Sunday, April 26, 2009

The Chris Matthews Show - April 26, 2009

Matthews: OMG a black has been President for 100 days and people like him!!!

Brooks: holy shit!

Matthews: he's got a huge stimulus, stopped torture, made friends around the world, and closed Gitmo

Regan: it’s amazing but his stimulus is pointing the wrong direction

Brooks: he's done everything!! He might as well quit now!

Brooks: he's proved he's a competent manager which I never expected from a guy who ran such a lousy campaign

Page: i love how he makes people like you look stupid

Kornblut: he can walk and chew gum at the same time which we're not used to seeing in Presidents lately

Matthews: he's bold - he hired Hillary, shot terrorists and attacked Rush

Page: i thought it was a mistake to go after Rush and clearly I was wrong

Tweety: Hillary is his bad cop

Brooks: People with really big brains have taken over Washington

Tweety: wow!

Brooks: he's engaging in intellectual combat

Matthews: Obama is going to battleground states - it's like he can't be stopped!

Regan: People like Michelle because she's smart but not threatening

Kornblut: She was scary because she was black but she isn't anymore

Brooks: it's inevitable that there will be huge catastrophes because he's trying more than any human being can possibly do

Matthews: OMG Obama has raised the debt, taken over the car industry, and invaded Afghanistan!

Kornblut: Team Obama is very worried that something terrible hasn't happened yet

Tweety: how can we pay a 13 trillion dollar debt???

Regan: we can't!

Tweety: i'm worried about Pakistan!

Page: i'll take a khyber pass on that question

Brooks: we have to save the village in order to destroy it

Matthews: Obama has screwed up with reaching out to lunatics like Hugo Chavez and Judd Gregg

Brooks: so sad - he's so polarizing

Regan: he should have stopped the bonuses and not given money to AIG

Matthews: why did Obama do that?

Regan: technically it was actually Bush but that's not a good excuse

Matthews: exactly - ok tell me something I don’t know

Regan: the government can't get the banks to take free money

Page: Rep. Payne was shot at in Mogadishu and that made him optimistic about the future of that country

Kornblut: Palin is running in 2012

Brooks: Obama has taken on more than he can handle it's all too much

Matthews: like the economy and terrorism and 2 wars ?

Brooks: no i mean prosecuting all the crimes of the Bush administration

Matthews: Bush never made a grand call to duty like my hero JFK did and for 8 years no one asked us to do anything!

Page: some people asked you to stop acting like a jackass

Matthews: ha! no i'm serious

Page: so am i

Matthews: Obama is calling us to greatness and its awesome

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