Sunday, February 17, 2013

This Week with George Stephanopoulos - February 17, 2013

Host: Jonathan Karl
Denis McDonough – White House Chief of Staff
Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI)
Karl: President Rubio doesn't like Senator
Obama's immigration plan

McDonough: I am so sad

Karl: let's be honest – President Rubio
is not going to give Senator Obama
permission to propose this bill

McDonough: as long as we're being
honest - you're a moron

Karl: but has Senator Obama even
consulted with President Rubio??

McDonough: he consults with a lot of people

Karl: but not Emperor Rubio

McDonough: tragic

Karl: is Obama willing to grovel and
apologize to His Majesty Rubio?

McDonough: no

Karl: well fuck you

McDonough: okay

Karl: if sequester goes through will people
have to wait at airports?

McDonough: it's worse than that –
it might create another recession
and 13,000 teachers would be hit and
also there will salmonella in your food

Karl: but aren't Republicans right about
everything because they are the grown-up party

McDonough: you are so ridiculous

Karl: but they are the daddy party who
spend money on good things like wars
and not marijuana and Pink Floyd albums

McDonough: why did I take this job –
damn you Obama!

Karl: the Senate won't approve
your wacky liberal anti-America former
Republican senator as Secretary of Defense

McDonough: this is a festival of stupid

Karl: John Boehner says Obama doesn't
have the guts to eliminate Medicare

McDonough: He proposed cuts
in his State of the Union speech!

Karl: thanks for coming Phil

McDonough: Denis

Karl: whatever

[ break ]

Karl: welcome Rep. Ryan - will you
please bash Obama for me

Ryan: reluctantly I must do so –
Obama proposed a popular immigration plan
just to make Republicans look bad

Karl: you are willing support a
good immigration plan as long as
Obama isn't behind it

Ryan: exactly – as with with other sensible
laws we've always been willing to support
them as long Obama does not

Karl: is Congress even trying to avoid
these disastrous sequester cuts?

Ryan: they were Obama's idea!

Karl: oh really

Ryan: Obama refused to cut spending!

Karl: um that isn't true

Ryan: Republicans have been fighting
for madatory spending cuts but Obama
won't cut spending

Karl: so the sequester spending cuts
were your idea after all?

Ryan: Obama made us do it!

Karl: I'm confused

Ryan: Obama won't cut spending
so we had to

Karl: Senate Democrats proposed an
alternative to the horrible spending cuts
will you support that?

Ryan: no because the debt crisis means
we have to cut taxes for rich people
and cut benefits for poor people

Karl: so your bottom line is lower
taxes for rich people

Ryan: that's right

Karl: are you really going to propsose
a budget which balances within 10 years

Ryan: yes because tax cuts for
the rich are magic

Karl: that's helpful

Ryan: Debt crisis! Robbing from
future generations! Greece!

Karl: Karl Rove is taking on the Tea Party

Ryan: never heard of him

Karl: do you encourage speculation that
you are running for President so
you can get on television

Ryan: you know me and how pure I am
and my lifetime goal is to pretend we have
a debt crisis and say the only solution
is to cut taxes for rich people

Karl: righty-o

Ryan: politicians in DC spend too
much time on television instead of
of doing their jobs – it's outrageous


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