Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Meet The Press – February 14, 2016

Donald Trump
Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX)
Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL)
Gov. Jon Kasich (R-OH)
Al Sharpton
Pete Williams
Gwen Ifill
Chris Cilizza
Kathleen Parker
Ron Fournier

Todd: OMG Scalia's death is sad 
but also exciting!

Rubio: Obama should not appoint 
anyone ever

Cruz: Obama is trying to ram a 
liberal down on on us

Trump: delay delay delay!

Sanders: we're supposed to
have nine justices you fools

Clinton: elections have consequences!

Todd: Pete you're Scotus whisperer

Williams: thanks

Todd: what happens now

Williams: if there's a tie the 
decision doesn't count

Todd: oh that's productive

Williams: so Obama would lose on abortion
and immigration but unions would win

Todd: so we could go through two
full terms of the court with 4-4 ties

Williams: or longer

Todd: do Scalia's votes count after death

Williams: no

Todd: who is Merrick Garland

Williams: he's respected but he's 
at age 29 he's too old

Todd: thanks pete

[ break ]

Todd: welcome Mr. Trump

Trump: hi Tad

Todd: do you have any litmus tests?

Trump: we need a conservative on the court!

Todd: I see

Trump: I would clone Scalia

Todd: how do you decide
who to nominate?

Trump: Ted Cruz pushed through
John Roberts and we got Obamacare

Todd: I see

Trump: it was shocking to for
Roberts to vote for Obamacare!

Todd: perhaps he was just
objectively applying the law

Trump: exactly – it's totally outrageous

Todd: I got it

Trump: we should just re-appoint Scalia again

Todd: you wanted to impeach 
George W. Bush

Todd: no I didn't but the war was a disaster

Todd: what about impeachment?

Trump: that war was a horrible mistake!

Todd: we all know that

Trump: we lost thousands of men 
and Iran took over Iraq

Todd: how do you know Bush lied?

Trump: they wanted to invade
and then looked for a reason

Todd: perhaps

Trump: I'm the only one who
said we shouldn't invade Iraq

Todd: a year after the war started

Trump: it took Jeb five days to
admit the war was mistake!

Todd: better late than never

Trump: in 2003 I said to my best friend 
we shouldn't invade Iraq

Todd: who is that

Trump: my mirror

Todd: there's no evidence you
opposed the war before it started

Trump: yes there is - I said it in 2004

Todd: but that's a year after the invasion

Trump: I am the most militaristic 
person in the world

Todd: I see

Trump: we de-stabilised the middle east

Todd: that sounds militaristic

Trump: militaristic means pro-military

Todd: no it doesn't

Trump: whatever Chet

Todd: did Bush keep America safe?

Trump: No!

Todd: he didn't?

Trump: of course not – he was 
President on 9/11 when the 
world trade center came down!

Todd: possibly

Trump: Jeb is an idiot! 
9/11 was worse than Pearl Harbor!

Todd: I grant you that movie was pretty bad

Todd: Bush could have prevented 9/11?

Trump: absolutely!

Todd: really?

Trump: I wrote about bin laden in 2000!
how come Bush didn't know?

Todd: George Bush is popular in 
South Carolina

Trump: good lord why?

Todd: he's very folksy

Trump: he invaded another 
country by mistake!

Todd: so you say

Trump: he told us there were WMD!
There weren't!

Todd: you're going to lose South Carolina
because of all your bashing of George Bush

Trump: the war in Iraq was a fucking disaster!

Todd: you think so

Trump: we got nothing! Iran gets everything!

Todd: thanks for coming

Trump: you too Chad

[ break ]

Todd: welcome Ted Cruz

Cruz: que pasa Carlo

Todd: would you have a litmus
test for the Supreme Court?

Cruz: liberals want to legislate 
from the bench!

Todd: I see

Cruz: also Roberts should have struck 
down Obamacare because it's bad

Todd: got it

Cruz: Scalia was a lion of the court!

Todd: did you make a mistake 
backing John Roberts?

Cruz: of course!

Todd: really?

Cruz: I would appoint someone 
really crazy believe me

Todd: I do believe you

Cruz: our fundamental rights to
control women and gay people
are in the balance!

Todd: wow

Cruz: our right to overturn
state gun laws are under threat!

Todd: is the Senate obliged to at
least consider an Obama nominee?

Cruz: not remotely

Todd: not at all?

Cruz: there is a long tradition
of ignoring the black President

Todd: I see

Cruz: Trump is like a louder Bernie Sanders

Todd: that's saying something

Cruz: if Hillary wins there election there
unlimited freedom of choice on demand

Todd: gosh

Cruz: we'll be overrun with
individual freedoms!

Todd: so you maintain the final year
of any Presidency doesn't count?

Cruz: no the whole final four years don't count

Todd: we'll end up with a bunch 4-4 ties

Cruz: better than than a liberal
dictatorship of freedoms

Todd: perhaps

Cruz: lame duck Presidents don't 
have the right to jam appointments 
down our throats

Todd: so you're saying now you're 
not even going to have a vote

Cruz: that's right

Todd: under the Constitution Presidents
appoint and the Senate advises and consents
but that doesn't apply anymore?

Cruz: the Senate is advising that the last
four years of a two-term President aren't
real and don't count

Todd: I didn't know that

Cruz: the Supreme Court will
tear down war memorials and 
sandlbast christian crosses and 
the star of david off tombstones!

Todd: truly you have a dizzying intellect

Cruz: wait till I get going

Todd: please proceed

Cruz: Donald Trump loves Jews!

Todd: unfortunately we're out time

Cruz: thanks Todd

[ break ]

Todd: welcome Senator Rubio

Rubio: what's up chuck

Todd: doesn't the Senate have
an obligation to vote for a nominee?

Rubio: no because the court 
doesn't need nine justices

Todd: it doesn't?

Rubio: we'll have an election
in a year so what's the rush

Todd: we know you will reject
anyone Obama chooses but why
not go through the motions

Rubio: we will go through the motions
but not while Obama is in the White House

Todd: so this has nothing to do
with precedent or tradition –
it's just about opposing Obama

Rubio: everyone knows that in the
President's second term Congress
stops working with the President

Todd: I didn't

Rubio: here's the bottom line
I don't trust Barack Obama

Todd: Donald Trump claims Jeb's
brother was President on during 
a big terror attack

Rubio: Bill Clinton caused 9/11

Todd: he did?

Rubio: exactly for some reason
people keep blaming 9/11 on Bush

Todd: it's a mystery

Rubio: Clinton should have taken
out bin Laden therefore it's all his fault

Todd: so if Clinton had bombed
bin Laden 9/11 wouldn't have occurred?

Rubio: it's doubtful

Todd: people call you a robot 
but you're more like a magic 8 ball

Rubio: try again

Todd: so the last year of a President's
term doesn't count but Bill Clinton 
is to blame for September 11

Rubio: yes Clinton made a decision
not to take out bin Laden

Todd: I see

Rubio: if you're going to blame
anyone for 9/11 blame Bill Clinton

Todd: so you blame Bill Clinton for 9/11

Rubio: absolutely

Todd: by that logic couldn't George 
W. Bush have taken out bin Laden?

Rubio: let's talk about something else

Todd: the Pope says America 
should welcome immigrants

Rubio: we love immigrants!

Todd: we do?

Rubio: yes but we should 
build a wall to keep them out

Todd: okay

Rubio: you can't just live in the Vatican!

Todd: that's a shame

Rubio: it really is

Todd: thanks for coming

Rubio: you too Chuck

[ break ]

Todd: welcome Governor Kasich

Kasich: if it's Sunday it's Meet the Press!

Todd: that's a knee slapper

Kasich: hey yo!

Todd: if you were a Senator would
at least consider Obama's nominee?

Kasich: no I wouldn't because it
would just be great if Obama
stopped being President for a while

Todd: you want him to give up and go away?

Kasich: yeah golly that would 
so neat and swell

Todd: if you all pledge to support
the democrat's choice you might
end up with someone more liberal

Kasich: we should let the people
choose the next justice – 
wouldn't that be fun?

Todd: I suppose

Kasich: it would be kind of cool if
Barack Obama just went away for 
a while and an old white guy like 
Joe Biden run things

Todd: do you know how that sounds

Kasich: I went to a barbecue and people
grabbed me saying excuse me waiter 
I need a fork

Todd: interesting

Kasich: I am not 'against things' - 
I'm 'for things'

Todd: like you're 'for' Obama not
being President anymore

Kasich: exactly

Todd: What about Syria

Kasich: we should not get in 
civil wars over seas

Todd: right

Kasich: getting involved in Libya
was a huge mistake

Todd: okay

Kasich: we should never have
deposed the killer of Pan Am 103

Todd: all right

Kasich: I opposed Reagan getting in Lebanon

Todd: good call old person

Kasich: Assad is a bad guy but not that bad

Todd: got it

Kasich: I would never get involved
in the Syrian civil war

Todd: oaky

Kasich: but I would support the rebels there

Todd: isn't that getting involved?

Kasich: only a little

Todd: Bush blew Clinton's surplus

Kasich: we must stand in the 
breach of spending!

Todd: thanks for coming Governor

Kasich: thanks for having Teddy

[ break ]

Todd: welcome panel

Todd: does the Senate function at all?

Cillizza: I am really cynical but
even I was shocked at McConnell's
open obstructionism

Todd: the base loved Scalia

Ifill: I wasn't surprised –
the Republican base hates Obama

Todd: what about GOP senators 
from blue states?

Fournier: a good man died and 10 
minutes later the GOP is pledging to 
leave the Court tied for a year and a half

Todd: that was pretty fast

Fournier: it's totally irresponsible

Parker: this is a very sad day

Parker: it was very jarring to see
it politicized so quickly

Todd: within hours

Fournier: within minutes!

Parker: Republicans think Obama doesn't
respect the Constitution

Fournier: so to show how wrong he
is they decided to invent a fake
precedent that is not in the Constitution

Todd: so smart

Parker: fair point Ron but in their 
defense Scalia broke precedent by
dying in February of an election year

Todd: should Obama compromise
and nominate an elderly centrist?

Ifill: Obama has the right to 
nominate who he wants

Fournier: Obama took the high road last night

Ifill: yes he did

Four: Obama should call their bluff and
show the whole world Republicans are
unwilling to work with him

Ifill: the next President may be Democrat
and they will have carte blanche to
nominate a big liberal

Cillizza: but Presidents can only 
do one big thing!

Todd: so why waste political capital
on a Supreme Court pick?

Parker: because they have to

[ break ]

Todd: it's primary season! I love it!

Todd: welcome Reverend Sharpton

Sharpton: nice to be here Charles

Todd: what should I call you?

Sharpton: you can call me Al

Todd: the crowd wants Sanders to say “black”

Sharpton: people feel marginalized

Todd: I see

Sharpton: it's about more than 
economic inequality

Cilizza: Bernie Sanders believes the
fundamental problem with race is economic

Ifill: Sanders had an ad with only
white people and then put out
one with only black people

Sharpton: there are racists in the North too!

Fournier: what if Bernie Sanders
just blamed the Clintons for racism?

Sharpton: Sanders voted for the Crime Bill

Todd: I see

Sharpton: put mass incarceration
and police reform are big issues!

Todd: will you endorse anyone?

Sharpton: the right question is
who will endorse us?

Todd: good line

Sharpton: who's on our side?

[ break ]

Jeb: my brother kept us safe!
Trump went after my mother!

Parker: that was a good line

Parker: I keep thinking Trump
is trying to lose the election

Parker: of course the Iraq war
was a mistake but come on

Cillizza: Trump went off the
rails – but he keeps winning

Fournier: people are mad at the establishment

Ifill: in the debate Rubio came out 
on top by not being a lunatic and 
not speaking like android

Parker: Kasich acted like a human

Cillizza: Rubio did better defending
the Bush family than Jeb Bush did

Todd: well the Bush family hasn't spent
20 years mocking Marco as 
'that loser from Florida'

Parker: don't you want them to 
just stop fighting

Todd: and that's another
episode of Meet The Press

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