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This Week with George Stephanopoulos – November 1 , 2015

Host: Martha Raddatz
Alex Marquadt
Tom Llamas
Col. Steve Ganyard
Gen. Carter Ham (Ret.)
Dr. Ben Carson
Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI)
Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-MN)
Carly Fiorina
Stan Greenberg
Kristen Soltis-Anderson
Joe Klein
Van Jones
Hugh Hewitt
Sara Fagen

Raddatz: omg a Russia jet broke into 
pieces and it just happened to be over 
the middle east

Raddatz: then ISIS took credit but 
you can't trust them

Marquardt: no one knows what happened

Marquardt: the pilot's ex-wife says he 
complained the plane was a flying death trap

Marquardt: ISIS can't shoot down a
plane 30,000 feet but you never know

Raddatz: what happened?

Ganyard: a good plane should
not fall out of the sky

Raddatz: no kidding

Ganyard: well it's true

Raddatz: it just fell down?

Ganyard: plane went boom

Raddatz: could ISIS have crashed this plane?

Ham: probbaly not – but it's still scary 

Raddatz: how about a bomb

Ham: no doubt that's a real possibility

Raddatz: what good are only
50 ground troops in Syria

Ham: they can help deliver guns and
bullets and tell the rebels where ISIS is hiding

Raddatz: is this another Vietnam or Iraq?

Ham: well it's only 50 people

Raddatz: well when should I panic?

Ham: at least 50 more troops from now

Raddatz: there's more than 50 airplanes!

Ganyard: they will find the
good guys and bad guys

Raddatz: whoa enough with the military jargon

Raddatz: Republicans are angry
aboutthe questions at the last debate

Llamas: the GOP candidates are sooo
mad about all the mean questions

Llamas: they want opening statements
and conservative questioners

Llamas: Fox is hosting the next
debate so that should be better

Raddatz: oh good

[ break ]

Raddatz: welcome doctor Carson

Carson: nice to see you again

Raddatz: what do you want in a debate?

Carson: we want nice questions

Raddatz: what specifically?

Carson: a long opening and closing statement

Raddatz: so free ad time

Carson: and we want the rules enforced –
that mister christie is not very polite
if I do say so

Raddatz: I've heard that

Carson: we should have moderators
who don't challenge candidates and
ask them to defend themselves

Raddatz: got it

Carson: we don't have time for all
these gotch questions with Obama
ruining America

Raddatz: of course

Carson: this is not a partisan issue
Obama is horrible!

Raddatz: what about answering
some challenging questions?

Carson: we don't need those because 
we have so many candidates

Raddatz: of course

Carson: we need to be mature and
not challenge candidates about what
they did in 1942 or asking who pushed
fake medical treatments in 2014

Raddatz: what about more troops in Syria?

Carson: I absolutely agree with Obama
but we need to have a much bigger plan
to combat jihadists

Raddatz: what would you do in Syria?

Carson: I would fight war with Russia and Iran

Raddatz: I see

Carson: and enforce a no-fly zone in Syria

Raddatz: sounds good

Carson: we need put armored
brigades in the Baltic states and Ukraine

Raddatz: okay

Carson: we should arm Ukraine and put
a missile defense system in the Eastern bloc

Raddatz: what else?

Carson: we put should Putin in his
little box by lowering the price of oil

Raddatz: how about China?

Carson: Obama is doing the 
right thing there too

Raddatz: is it enough?

Carson: it's a good start

Raddatz: you've compared American to 
the collapse of the Roman Empire

Carson: we have incredible fiscal irresponsibility and allow 
people to dislike each other

Raddatz: I see

Carson: also we should have educated people

Raddatz: good plan

Carson: we should think in a group sense

Raddatz: thanks for coming

Carson: thank you

[ break ]

Raddatz: boy the candidates are hopping mad

Hewitt: obviously the debate I moderated
was great and CNBC's was bad

Raddatz: of course

Hewitt: and clearly the media is
very biased against conservatives

Van Jones: Anderson Cooper went
right after Hillary Clinton and Bernie

Raddatz: but the media says CNBC
was bad therefore it was

Fagen: they got very substantive
tough questions

Klein: the moderators didn't have
the facts to back up their statements

Raddatz: Marco Rubio nailed
Jeb Bush – can he recover?

Hewitt: yes he will win by Super Tuesday

Jones: you never know

Fagen: he's been through the fire

Raddatz: Ted Cruz had a good night!

Klein: Ben Carson's interview
with you went pretty well actually

Hewitt: I agree with that

Van Jones: he was great!

Hewitt: they should want these
debates to be televised

Fagen: Ted Cruz is a true intellectual
but he needs to be more optimistic
if he's going to win

Raddatz: omg Paul Ryan is the
youngest Speaker in 150 years

[ break ]

Raddatz: who broke Congress?

Ryan: we all did

Raddatz: are you a dictator a mafioso 
and a RINO?

Ryan: oh that's just typical
right-wing nuts – you learn to tune it out

Raddatz: right

Ryan: we've been timid!

Raddatz: you have?

Ryan: we've been afraid to show 
our real ideas

Raddatz: Boehner didn't do that?

Ryan: Republicans haven't done that!

Raddatz: you promised not to
bring immigration reform to a vote

Ryan: yes because I do not like the President

Raddatz: so it would pass and
would be good for America but
you still won't allow a vote

Ryan: that's right

Raddatz: please bash CNBC for me

Ryan: I didn't watch the debate

Raddatz: oh come on

Ryan: no I'm too busy
blocking the President

Raddatz: would you endorse Donald Trump?

Ryan: yes and Trump and Carson
and Mike Huckabee would all make
a better President than Hillary Clinton

Raddatz: surely you can't be serious

Ryan: don't call me shirley

Raddatz: you want to be spend
more time with your family

Ryan: I hate Washington DC – 
I'm a Wisconsin man

Raddatz: so you want to spend
more time with cheese brats and
the Green Bay Packers?

Ryan: that's right

Raddatz: you never wanted this job

Ryan: I'm a policy guy – not a leader

Raddatz: I see

Ryan: it's a new day with a clean slate!

Raddatz: thanks for coming Paul

[ break ]

Raddatz: welcome Carly Fiorina

Fiorina: thanks for having me Martha

Raddatz: is Paul Ryan too much of an insider?

Fiorina: people want solutions and results

Raddatz: well he's blocking
immigration reform

Fiorina: Congress should pass
a bill to enforce the border!

Raddatz: what about the debates?

Fiorina: I'm concentrating on winning Iowa

Raddatz: good luck with that

Fiorina: CNBC abused the
Republicans and that's wrong

Raddatz: right

Fiorina: there were no conservative
moderators and people booed which
has never happened before

Raddatz: did you accomplish what 
you wanted to?

Fiorina: I win and I keep on winning

Raddatz: what specifically?

Fiorina: my goal is to lie to keep on lying

Raddatz: speaking of lying you
said 92% of jobs lost in Obama's
first term belonged to women which
is literally demonstrably false

Fiorina: in that particular case
the fact checkers are correct

Raddatz: so you lied

Fiorina : this is what the liberal 
media always does

Raddatz: tell the truth?

Fiorina: I admit it – I misspoke

Raddatz: well good

Fiorina: things got better for 
women under Obama okay!

Raddatz: all right then

Fiorina: but women are mired
in poverty under Obama

Raddatz: we don't have time 
for more lies Carly

Fiorina: oh well never mind then

Raddatz: would you send troops to Syria?

Fiorina: yes but its too little too late

Raddatz: perhaps

Fiorina: Obama has no strategy to defeat ISIS!

Raddatz: thanks for coming

[ break ]

Stephanopoulos: you say America
is actually great

Greenberg: it is actually despite
what you may have heard

Anderson: America's best days are ahead!

Stephanopoulos: you both also agree
America's ongoing greatness is a
challenge to Republicans

Anderson: young people are
exited about less government

Stephanopoulos: who wouldn't be?

Anderson: but now it's time to turn the page

Greenberg: this election will probably
shatter the Republican party

Stephanopoulos: Marco Rubio
and Ted Cruz are on fire!

Anderson: you also need a message

Stephanopoulos: does Rubio 
scare Democrats?

Greenberg: maybe but the GOP
is still retrograde

Stephanopoulos: maybe both parties suck

Greenberg: you may be right

Anderson: we need to hand the
torch off to the Selfie generation

Stephanopoulos: thanks for coming you two

[ break ]

Raddatz: what is the future of politics?

Hewitt: twitter

Raddatz: heh

Hewitt: Tom Cotton will lead the GOP!

Fagen: Paul Ryan is a visionary young leader!

Klein: Democrats are trapped with old
stupid ideas like having a Veterans'
Administration and supporting teachers

Jones: the Democrats are
in terrible trouble!

Hewitt: yes!

Fagen: liberals suck!

Klein: the Democrats are awful
and Marco Rubio is wonderful!

Raddatz: and that's it for the liberal 
media this week

Raddatz: Amy Klobuchar got into
politics because her she was banned
from the hospital when her baby was sick

Raddatz: now she's in the U.S. Senate

Raddatz: she's the first female
Senator from Minnesota

Klobuchar: we need more women accomplishing things

Raddatz: would you run for President?

Klobuchar: I'm just trying to be 
a good Senator

Raddatz: you're so coy

Klobuchar: heh

Raddatz: and that's the show

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