Sunday, April 05, 2009

The Chris Matthews Show - April 5, 2009

Noron: people hate american arrgoance

Tweety: he wacked GM - should he take on Geithner?

Noron: [ hysterical laughter ]

Kornbluth: no he can't all the good heads are already off and on pikes

Rather: no he must lop the head off of Citigroup to be fair - he got the guys who shower after work and now must get the guys who don't shower at all

Tweety: hey!

Tweety: wow I can't wait til Michelle Obama goes to Nairobi!

Rather: but Barack is the one from Kenya

Tweety: ha!

Heilman: Obama failed this week but he looks like he's succeeding

Noron: he's cheating by being popular

Rather: do not underestimate his Jedi powers

Tweety: i love michelle and her biceps

Rather: she's very earthy - i want to be a fly on the wall when she runs a primary against him in 2012

Kornbluth: i don't care what Obama does if my 401k goes up

Tweety: OMG Michael Moore was right all along!!!

Tweety: OMG Obama took over the US auto industry and motown - where's my flying car and wall of sound?!?!

Heileman: Obama will be responsible for destroying the midwest

Tweety: he has very big stick

Rather: Obama broke the auto industry - it was doing fine until he came along

Noron: Obama is the most powerful businessman in America - which is crazy!!

Tweety: i am not going to pay a lot for this muffler!!

Kornbluth: those crazy polls show people blame the auto executives

Tweety: that's nuts

Noron: i think Obama just may ignore our pundit advice and not accept responsibility for our cars

Rather: Obama single-handedly ruined the US auto industry

Kornbluth: no that's wrong - he also ruined the US economy

Heileman: Obama will be judged by how GM emerges out of bankruptcy

Tweety: wow

Heileman: I agree with the conservatives - it's deeply weird and Eurotrashy for the President to order welfare recipients around

Tweety: they literally drive cadillacs!

Noron: the presidential poochie is coming!

Tweety: what kind of doggie??

Noron: no mutt a real american dog like a french poodle

Rather: The Taliban is building a Superhighway in Afghanistan

Kornbluth: Hillary was spotted in Europe this week

Tweety: that's weird a professional relationship between men and women is very European

Heileman: Timmy is doing better on tv thanks to voice coaches which as we know is all that matters

Tweety: ha he once stood on my chest!

Heileman: no more Wimbledon teleprompting!

Tweety: it's 40 - Love!

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