Sunday, September 07, 2014

This Week with George Stephanopoulos – September 7, 2014

Martha Raddatz
Jon Karl
Pierre Thomas
Jeff Zeleny
Matt Bai
Jim Avila
Pierre Thomas
Rep. Peter King (R-NY)
Rep. Adam Smith (D-WA)
Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D-IL)

Raddatz: OMG Obama is
going to destroy ISIS

Expert: they are the biggest
threat since 9/11

Obama: I'm going to crush them
like I did bin Laden and Qaddafi
and Mitt what's-his-name

Raddatz: President has built
an international coalition but
will the US invade Syria?

Raddatz: the US is now flying over
Syria just to take a look around
and see what's bomb-worthy

Stephanopoulos: if we bomb ISIS
that helps Assad who is a vicious dictator

Raddatz: yes but Assad is not about
to attack the US homeland

Zeleny: Republicans are unified in
hating Obama but divided on
supporting his bombing ISIS

Cruz: we should bomb ISIS!

Zeleny: in Syria?

Cruz: that's not the point

Zeleny: does Obama need
Congressional approval to bomb Syria?

Cruz: yes!

Rubio: no!

Zeleny: there are division in the GOP
and inside Rand Paul's head

Paul: we should not bomb ISIS!

Paul: we must bomb ISIS!

Jindal: No knows what to do
but Obama is a bad leader

Zeleny: what should Obama say this week?

Cruz: he should name me President

Thomas: the 9/11 anniversary
is coming up soon

Stephanopoulos: didn't we 
do that last year?

Thomas: ISIS isn't the only
threat to America – there's Syria
Yemen and those al-qaeda guys
on jungle gyms

Stephanopoulos: what should 
I be terrified of?

Ray Kelly: it's the threats you don't
see coming you need to worry about

Stephanopoulos: what should
we be scared of today?

King: ISIS but Al-Qaeda wants to
get back in the game and also
home grown threats

Stephanopoulos: of course

King: we can't let our 
guard down for a second!!

Stephanopoulos: some say
ISIS isn't going to destroy
American anytime soon

Smith: true it's more lone wolves

Stephanopoulos: does President have
authority to bomb Syria

King: yes I think he should go
ahead without Congress –
bombing ISIS is too important

Smith: yes the President has the
authority but he should probably
go to Congress since it would pass

Stephanopoulos: what will it take
to defeat ISIS?

King: years and years of bombing
and inserting special forces and
finally training the Iraqi army

Smith: it will take Sunni allies
plain and simple

Stephanopoulos: oh?

Smith: if it's just the U.S. bombing
ISIS it will only strengthen ISIS

Stephanopoulos: oh boy

Avila: wow Obama miffed latinos
when he delayed action on immigration

Latinos: we're frustrated!

Avila: Obama was going to act until
Guatemalan children crossed the
border and ruined everything

Latinos: Stop Deportations

Avila: Obama was worried action
would increase GOP voter turnout

Stephanopoulos: Luis what's your
reaction to Obama not
not-deporting people?

Gutierrez: the White House is
playing it safe but we can't
walk away from our principles

Stephanopoulos: strong stuff

Gutierrez: Latinos put Obama in the
White House and gave him the Senate!

Stephanopoulos: so will Latinos forgive him?

Gutierrez: I'm going to meet with
White House officials this week
and lay down the law

Stephanopoulos: what do you want?

Gutierrez: people who have been
here for years should not be
hunted down and deported 

[ break ] 

Stephanopoulos: what about this
coalition against ISIS?

Karl: Obama is going to speak
this week about bombing but
not attacking Syria

Stephanopoulos: Obama is doing
what GOP wants so how are they
going to stay mad at him?

Kristol: Obama is weak because he
is making speeches about bombing
instead of bombing

Stephanopoulos: he has 
bombed ISIS 100 times

Kristol: he doesn't want to send U.S.
troops to get ISIS – that's not serious

Brazile: Republicans rushed to
invade Iraq without a strategy
and we have to avoid that

Stephanopoulos: Rand Paul
flip-flopped on isolationism

Karl: Paul has been bashing aggressive
foreign policy and now he says Obama
isn't aggressive enough

Bai: voters wants an outsider to
sow chaos in Washington and an
insider to bring stability to the world

Kristol: Republicans like war
and they will always like war

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Anonymous said...

I love how you summarize the entire George show with the main points from each person and thier opinions. I'm trying to get more involved in the news for my gov class and watching this show has been great although it's sometime hard to keepup. Your summaries really help so thanks for that! Keep up the great work!