Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Most Ridiculous Moment – November 8, 2015


It was a very exciting day on the Sunday Talk Shows, with appearances by Donald Trump and Ben Carson, new terror threats, and the election exactly on year away.

With a Russian plane possibly brought down by a bomb, Rep. Peter King called for more U.S. forces on the ground, while Diane Feinstein called the possible bombing a “wake up call” for the United States, saying “we will fight them now or we will fight them later,” said fifty special forces are not enough, 
and “bombing alone isn't going to do it.”

Chuck Todd excitedly announced “countdown to election day. It is exactly one year away from today!” On ABC, Alex Castellanos said the most likely scenario is that the Republican nominee will be Donald Trump.

No one is predicting Jeb Bush will be the nominee, but Hugh Hewitt said “The best moment that Jeb has had in the debates this far, and it was in response to a question I posed to him, he said, 'My brother kept us safe'. And that is the best part of the Bush legacy, is that after 9/11, he did the 'middle hour of our grief' speech at the National Cathedral, he gave a State of the 
Union on the axis of evil.”

Carly Fiorina said she doesn't need to put 
out any policy plans because they are 
just "words on a piece of paper."

Hugh Hewitt insisted that Ben Carson was in fact offered, and turned down, a full scholarship to West Point, while Rich Lowry said Carson's exaggeration of life story are okay because they are “about glorifying God and telling a story about how God transformed his life.”

Carson himself said he is getting unprecedented scrutiny because he is 
a very big threat to the secular 
progressive movement in America.

He also pointed out, “how could I have applied West Point if I only applied to Yale? That doesn't make any sense. It seems to me like some of the people who do these investigations are not very good investigators,” and defended himself by “saying show me somebody, even from your business, the media, who is 100 percent accurate in everything that they say that happened 40 or 50 years ago.”

On drug abuse, he said “why are we in the process of throwing away all of our values and principles for the sake of political correctness?” He said he had learned from police that one can purchase drugs easily, and argued “We need to not give up on this war on drugs,” but “we have to have the national will to do it,” which the nation has apparently been lacking for decades.

Like Jeb, Carson doesn't want to be your President, saying, “Would I have preferred to be doing something else? Certainly.”

But it was the interviews with Donald 
Trump that produced the weekend's 
most absurd moments.

He repeatedly accused Ben Carson of suffering from a “pathological disease,” argued “a belt buckle is not going to stop a knife,” pointed out the pyramids are “solid structures” and pointed out the Egyptians “didn't have steel, where they would span 
it and they would create a big vacuum underneath.”

On his own exaggerations, he said “I built an amazing company with a tremendous net worth. And whether it’s $5 billion or 
$12 billion or $10 billion, everybody 
agrees it’s magnificent.”

On his economic plan, he said “you have a lot of math, but when we start making our country strong, the numbers become incredible, what happens,” and “when the country starts kicking in, when we have a dynamic economy again, the numbers are unbelievable, what happens.”

Discussing heroin in New Hampshire, he said “I’m putting up a wall. Mexico is going to pay for the wall. It will be built.”

He said when he was a young man Lee Atwater said to him "You know, you'd be a great Vice President,” and he said, 
"Really? Tell me about it."

On ISIS, he said “They have better access 
to Internet than we do,” and “we have to 
stop the source of money. And the source 
of money is oil. And we have to knock the 
hell out of the oil.”

When George Stephanopoulos pointed out he wants to put troops back in Iraq but at the same time, warned Russia was getting into a quagmire in Syria, he agreed, saying “The Middle East is one big, fat quagmire,” and pointed out the USSR went went “bust” because of their invasion of Afghanistan, “They spent all their money. Now they’re going into Syria,” but also said, “I’m not looking to quagmire, I’m looking to take the oil. I want to take the oil. I want the oil.”

So, Ben Carson is doing us all a big favor by running for President, and has tapped his medical expertise to suggest the U.S. finally get tough on drug use and possession; because of the possibility a baggage handler put bomb on a Russian plane in Egypt, the US should put large numbers of troops Syria; and even though the middle east is a quagmire, the United States should re-invade and re-occupy Iraq, to take the oil.”

And that's the most ridiculous thing that happened this Sunday.

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