Sunday, October 19, 2008

The Chris Matthews Show - October 19, 2008

The Chris Matthews Show - October 19, 2008
October 19, 2008


Chris: Is Obama inevitable?

Whitaker: we've made progress in America - but not that much

Kay: some people say that Obama lacks character and may be a terrorist

Chris: hell Katty - even karl rove thinks McCain is doomed

Parker: Swing voters are a strange breed - no one knows what they will do

Sullivan: the ground game won it for the Republicans in 2004 but this time the Obama campaign has the best we've ever seen

Kay: Obama is doomed

Chris: Obama can't win big states

Whitaker: Obama is relying on young people and black people - so it's all up in the air

Parker: the kids today with the Fish concerts!

Chris: are the GOP motivated?

Sullivan: moderates Republicans are motivated -- to vote for Obama!!

Chris: who won the week?

Panel: Obama for the fifth week in a row

Kay: those fucking debates!

Whitaker: cindy was at the debate with her jewish friend and her gay friend - Joe Lieberman and Linsday Graham

Chris: how can McCain win?

Kay: Robocalls calling Obama a Zulu warrior

Chris: wow!!

Kay: McCain doesn't like to do this

Parker: Obama has no experience being a lying fuck-up

Sullivan: if McCain keeps this up everyone in American will hate him

Chris: the only funny Republican in America Chris Buckley likes Obama so of course he fled the National Review

Parker: i am a conservative but Sarah Palin is a fucking idiot

Chris: so of course they smeared you

Parker: being qualified is considered elitist

Sullivan: joe the plumber gives more press conferences than her!

Chris: i like him!

Sullivan: The GOP is now full of radicals with expansive big government and spending and debt and aggressive foreign policy -- not like sweet cuddly small government tingly guys like Ronald Reagan

Kay: anyone smart is dismissed in the GOP as a hoity-toity elitist with their fancy clean scapels and snobby lighter than air aeroplanes

Kay: The Smearing of Obama is amazing - Sacramento GOP saying Obama should be waterboarded

Whitaker: Come Now the Election Lawyers -- Dems have 5,000 ready

Parker: Dems believe in a Surge - in Florida!!

Sully, 5th Columnist: The GOP will blame Obama's win on suspicious lying communist black people

Chris: why did Obama lose to Hillary in the debates and not McCain

Kay: she got under his skin

Parker: she's smarter than McCain

Whitaker: Obama knew he could needle McCain because the guys is a hothead - and he did

Sullivan: Obama is boring and that's what America wants now

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