Sunday, July 05, 2015

Meet The Press - July 5, 2015

Chuck Todd
Kristen Welker
Richard Engel
Andrea Mitchell
Rep. Tom Cole (R-OK)
Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX)
Ta-Nehisi Coates
Carolyn Ryan
Chris Cillizza
Kathleen Parker
Michael Steele

Todd: OMG this weekend there
were terror threats all across America!

Todd: A lone wolf attack
could happen here!

Todd: Kristen how terrified
are people in Washington?

Welker: amazingly people aren't that scared

Todd: they should be

Welker: message to terrorists
don't even try it!

Welker: but ISIS continues
to call for attacks!

Todd: I'm scared!

Welker: the threats will
continue throughout Ramadan

Todd: I love their noodles

Welker: Congress is considering a
bill requiring twitter to report terror tweets

Todd: we're all relieved we
weren't murdered yesterday

Welker: there's always today Chuck!

[ break ]

Todd: ISIS has killed
dozens on three continents!

Todd: there has been 80%
increase in terror fighters!

Todd: there are 22,000 foreign fighters!

Engel: ISIS killed 38 people in Tunisia!

Engel: then they killed troops in Egypt!

Engel: ISIS is not on the ropes!

Engel: but they really want
to kill people in America!

Expert: Iraq and Syria are
being overrun with terrorists!

Engel: thousands of foreign
fighters are flooding into Syria!

Engel: ISIS is seizing territory
and even laying down landmines

Engel: Turkey isn't eager to
defeat ISIS because they
hate the Kurds more

Kurd: how can they do this?
They're helping ISIS!

Engel: the Turks and Kurds
hate each other so much
they've let ISIS take over

Engel: these ancient regional
hatreds allow ISIS to thrive

Todd: so Turkey would rather let
these beheading motherfuckers
take over than let the Kurds
gain an inch of land

Engel: that's right Chuck

Todd: that's insane

Engel: It's pretty fucked Todd

Todd: I can't fucking believe it

Engel: the U.S. is helping the
Kurds which makes Turkey so mad

Todd: that's some real
bullshit right there Richard

Engel: I know!

Todd: Andrea is there any good
news with the talks with Iran?

Mitchell: the U.S. and Iran are
still negotiating in Vienna

Todd: any news to report?

Mitchell: Iran is trolling the U.S.
with YouTube video calling the
U.S. too chicken to make a deal

Todd: that's pretty ballsy

Mitchell: the sticking points
include the extent of inspections
and what to do if Iran cheats

Todd: oh is that all

Mitchell: also how much nuclear
research Iran will be allowed to do

Todd: it's not just the U.S.
it's also our friends Russia
and China isn't it?

Mitchell: and France and Germany

Todd: our traditional enemies

Mitchell: everyone thinks
Putin and Russia hate America
but Russia has been very helpful
because they want to do business with Iran

Todd: that makes sense

Mitchell: even China has
also been helpful too

Todd: remarkable

Mitchell: but of course our best friend
Israel says this is the worst deal ever

[ break ]

Todd: panel the Republicans
are going to freak out over
an Iran deal right?

Ryan: yes but Obama still
has Democrats behind him

Todd: Jim Webb says he doesn't
think Iran should get nuclear weapons

Todd: and Hillary says Iran is bad

Cillizza: sure but skepticism
is always the default position

Todd: that's true

Cillizza: but ultimately
Democrats will back Obama

Parker: even Republicans are
hedging on opposing the Iran deal

Todd: this is all about Israel isn't it?

Steele: Israel is going to push
hard against this deal in Washington

Todd: but only behind the scenes

Steele: what about inspections?

Ryan: 60% of the American people
don't think this deal with prevent
Iran from building a nuclear bomb

Todd: 80% of Americans know
more about the Kardashians than Iran

Ryan: what if they got a nuke?

Steele: god help us all

[ break ]

Todd: there are two brackets –
the Moderate New Hampshire Bracket

Todd: and the Radical Iowa bracket

Todd: then there's Loser Bracket of
Republican candidates like Marco
Rubio who can't win anywhere

[ break ]

Ted Cruz has $50 million!

Todd: welcome Senator Cruz

Cruz: rock on Chuck

Todd: you have some strong
opinions about the Supreme Court

Cruz: the Supreme Court
sadly respected the legislature
and refused to overturn
Obamacare which is tyranny

Todd: that makes sense

Cruz: they are just a bunch of
unelected lawyers oppressing us
all by refusing to strike down a federal law

Todd: got it

Cruz: then they oppressed us even
more by letting gay people have
nearly equal rights as us normals

Todd: but aren't equal rights
part of the Constitution?

Cruz: no because taking legal
rights away from certain groups
is for the states to decide

Todd: I see

Cruz: it is profoundly troubling
when the Court overrules the legislature!

Todd: very very troubling

Cruz: except for overturning Obamacare

Todd: oh okay so one exception

Cruz: and striking down the Voting Rights Act

Todd: so also that one

Cruz: oh and Citizens United

Todd: If I didn't know better
I'd say you're an unprincipled hypocrite

Cruz: that wounds me Todd

Todd: you want Supreme Court
justices to run for office

Cruz: exactly – it's just
common sense to put
minority rights to a popular vote

Todd: they would spend their
time raising money and making
campaign promises

Cruz: more money is always good

Todd: you would completely
politicize the court

Cruz: the Justices became political
when they refused to use their power
to overturn a federal law

Todd: I think I follow you

Cruz: our interpreters of the
Constitution should be accountable 
to the people!

Todd: are Mexican immigrants rapists?

Cruz: I love immigrants – 
 they make us American!

Todd: Donald Trump says they're rapists

Cruz: I love Donald Trump
he's bold and brash

Todd: so about the raping

Cruz: I salute Donald Trump
for hating immigrants

Todd: you want to stick with that story?

Cruz: the Washington Cartel
supports illegals

Todd: you're really gonna
defend Donald Trump?

Cruz: I ain't gonna attack another Republican!

Todd: not even a game show host
featuring washed never-were celebrities?

Cruz: ain't gonna do it Chuckles

Todd: what would you do about
the 11 million undocumented
immigrants currently in the country?

Cruz: that's a Washington Cartel question

Todd: so answer it

Cruz: I don't accept the premise

Todd: the premise is you're a
bold truth-teller too afraid to
answer a basic question

Cruz: we should seal the border

Todd: gee I've never heard
that one before

Cruz: Obama doesn't want
to solve this problem!

Todd: are you going to answer my question?

Cruz: secure the border!

Todd: what about the 11 million?

Cruz: secure the border

Cruz: the Washington Cartel
loves amnesty Todd!

Todd: what about the 11 million?

Cruz: Secure. The. Border.

Todd: would you forcibly
deport all 11 million people?

Cruz: Secure... The... Border

Todd: you're famously an
asshole and no one likes you

Cruz: that is true

Todd: it is?

Cruz: even the Bush team
thought I was too arrogant

Todd: that's kind of amazing

Cruz: but it's good because if
I had gotten a job in the Bush
White House it would have
ruined my reputation

Todd: probably

Cruz: my grassroots campaign was
supported by young Hispanic women

Todd: good lord why

Cruz: I thought I was smarter
and more pure than anyone else
that really turns people off

Todd: really?

Cruz: I was humbled – I needed
to get my teeth kicked in

Todd: I'm beginning to see that

Cruz: see you're getting to know me

Todd: name something
about President Obama you admire

Cruz: he is a true believer
and fights for his principles

Todd: wow

Cruz: and he's very successful

Todd: lately he has been

Cruz: I also think he's a dangerous
leftist who caused the Depression in 2007

Todd: thanks for coming Ted

[ break ]

Todd: Jim Webb and Lincoln Chafee
and Bernie Sanders are running for the
Democratic nomination but have all
registered with another political party

Todd: the only one who has
always been a Democrat is Martin O'Malley

Todd: even Hillary was once a Goldwater Girl!

Todd: OMG there are 14 candidates
running for the GOP nomination

Todd: all anyone can talk about 
is Donald Trump

Todd: he said Mexican immigrants are rapists

Trump: who's doing the raping?!?

Todd: NBC and Serta and NASCAR 
and Macy's all dropped him

Todd: at first Republicans didn't say anything

Todd: then they criticized him

Todd: and guys like Ted Cruz saluted him

Todd: Reince Priebus compared 
him to his wife

Todd: was Reince wise to
compare his wife to Donald Trump?

Steele: heh no that was dumb

Ryan: they're alienating Hispanics

Todd: right

Steele: they were much too slow
to disagree with Mexicans as rapists

Jeb Bush: he's saying these
things to inflame and incite!

Trump: Jeb Bush is a moron
who supports criminals

Todd: is this good for Jeb?

Cillizza: he's a human car accident

Todd: lol

Cillizza: you can't be terrified
of the crazies in the party

Todd: true

Cillizza: you're not gonna
win everyone – take a stand!

Todd: has he hurt the GOP?

Parker: everybody thinks the
GOP is full of racists and bigots
and this doesn't help

Todd: Ted Cruz applauds Trump!

Ryan: if they lose Hispanics
the GOP is doomed

Todd: Hispanic television is
covering the hell out of this story

Parker: we're screwed

[ break ]

Todd: welcome Ta-Nehisi Coates

Coates: thanks for having Chuck

Todd: what about the Confederate flag
were you surprised how quickly everyone
was all like 'oh right that's racist and
treasonous and mean'?

Coates: yeah I was shocked
Todd: right

Coates: I think this is a huge deal 
– symbols matter

Todd: good point

Coates: that flag was a symbol
of an empire of slavery

Todd: will it change how we
teach the civil war?

Coates: teachers have been
fighting this battle for 50 years

Todd: true

Coates: it may take another 50 years

Todd: yikes

Coates: you never know

Todd: you write body cameras
for police are not enough

Coates: right – it's not even
about police – its about policy

Todd: interesting point

Coates: the police don't exist
in a vacuum – American citizens
need to look at government and
policies that police serve

Todd: please say something
nice about Republicans

Coates: Rand Paul didn't say we
should get rid of the Confederate
flag to make make black people
feel better but because it's racist

Todd: you were skeptical of
Rand Paul before though

Coates: right it's not enough to
listen politely but talk honestly
but yes I am now more impressed

Todd: Obama is talking more openly
about racism now – he's really changed

Coates: not that much

Todd: oh no?

Coates: he still believes in
unity and personal responsibility

Todd: okay

Coates: he's thinks of himself
as President of all the people
not just black people

Todd: true

Coates: but he's also President
of a nation with a very racist history

Todd: also true

Coates: we have to deal with it

Todd: thanks for coming

[ break ]

Todd: omg there's a growing
number of voters who are independents!

Todd: 45% are independents!

Todd: unaffiliated voters
are the largest political party!

Todd: but there are no
Independent candidates – why not?

Todd: everyone hate
the political parties

Cillizza: dissing both parties
allows you to be pure and
not associated with dirty politics

Todd: but that's my favorite part

Cillizza: also that poll is bullshit

Todd: I am stunned that there
aren't more independents
running for office!

Parker: because there's no
such thing independents or
an independent party Todd

Todd: what's the deal
with Bernie Sanders?

Ryan: he's authentically really liberal

Todd: will a prolonged
fight weaken Hillary?

Steele: she's maintaining
her cool – it's smart

Parker: Trump and Sanders
are mirror images of each other!

Todd: oh noes tonight is the
final concert for the Grateful Dead
what will the hippies do now?

Todd: they're more popular
among Republicans!

Parker: because they're really
old – like people in nursing homes
or Fox News viewers

Cillizza: who doesn't know
who they are? Am I old??

Todd: Chris you born old

Cillizza: ha ha how sad
Parker: my grandpa loves the Dead

Todd: go U.S. Women's Soccer team!

Parker: yay

Todd: and that's another
episode of Meet The Press