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The Chris Matthews Show - October 5, 2008

The Chris Matthews Show
Sunday, October 5, 2008

Matthews: OMG the black guy might win because the economy sucks!!! But Palin is folksy and the GOP hates business!

Stengel: yeah the black guy has a very big pole

Norris: white blue-collar guys are trying to decide whether they like their jobs more than they hate black people

Parker: republican columnists realize that sarah palin is an idiot and john mccain is a mean hypocrite

Scar: McCain had a Dukakis moment when he said something really stupid about the economy

Tweety: so sad

Scar: he became a GOP-George Bush-depression candidate

Parker: she learned how to talk gibberish well

Stengel: Palin stopped the bleeding

Norris: At the Vice Presidential debate we saw a man who would give sage advice and a woman who would bring a simplistic giddy perkiness to the white house

Tweety: she’s guilty - of being adorable!

Scar: I saw a person who did it exactly right - she began Smear 2008™

Stengel: Bob Dole dropped out of Michigan in 1996 so it's not good for McCain but it's bad news for Obama since he has to win MI

Scar: McCain's strategy is trying desperately to avoid humiliation

Tweety: who is the winner of the week?

Panel: unanimous: Obama

Scar: as soon as the economy bounces back McCain will be fine

McCain: oh shit

Tweety: ever since Al Gore and Bill had an affair in the white house we've had very powerful and influential vice presidents

Scar: ixnay on then ternsinay

Tweety: wow a crazy a town halll debate -- it’s gonna be totally crazy!!!

Joe Scar: McCain refuses to look at anyone at anytime - even conservatives now think he's insane

Tweety: is Obama able to show human warmth

Norris: there are 2 Obamas Debate Prof. Obama and Athlete Regular Guy Obama who takes off his jacket and throws three pointers

Tweety: but he was a POW!

Parker: sure but it's old people who are worried that he's you know, too old

Stengel: John McCain has wisely told everyone he is very good at hand picked town hall debates and will wipe the floor with the man he refuses to look at

Tweety: so

Stengel: so if Obama can connect with the average person Tuesday night this election is-

Parker: Over?

Norris: Done?

Scar: Finito?

Tweety: In the bag?

Stengel: Stick a fork in McCainTweety: tell me something I don’t know!!

Parker: Palin is returning to her undisclosed location

Stengel: in turns out American voters are not too bright

Norris: McCain is in trouble in Florida

Scar: Sarah Palin is going to the Crazy Base in Florida

Tweety: that's a good matchup

Scar: Florida is Alaska with palm trees

Tweety: it's not the Veep it's the Stupidity

Scar: Al Qaeada and the GOP are like a fish and a shark they are both having recruiting problems and they need each

Tweety: ha!


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