengel: it’s the economy, stupid

Parker: that’s right

Heileman: the Democrats will lose 30 to 40
seats in 2010

Matthews: you’re all Marxists - I love it!