Sunday, April 06, 2008

The Chris Matthews Show - April 6, 2008

The Chris Matthews Show
April 6, 2008

Matthews: omg the Clintons never lose!!!

Allen: she really thinks she can win the nomination

Matthews: how?

Allen: by changing the definition of a delegate and splitting the math like a supercollider

Matthews: is she delusional?

Kay: she surrounded by a bunch of sycophants and yes men

Matthews: can she really win?

Kay: only if Obama admits he was once a black baby

Sullivan: she thinks she is entitled but she has every right to keep running in futility

Matthews: mighty white of you

Allen: she really thinks she is better than Obama

Matthews: well duh

Allen: yeah but she really, really thinks that

Kay: the whole Clinton camp thinks Obam should have waited his turn

Matthews: why does bill want to get back to the White House

Borger: he wants to polish his knob and put luster on the clinton legacy

Sully: he wants to remain the only black president

Allen: she's wonky and nimble

Matthews: ickys says ‘hey Obama is black’

Borger: she wants to persuade superdelegates to go with her

Sullivan: well it isn't working isn't it??

Mathews: will superdelegates overturn teh elected delegates?

Borger: no way

Sullivan: the dood is doing better with white people after Rev. Right

Kay: his people will be very alarmed if people like him too much

Matthews: omg Obama can't bowl! Then again Herbert Walker Bush threw up on the japanese bowling commissioner!!!

Matthews: omg john McCain is older than dirt!!!

Sullivan: Obama represents the 21st Century and McCain represents the 18th century

Kay: if Iraq is a total disaster that is good news for its chief booster

Allen: if McCain dies this summer it could help him politically

Borger: McCain / Heston 2008!!!

Mathews: does age and size matter?

Kay: its does to insecure white men

Allen: i wouldn't know about that

Matthews: is he too old

Allen: no he's hilarious he's like your crazy great grandpa

Sully: bullshit he's just your crazy embittered veteran grandpa reliving an ancient war

Borger: young people want someone who knows American Idol doesn't refer to Ronald Reagan

Kay: greenies hate Obama cause he's into coal

Allen: the next 6 days in Iraq are crucial

Borger: all the superdelegates will tell other superdelegates to shit or get off the tv

Sully: John Yoo can't leave america or he will be indicted for war crimes

Mathews: geez you torture one guy and people never let you forget it

Mathews: will Hillary run again 2012?

Kay: right but she must destroy him now

Allen: hell if i know

Borger: you're all fuckers and i agree

Sully: i hate women

Matthews: hah!


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