Sunday, July 26, 2015

Most Ridiculous Moment - July 26, 2015


It was an exciting day on the Sunday
talk shows.

America is still about to be attacked and Donald Trump is still leading in the polls.

Pierre Thomas' weekly segment on “Scary Things in the News” was about ISIS, as he announced gravely, “the threat from ISIS 
is now a clear and present danger.”

He asked Attorney General Loretta Lynch
if “this is the most dangerous, high-tempo threat environment since 9/11,” and if
ISIS might develop the capacity to do
a cyber-attack.”

He warned America is dealing with something new, a "terrorist organization effectively
using Western tactics to reach angry,
unstable Millennials.”

He noted that ISIS is on social media “urging young followers worldwide and here at home to kill,” asked her “Does that make the threat more imminent?”

Retired Admiral James Stavridis called for 10,000 U.S. troops to go back to Iraq to fight ISIS, while Lindsey Graham came on to talk up his foreign policy credentials, saying, “I'm the best qualified to be commander in chief.
I understand the region better than anyone.”

He's best qualified, he said, because
I've been busting my butt going to Iraq and Afghanistan over 35 times to understand what's going on in the region, to learn
from Bush's mistakes, my mistakes and
Obama's mistakes.”

On Iran, he was his usual calm self, saying “when it comes to this Iranian deal, let me
tell you what we've done. We've given
them a bomb, a missile to deliver it and
money to pay for it.”
The show also dealt with the pressing issues of Planned Parenthood and Hillary Clinton's e-mails. Maggie Haberman from The New York Times was on to defend her paper's incorrect reporting, saying “Department of Justice sources told us and told several other media outlets that this was a criminal referral and then walked that back many, many hours later. So that answers that question,” and “the IGs have argued it was classified at the time. And that sort of the issue here. The bottom line is, there was a referral made. There was
a referral made about a possible compromise
of classified information.”

Meet The Press, of course, dealt with Clinton's e-mails too, with everyone agreeing this is a very serious situation, with Ron Fournier insisting no one trusts Clinton and she
should just drop out. The panelists all agreed Bernie Sanders is authentic, and therefore Hillary Clinton must be inauthentic. But not all the discussion was about Clinton. There is also the candidate making trouble for the Republicans, Donald Trump, about whom
Ron Fournier sagely argued “This man is more liberal than any Bush and more
slippery than any Clinton.”

All the panelists agreed that Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders are exactly the same,
and are of course appealing to the same voters, which makes no sense if you think
about it for more than five seconds.
Everyone agreed Planned Parenthood
is in terrible trouble for making us all think
about abortion, which is icky.

But the most absurd moments came with Meet The Press' special guest this Sunday. Because Donald Trump is in the news, naturally Chuck Todd invited on former
aide to Richard Nixon, and cranky Presidential candidate Pat Buchanan.
Unsurprisingly, Buchanan thinks Trump is making great points, especially about the
recent conquest of America.

No, really.

He said: “But the other one Trump is hitting, which is one of the hottest issues in the whole West, as well as the United States, is the massive invasion, if you will, of what people feel is the conquest of the West by massive third-world immigrations, coming from refugees, and border jumpers, and
all the rest of them.”

So ISIS is about to attack America,
we just gave Iran the bomb, and Donald Trump is a liberal who proves Hillary Clinton
can't be trusted. But that's nothing, since while you were busy watching tv and
tweeting on the internet, the third world 
just conquered the West.

And that's the most ridiculous thing that happened this Sunday.

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