Sunday, July 26, 2015

This Week with George Stephanopoulos – July 26, 2015

Alex Marquardt
Pierre Thomas
David Wright
Jon Karl
Admiral James Stavridis (Ret.)
Loretta Lynch – U.S. Attorney General
Cecile Richards – President of 
Planned Parenthood
Rep. Keith Ellison (D-MN)
Matthew Dowd
Maggie Haberman
Ana Navarro

Stephanopoulos: omg Turkey 
is finally fighting ISIS!

Marquardt: Turkey is bombing ISIS!

Marquardt: they're even letting
the U.S. to fly out of Turkey!

Marquardt: this was only
after ISIS attacked Turkey

Marquardt: but ISIS is also bombing
the Kurds who are also fighting ISIS

Marquardt: is this a game changer?

Stephanopoulos: I don't know Alex – is it?

Marquardt: I thought you would know

Stephanopoulos: welcome Admiral

Stavridis: nice to be here George

Stephanopoulos: is Turkey
bombing ISIS a game changer?

Stavridis: we'll know in a year

Stephanopoulos: I want to
know right now

Stavridis: the real game changer
would be if Turkey invades Syria

Stephanopoulos: what about the Kurds?

Stavridis: we can't have
a two-front war George

Stephanopoulos: what should the US do now?

Stavridis: we should send 10,000
U.S. troops to fuck up ISIS's shit

Stephanopoulos: nice

[ break ]

Thomas: OMG ISIS is a clear
and present danger!!

Thomas: is this the most dangerous
threat since 9/11?!?

Lynch: they're very dangerous

Thomas: holy shit they're on 
social media promoting killing

Lynch: they're on the twitter!

Thomas: they say just do it!

Thomas: Americans have been
caught with pressure cookers!

Lynch: it's unpredictable!

Thomas: they're fucking invisible!
It's like a superpower!

Lynch: it's a problem

Thomas: ISIS might develop
the bility to do a cyber attack!

Lynch: maybe

Thomas: and you even
admit the FBI can't predict
everything all the time

Lynch: well sure

Thomas: lives are literally
hanging in the balance!

Stephanopoulos: eek

Thomas: ISIS is reaching
angry unstable millenials!

[ break ]

Wright: omg look at this video that
may or may not make 
Planned Parenthood look bad

Wright: this anti-choice activist
says inflammatory things which
we will now repeat

Wright: Planned Parenthood
says the videos are selectively
edited but who knows

Boehner: it made me vomit 
or that may have been the scotch

Wright: these activists may have
more hoaxed videos which we
will also show

Stephanopoulos: more fake
videos will come out!

Richards: these are highly edited videos
by murderous anti-choice activists

Stephanopoulos: but you did
apologize for your tone so you
must be guilty of something

Richards: yes but we're a huge
non-profit health care provider

Stephanopoulos: do you ever harvest tissue?

Richards: yes but in less than five places

Stephanopoulos: okay

Richards: they spent three
years trying to entrap doctors
and all they got was this deceptive video

Stephanopoulos:well it's working

Richards: they had fake IDs
and fake tax documents

Stephanopoulos: okay but
the full videos are out now

Richards: and the full videos
show we did nothing wrong

Stephanopoulos: why do you haggle?

Richards: the only ones are
haggling are the lying hoaxers

Stephanopoulos: maybe

Richards: one in five women
in America use our health care services

Stephanopoulos: one in four 
Americans eat at McDonald's

Richards: this is a smear campaign
to destroy Planned Parenthood

Stephanopoulos: even so

Richards: no one does more
than us to prevent unwanted pregnancies

Stephanopoulos: a conservative
writer says if you did bad things
that would be bad

Richards: who cares?

Stephanopoulos: aren't you making money

Richards: no

Stephanopoulos: no?

Richards: no we're not

Stephanopoulos: really?

Richards: you've fallen for a hoax George

Stephanopoulos: but one of the
videos says you harvest organs

Richards: it's a fake George

Stephanopoulos: one of the doctors
talks about preserving organs

Richards: donating fetal tissue
can cure ebola!

Stephanopoulos: maybe

Richards: it's laudable

Stephanopoulos: I see

Richards: the disgusting acts come from 
these liars and they don't care about 
women getting breast cancer screenings

Stephanopoulos: thanks for coming

[ break ]

Karl: the GOP has 99 problems
and Donald Trump is all of them

Karl: incredibly he is the
leading the entire GOP field

Karl: remember this man
is a game show host

Karl: he called Lindsey
Graham an idiot – and that was
the nicest thing he said all week

Karl: but more than half
of Republicans don't like him

Karl: if he ran as a third party
candidate he could wreck the
Republican party

[ break ]

Stephanopoulos: Matthew Dowd
what the fuck is going on?

Dowd: Republicans are very angry

Stephanopoulos: true

Dowd: anger can be a good thing

Stephanopoulos: true but not in this case

Dowd: this the bad kind of anger

Dowd: one quarter of GOP
voters love this guy

Haberman: they knew this was coming 
– candidates kissed his ring for two years 
and now he's turned on them

Navarro: some candidates are in
hiding and others are taking him on

Stephanopoulos: Keith admit it –
you love this!

Ellison: look this lunatic could be
elected if we don't get out and vote Democratic

Stephanopoulos: he's going to
dominate the debates isn't he?

Dowd: you've got to get into
the debates which means being 
outrageous to get attention

Stephanopoulos: yeah it's weird

Dowd: why not get free publicity and
do the right thing by taking on Donald Trump

Stephanopoulos: will Jeb Bush do that?

Navarro: you can't get just get up
on stage and say 'I'm rich and people
love me now vote for me''

Stephanopoulos: I don't know Ana
it seem to be working just fine

Navarro: oh god

Dowd: this is not happening