Sunday, February 24, 2013

This Week with George Stephanopoulos - February 24, 2013

Rep. Eliot Engel (D-NY)
Rep. Mike Rogers (R-MI)
George Will
Terry Moran
Stephanopoulos: OMG the sequester cuts
the President and Congress agreed to will
wreck America's military and ruin the economy!

Rogers: we should have these terrible
cuts but allow for more flexibility

Engel: these across the board cuts are
incredibly stupid that we should let go
forward for a week or two

Will: Obama wants Americans to suffer
pain which these reasonable cuts will cause

Rogers: you can't treat some bureaucrat
in D.C. the same as a sailor attacking 
the Mediterranean

Amanpour: the military is sacred in the
U.S. and now our precious seamen may
not be allowed to go and fight
useless wars in other countries

Stephanopoulos: China is launching
cyber attacks on our oil wells!

Rogers: America is attacked in this war
every day if you count petty credit card theft

Stephanopoulos: that is terrifying

Rogers: in the history of the world it has
never happened that one country has stolen
the intellectual property of another country

Will: China is a bunch of gangters
but Obama does it too

Amanpour: true

Rogers: The CIA does not conduct
espionage for private businesses –
its against the law ergo the CIA would
never ever do that - never ever - pinky swear!

Engel: The Chinese pooh pooh cyber attacks

Amanpour: we should impose
sanctions on China which holds our debt

Rogers: we should forbid Chinese
leaders from visiting Disneyland

Amanpour: we're facing a cyber 9/11!

Will: Obama is using cyber attacks against Iran!

Rogers: you can't believe things in the
press that makes the President look tough

Amanpour: so Obama hasn't done that?

Rogers: those wily Orientals are thieves!

Stephanopoulos: is this a military problem?

Rogers: our admirable investment banks
are being hit by denial of service attacks!

Stephanopoulos: Terry what's happening in Syria?

Moran: Syria is totally collapsing and
Al Qeada is taking a lead role

Stephanopoulos: wow – what's the solution?

Moran: Obama has to arm the rebels or
broker a peace with Russia and a vicious dictator

Engel: it's time to arm the rebels

Stephanopoulos: I hear the death star
has a vulnerable spot

Engel: in 1979 Syria became a charter
member of Terror States of the World

Stephanopoulos: geez

Engel: Syria could disrupt Jordan

Stephanopoulos: so sad - it's his 50th birthday

Rogers: yes but Obama is still weak!

Stephanopoulos: so you've said

Rogers: we need to be really
aggressive by imposing a No Fly Zone

Amanpour: the rebels refuse to meet with
America because Americans won't meet with them

Stephanopoulos: that makes sense

Amanpour: if Syria become Somalia
that would be bad

Stephanopoulos: true but we
might get a good movie out of it

Amanpour: we need to enjoy a nice
short war in the middle east for a change

Will: Syria is like the Spanish Civil War
which ended so happily

Engel: if we kill Assad it will make
Iran very sad which is good

Muir: the U.S. sanctions have caused
inflation in Iran – movies cost almost $15!

Stephanopoulos: oh my god

Amanpour: shockingly the sanctions have
affected ordinary people more than
the elites and leaders

Stephanopoulos: how surprising

Amanpour: will Congress allow Obama
to negotiate with Iran or grandstand on the issue?

Stephanopoulos: lol good one

Rogers: these people are not French
or German – they are irrational Arabs!

Stephanopoulos: Persians

Rogers: whatever - imagine people
from the middle east with a nuclear bomb!

Stephanopoulos: like Israel?

Rogers: shhhh!

Engel: we should start of war with Iran
if they get the bomb

Will: Obama said he would do that

Engel: good - they scare me

Amanpour: are Iranians really irrational?

Rogers: yes – trying to get access to a
Wall Street bank for good financial
information is not rational!

Stephanopoulos: good point Buck



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